Ua fanthorpe biography sample

ua fanthorpe biography sample
It all started in the early Seventies when Fanthorpe suffered what might now be called a mid-life crisis. Paste the link into your website, email, or any other HTML document. In she was nominated for the post of Professor of Poetry at Oxford.

As a cleaner, the narrator has, however, privileged access to the private world, the inside story of what really goes on in those student rooms.

ua fanthorpe biography sample

In her own mind the cleaner is a realist, someone who has learned her lessons from the University of Life: Is the cleaner a comic creation, a dully conventional woman with stereotypical ideas about men and women, unable to appreciate the value of an academic education?

Can we just dismiss what she says? Her wry, witty verse was always accessible to the non-specialist reader, amassing for her a wide and loyal readership.

Minor Role UA Fanthorpe

She started writing only after resigning from her teaching post, taking up instead employment as a secretary, receptionist, and, most significantly for her writing, as a hospital clerk.

A debunker of pretension, Fanthorpe had a satirical, Larkinesque eye for the absurd, the pompous and the foolish.

ua fanthorpe biography sample

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ua fanthorpe biography sample

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U. A. Fanthorpe

Your contribution may be further edited by our staff, and its publication is subject to our final approval. Her final stanza, a chummy aside to the saint, sums it up: The voice throughout this first collection, Side Effects - and, indeed, all her work - is wry, laconic, clear-eyed and, above all, compassionate.

UA Fanthorpe

The poems are like acts of witness and remembrance, in some cases literally so. In "Lament for the Patients", from her second collection, Standing To, she remembers all the ones who committed suicide.

A clerk keeps going through the card index and all these things, and I would remember and I wanted to remember them.

ua fanthorpe biography sample

It seemed, in a way, a job for a poet It was difficult living with the unhappiness. Sometimes I would come home and feel I smelt of it and Rosie would say, yes you do, you need a bath.

UA Fanthorpe: Life of the English poet

Rosie is Dr Rosie Bailey, a former academic, now a poet herself and undoubtedly the power behind the Fanthorpe throne. It was Rosie who stopped the car under street lamps in those early years, so that UA she prefers not to be called Ursula could scribble down the poem that had started to come to her on the way home from work.

It was Rosie who encouraged her to write, Rosie who collated the early poems, Rosie who told her which magazines to send them off to, Rosie, indeed, who posted them.

ua fanthorpe biography sample

Today it is Rosie who has picked me up from the station, waited an hour and a half for my missed connection and driven me through the sunlit Gloucestershire countryside to the book-lined converted stable they have shared since It is Rosie who has prepared the dainty sandwiches we are munching now.

When UA Fanthorpe does a reading, Rosie shares the platform with her, supplying the second voice that crops up in so many of the poems.

U.A. Fanthorpe

The couple met at Cheltenham Ladies' College and have been together since How difficult, I ask slightly nervously, was it for them to be open about their relationship? Fanthorpe died, aged 79, on 28 Aprilin a hospice near her home in Wotton-under-EdgeGloucestershire. In she received the Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry.

ua fanthorpe biography sample

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ua fanthorpe biography sample