Odili donald odita biography definition

odili donald odita biography definition
Odita is primarily a painter, but also works in photo-based pieces and installation art. Noah Davis October 8, More. They then resided in Columbus, Ohio in the United States.

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odili donald odita biography definition

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odili donald odita biography definition

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Whitescapes - Odili Donald Odita

To the Nasher Museum we go April 30, More. Hendricks, Always Cool March 28, More. Work of the Week: Michael Jenkins, Happy Birthday March 26, More. La Rosa March 21, More.

Odili Donald Odita

The Price is Right March 21, More. From Ode to Rome March 13, More. Sweet Walls February 10, More. Each possible position within the Ramp allows views of some walls and omits others, providing dramatically different interplays of shape and form.

The stretch of painting, for example, along the upper Ramp wall appears flat from certain perspectives, and in others, appears to have a fold-like depth.

Skowhegan Interview Project

The expanses of painting work individually and together to respond to the architectural features of the space. The span of each blast is determined by the span of each interconnected window a modernist tactic of site and surface responsivity employed by Judd, among others.

Combinations of shades, along with the abstract forms they define, underlie the perceptual shifts of the paintings. When viewed as a whole to the extent that this is possible in the space the colors are not discordant, but neither are they wholly complementary. Rather, their carefully planned juxtapositions a bright orange next to a bright yellow, a rose next to a brilliant blue and deep purple exude a subtle tension and vibration.

odili donald odita biography definition

Color placement also responds beyond the site itself to the space outside: Individual colors inevitably provoke subjective cultural and psychological associations, and their juxtapositions amount to the addition of narrative inflection to an abstract mode, as well as an instigation of an overwhelming sensory overload. Our associations with individual colors, and our inability to absorb at a glance or several a broad expanse of them, contributes to a sense of physical destabilization.

odili donald odita biography definition

He has experimented with a variety of media, but his works since the s are often large-scale paintings on canvas and Plexiglass. He sometimes paints directly on walls to alter the perception of space.

Although often related to mainstream abstract artists such as Helen Frankenthaler and Kenneth NolandOdita intentionally places himself in a tradition of black abstract painters from the s and s. He has studied and interviewed many of the artists from that period including Howardena PindellAlvin D.

odili donald odita biography definition

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