Ramanlal vasantlal desai biography examples

ramanlal vasantlal desai biography examples
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In Gujarat, due to the development of trade and commerce, religious influence of Jainism as well as Hinduism, and also due to the safety and encouragement of the Rulers like Siddhraj, Solanki and Vaghela Rajputs, the Literary activities were in full force from the 11th century.

ramanlal vasantlal desai biography examples

Due to flourishing trade and commerce in Ahmedabad and Khambat Cambaythe entertainment activities started developing. This gave birth to Ancient literature and the 11th century noted poet Hemchandra Narsinh-Yug period between 11thth century. The literature is divided into many different parts.

ramanlal vasantlal desai biography examples

Duha became popular for its beautiful way of encouraging the people through poetry. Fagukavya were created as a poetic descriptive way of something, be it rains, religion, or nature.

ramanlal vasantlal desai biography examples

Vasantvilas is a classic example of it. The prose such as Tribhuvan Prabandh were simply the philosophical way of expressions. A lot of stories came into existance by way of folk-literature.

Nayan Desai

Sadyavatscharit by Bhimdev is an interesting example. This is the age when Jain and Hindu poets have given Literauture in abundence, to Gujarat.

Akshay Ramanlal Desai

The prose and poetry created were mostly to encourage religion and worship. The Gita, Mahabharat, Vedas, Bhagvat were instantly popular and worship and offering love to God through this, stayed in the hearts of people for long.

Narsinh Mehta's creations are considerd the best. He also created as a wit and humour character Damodar Mehta for children's books.

Kumarpal Desai

He also served as a president of Gujarati Sahitya Parishad. Desai is prolific writer.

Apragat Madhyakalin Kritio is his research work in medieval works. He has also published collections of philosophical essays.

He has written two books on journalism, Akhabari LekhanSahitya ane Patrakaratva He has also published some books in English and contributed in field of sports also. He has written several books in English, mostly related to Jainism.

Desai, Ramanlal Vasantlal 1892-1954

Desai is an expert of Indian culture, Jainism and Jain literature. He regularly delivers lectures on Jain philosophy and Indian culture in India and abroad. He was awarded Padma Shrifourth highest civilian award of India, in From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Introduction of poet Niranjan Bhagat. Who's who of Indian Writers, Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India.

ramanlal vasantlal desai biography examples

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