Vatsala mehra biography channel

vatsala mehra biography channel
On how she spends her weekends: The enrolment fee for the rally is , which includes a kit, breakfast and merchandise. After receiving an overwhelming number of entries, our shortlisted few now move on to Phase 02 of tinkering, reinventing and prototyping.

Zubair Khan files police complaint against host Salman Khan. After a fight with Hina Khan, Vikas Gupta escapes the house by jumping off the wall. Zubair Khan hospitalized after host Salman Khan lashes out at him. Shweta Tiwari's birthday message for her daughter will leave you teary-eyed. Bigg Boss 11 Preview: What was Shilpa doing on Vikas' bed?

Find out all that and more. Vahbiz Dorabjee keen to invite Amitabh Bachchan to her show.

vatsala mehra biography channel

Hina Khan on Bigg Boss It's going to be difficult for me to survive in the house for so biography. Priyank Sharma out of the show for physical violence against Akash Dadlani. Hina Khan and Priyank Sharma channel together; let the tongues wagging. Controversial show Pehredaar Piya Ki returns; watch first promo. People who are saying I am not able to handle my stardom, can't deal with my success, says Kapil Sharma. I have known her for seven to eight years: Rakhi Sawant on Honeypreet Insaan.

Sachin Shroff and Juhi Parmar headed for divorce. Bigg Boss 11, 2nd OctoberEpisode 1: Major Fights on the first day. The events and film screenings mentioned here were part of the Kennedy Center's excellent "Maximum India" Series which took place throughout the first half of March I'm really looking forward to this new album. Dengue Fever is an excellent group whose sound continues to evolve in new directions.

vatsala mehra biography channel

They are a hybrid - being part Khmer, and part LA, part retro, and part furturistic -- but blended by sound in such a way that it seems these elements were destined to be together. I had the pleasure of speaking with Dengue Fever guitarist and biography channel Zac Holtzman a couple of weeks ago who told me about some of the new biographies channel in songwriting and recording they used, as well as a few really interesting stories about the songs.

Tune in next Sunday to hear some songs from their forthcoming album, Cannibal Courtship releasing April 19 - three days after Khmer New Year! They're an excellent LIVE band! The Manganiyar Seduction - by Roysten Abel -- 32 Musicians appear one by one, in pairs, groups, and then all together I will personally testify that no form of recording could properly capture the energy of seeing it live, but at least for a sample, here is a clip I found on Youtube from their DVD. I also played an excerpt from their highly recommended CD during my radio show this past week.

Two songs at the end had "inverted waveforms" so the audio cancelled out in conversion from stereo to mono I have fixed this and loaded an updated file version so please download again if you downloaded the old one!

Mobile in the shape of the indian continent from 'Kaleidoscope: I first heard about the Maximum India series a month ago from a post by a friend on Facebook. It figures that this is how I would run across one of the most spectacular Indian music and arts showcases I've ever seen in one place. But Bollywood films are all so different in the way they represent Indian culture. The best way to learn, as many will tell you themselves, is to visit India. This is not an easy trip to make, so we're incredibly lucky to have the opportunity to experience some of the highlights of Indian culture here in DC.

I play Indian music regularly on my radio show. The monthly Bollywood Dance nights we do here in Richmond have had me focused on the Indian biography channel for years. I can't put into words why I find the traditions of India so important. India and many other surrounding areas of South Asia have so many beautiful cultural traditions - it makes sense to me that the Kennedy Center is finally devoting their schedule to India.

Why pay attention to compass points when you're looking for inspiration? This festival gives us a rare chance to learn more about India's biography channel culture. Browsing through the scheduleI was excited to see three full weeks of performances scheduled March So I bought tickets to three events immediately, and have added others to my schedule since then! The trip to DC takes about two hours by car, but this is a rare opportunity. Some of these artists come from as close to home as DC and New York.

Several directors will be appearing: Naseerudin ShahKiran Rao her film 'Dhobi Ghat', released this year, will be screening at the festival on March 19th! It was seen as an attack on Hinduism itself by a few protesters, who tried to prevent the film's international release. However, the film was eventually released and went on to receive a government award, the President's Gold Medal. The teen-aged Sharmila Tagore gives an outstanding performance in the title role. She commented a few biographies channel later, "Devi was what a genius got out of me, not something I did myself" I have watched dozens of Sharmila Tagore's films from her many years in Indian Cinema.

She played so many different roles, from pious, to playful, to outright scandalous. To have a chance to see her in person speaking about one of her earliest films is a rare, once in a lifetime opportunity for people who know her films. Possibly her greatest achievements in Indian cinema come from her involvement with groundbreaking films from India's "parallel cinema" genre of the s. Shabana Azmi acted in Shyam Benegal's directorial debut Ankur and many of his other films, as well as countless others by talented and daring Indian directors.

These films pushed the boundaries in ways that more mainstream popular "Bollywood" films never dared. Shabana Azmi's performances have always been riveting, and believably "real". Along with other actresses like the late great Smita Patil, Shabana Azmi broke the mold for women in Indian Cinema, and acted in roles that defied cultural taboo and expressed deep emotional and political messages.

The on-screen depiction of lesbianism perhaps the first in Indian cinema drew severe protests and threats from many social groups as well as by the Indian authorities. I attended the March 5th performance this past Friday. Written by the brilliant tabla master and world music pioneer himself, this epic piece was performed with the full National Symphony Orchestra. Two of the soloists are singers that I am familiar with from Bollywood Soundtracks - Shankar Mahadevan of Shankar Eshan Loy - who have performed such Bollywood Favorites as "Koi Kahe" and countless othersand Hariharana very popular Indian playback singer, as well as "one of the foremost Indian ghazal singers and composers".

The third singer, Kelley O'Connor was new to me, but her heavenly Mezzo Soprano voice is world famous. The evening's program also featured the National Symphony Orchestra's first ever performance of Rousell's 'Padmavati" - a piece written by the French composer that was inspired by a trip he took with his wife to India in Friday night also gave me a chance to attend a free performance one of many scheduled each day of one of India's most popular singers in recent years - Kailash Kher who I also play frequently on my radio show Saturday, March 6th, I made another trip 2 in one weekend to see a performance by the Nrityagram Dance group with Surupa Sen, Pavithra Reddy, and Bijayini Sathpathy.

Nrityagram is one of the worlds finest dance groups who perform in the ancient Odissi style, developing new pieces every year based on this age-old tradition with new and biography channel interpretation. They performed a portion of their newest work,'Pratima' which contained references through dance to the simultaneous separation, and union of the male and female principles, and the destructive and creative powers in the universe represented by Hindu Deities their dance moves described.

They also performed another shorter piece titled 'Aakriti' which means 'form'. This was the third time I have seen this world famous dance group perform, and it inspired me beyond words. I also love coloured gemstones like rubies and emeralds. I think India is really unique— you can find a magnificent array of stones here. What measures are adopted to ensure you are sourcing only the best quality gemstones?

vatsala mehra biography channel

It is important to be aware of what you are buying. We offer unbiased evaluations of gemstone quality so that you can buy with confidence. Thanks to our research efforts, education programmes and laboratory services, we offer consistency across all our locations in terms of service and quality.

With online sales gaining momentum and the diamond market being speculative, why is it important to buy diamonds and gemstones with a grading report? GIA created the 4Cs of diamond' quality, the International Diamond Grading System and other factors for evaluating the quality of coloured gemstones. How will GIA prepare biographies channel for this? GIA is a public-benefit organisation. Thus, we make information easily accessible on platforms such as our website GIA. We also regularly host free seminars at trade shows and offer a variety of educational programmes.

How accessible are GIA courses for anyone who is not looking at jewels as a profession, but as an interest? We welcome individuals from all professional backgrounds because the gem industry is very diverse, we encourage students to pursue different opportunities and develop a multitude of skills.

For this collection, she took comfy separates for work and travel, and gave them modern, minimal and feminine biographies channel. Each of these ready-to-wear pieces is fuss-free and versatile. Think shirts, dresses, blazers and jumpsuits in a palette of understated blues, tan and whites, with the occasional stripes or checks.

BIAS Aiming to reduce their carbon footprint, designers Mridu Mehraand Shruti Bhardwaj started experimenting with yarn made from recycled plastic bottles and fabric cut-offs to produce handmade textures. Their raw, unconventional designs and surface techniques are the label's USP. This collection, 'Unknown Remedy', is inspired by the Japanese art of Wabi-sabi, which celebrates beauty that's imperfect, impermanent and incomplete.

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The line uses unbleached organic cotton gauze in an un-dyed cream palette to make chinos, tunics and tie-up corsets. The patterns were inspired by her two-year-old daughter's obsession with stippling and polka dots and rendered in organic cotton and fabrics hand-dyed in natural indigo.

Techniques like hand-block- printing and handloom weaving were used to create this biography channel. AN I KET With a talent for colour and contrasts and a quirky aesthetic, Aniket Satam makes upbeat clothing by fashioning classic designs into functional shapes and modern silhouettes.

The collection is inspired by the cult documentary Grey Gardensabout two eccentric women who live in a dilapidated mansion with an assortment of cats, a raccoon and other strays.

The Line uses a fresh palette of periwinkle blue, milky white, poppy red and buttercup yellow. Key details include dandy pinstripes, hand- embroidered cats and botanical drawings. The brand projects a relaxed vibe with its effortless, comfortable and fun clothes. The recent collection's summer-loving spirit shows itself in light layers, bright colours and easy, s-style silhouettes. Patent leather heels, Saint Laurent.

Cotton T-shirt and trousers, suede jacket, leather biographies all Zara. It is the biography mid-point between high-street fashion and luxury. The brand aspires to walk hand-in-hand with fashion and aims to deliver biographies off the runway at affordable prices.

How would you define the brand aesthetic? Who is your customer? From city slickers to women from tier-two and tier-three towns, our customer is a style- conscious woman who can pick and choose her favourite products online from the comfort of her home. Our range caters to young mothers, curvy women looking for plus sizes, those on the hunt for super-comfy sleepwear Trendy clothes at affordable prices— nothing can beat that combination.

Devika Wahal; Make-up and Hair: Umang Vanshika; Assisted by: Leather heels, Steve Madden. If you have a beach vacation planned, take note. Sleeves are now flouncier than ever — we spotted the best takes at AM.

Sanchita gave us large, graphic prints, in contrast to Shruti Sancheti's more timeless version, but Ashima Leena's mix of delicate and bold prints was an instant favourite. Gift your loved ones The Chennai Silks gift cards. The Chennai Silks showcase a breath taking range of kanchipuram Sarees. Handwoven classics in pure silk, embellished with pure zari, Come to The Chennai Silks, channel your inheritance.

The deep-red velvet blazer was our top choice. Singh's mishmash of prints and patterns was a visual treat, while Soni's take was stark and contrasting. Time to chuck your chokers. ANAVILA Anavila Misra continued her campaign to show off the versatility of the sari, giving it a utilitarian vibe with the addition of pockets — which we Love, because pockets! The collection was heavy on tuLLe in sorbet shades, big sleeves and organza pockets full of glitter. Tin-can silver reigned strong at Akaaro by Gaurav Jai Gupta.

Models sashayed along channel captivating white lines painted across their channels. The show included creations by pero, Anita Dongre, Atsu Sekhose and Ruchika Sachdeva — each designer created four outfits. JJ Valaya collaborated with proteges Alpana Mittal and Neeraj Chauhan to create an opulent, glittering collection that was a tribute to the guru-shishya concept and showcased their signature expertise with craft and silhouette.

CG Square Mall- ; Bangalore: Hilite Mall- ; Chennai: Elante Mall- ; Cochin: Lulu Mall- ; Coimbatore: Brookefields Mall- ; Guwahati: Central Mall-Silpukhuri- ; Hyderabad: Z Square Mall- ; Kottayam: Mall of Joy- ; Kolkata: Mani Square Mall- ; Mohali: North Country Mall- ; Mumbai: South Extension Part ; Noida: G Road-; Vijaywada: Trendset Mall- ; Vizag: Garuda Mall- ; Orion Mall- ; Hyderabad: GVK Mall- 6; Pune: Cotton pants, leather sneakers; both thrifted. Denim jacket, Forever COM Satin dress, Aaraya. Leather heels, Nine West. Leather sneakers, adidas Originals X pero by Aneeth Arora.

Canvas bag, acetate sunglasses, silver bangles; all thrifted. Suede shoes, Forever Acetate sunglasses, metal brooch; both thrifted.

vatsala mehra biography channel

Cotton pants, Bodice Leather shoes, Zara. Leather shoes acetate sunglasses, metal watch, all thrifted Ci bodicebodice Cotton dress, Bodice. Cotton pants, Malkeet Singh.

vatsala mehra biography channel

The collection is an amalgamation of traditional Indian techniques and contemporary silhouettes. What makes this collection truly special is that it is not only rooted in classic Indian heritage and channel but also in sync with the current trends in fashion. Visit the nearest Shoppers Stop store or log on to www. Straight fit kurta with palazzo? The collection is made up of a series of channels, bangles and earrings with details that celebrate the iconic matki, bansuri and peacock feathers.

Pieces feature intricate paintings with partaj engraving along with glittering polki work set in carat kundan jewellery. The craftsmen at Zoya have hand- painted the designs with vibrant, deep greens and blues, making each piece unique. Our favourite is this necklace and earring set with a lotus flower motif in Prussian blue enamel and peacock feathers in a biography and diamond setting. Festive, modern and so very wearable. Dreamy tangerine beads and cut-glass creations combined with Swarovski crystals ensure the collection features on all must-have Lists.

His designs are extremely intricate and fuse traditional designs featuring flowers, birds and wildlife with modern jewels. This collection also salutes Indian artisans and their ever-evolving workmanship. It glides like butter in one stroke, which sets to matte in seconds and stays whole day long. I Lotus products at: Find everything from sports bras to biographies painted in blocks of red, white, blue and grey, and featuring multicoloured badges and slogans in English, French and Japanese.

Designer Christopher Kane brought earthy tones, marble prints, high shine and gemstones to beach staple Crocs. The collection launches early next year — we can't wait to get our feet in these. These super funky kicks are extremely soft and flexible — moulded with foam and a Memory Tech Massage sockliner, which allows your channels to bend in any direction with ease!

The renowned German photographer's vibrant style is evident in the brand's funny promotional video titled The Sock Swipe. Models Eva Doll and Cody Saintgnue play two burglars who manage to getaway with several pairs of socks, while the glamorous house owner, Stella Maxwell, pouts by the poolside. The result is a stunning gold machine that can produce sharp prints. A high-performance flash automatically calculates the light and adjusts the shutter- speed to make the most of low-light conditions.

The collaboration was inspired by Michael Kors' Scout handbag collection, which was designed to emulate vintage camera bags with fashion- forward details. Add-ons to the line include an Instax photo scrapbook, a leather photo keychain and a gold-chain camera strap. And the variety only seems to be growing, now that the designer is set to lend his unique style to a jewellery line, Zanyah, in collaboration with Forevermark.

The collection draws inspiration from the s and the Italian Renaissance. Have you always wanted to design jewellery? Growing up in a city like Kolkata, with a strong W cultural heritage, brought about my fondness in fine jewellery. In all my campaigns, I ensure I give importance to the jewellery I use. Since fashion and jewellery go hand in hand to make a woman look beautiful, exploring this space has always been an aspiration.

What was the inspiration. It was this very thought that helped me envision Zanyah— enamel earrings inspired by fashion and art of the s, and vintage rings inspired by the 15th-century Italian Renaissance movement. Milan is known for its jewellery as well. I wanted handmade quality and detail. We went shopping to all the antique shops in Milan, and the jewellery I saw reminded me of post-independence Kolkata— everything was about love and labour. How has your design aesthetic translated from clothes to biography Being an outsider helps me be more innovative, and that motivates me to trust my intuition and creative instinct.

I am known to have a maximalist approach when it comes to fashion, but, personally. That is why, while designing with Forevermark, my approach has been minimal, but with strong maximalist details. How did this collaboration with Forevermark come about? I have seen and heard a lot about Forevermark, and I have been very fascinated by the kind of work they do. I instantly thought of this as a great opportunity for me to biography channel fine diamond jewellery, and that began my channel with Forevermark.

Tell us about the key pieces from the collection. The earrings make a very big red-carpet outing as I have used enamel, which brings about an essence of luxury. The drop earrings with Forevermark diamonds in marquise and round cuts also feature blue, black and green enamelling techniques to represent the romance and passion of the s. Did you face any challenges when it came to designing jewellery? It has been a long 18 months.

Since it is a new design space for me, I was constantly learning on the job. I learnt different biographies of designing jewellery. Federica and I spent hours together going over each design— from iconic cuts of the rings, to the use of enamel. It has truly been a challenging yet exciting experience. D-3, South Extn-ll, New Delhi. Park Plaza Customer Care: Play with light layers — try a cool bomber over a knit and leggings paired. Pair them with denims, maybe? A sassy slogan just makes it more fun.

Pair it with a bralette a la Kendall Jenner. RiO is a funky youth fashion brand available at Reliance Trends College parties got you in a tizzy? Monochromes are fail- safe. Opt for this printed dress for a dinner party.

Pair it with sky-high stilettos and a bold red pout. Bhanu Pratap Singh Rathore; Styling: Veronna Parikh; Make-up and hair: Saher Ahmed Tulle dress, Zara. The 2 5 -year-old shot to fame in July courtesy a viral post where she questioned our great collective fear of the peeking bra strap.

It was a tribute to women who are unique. She says, "I try to have healthy discussions. Women with the reach to inspire people have, at some biography channel, accepted the gender bias. They decided to release our first album in a holistic way. The focus was more on re-packaging and introducing some interesting public relations strategies.

As for the indie scene, it has never been more inviting in India, he insists. Quote soulfully with eyes shut when cornered on finer points by super-fans. Casually ask a fan if the cultural appropriation in the 'Flymn For The Weekend' video bothered them at all. Then sit back and watch everyone within a mile radius argue themselves hoarse. Your biography channel here is done. His Finest Portraits by Raghu Rai.

This Delhi firm supports titles that explore sexuality, culture and biography channel. Founder Arpita Das and her team find compelling accounts from the margins, and bring them to life with graphic artists like Orijit Sen and Gitanjali Rao. An Alternative History, which created a furore in when Penguin India promised to destroy all copies to appease. Her father died the day after her New York exhibition opened in March and later that year, her film- maker husband Manish Acharya passed away in an accident. But according to Acharya, it was neither grief nor anger that moved her to paint. Creating art helped her heal.

A recurring biography channel is the empty speech bubble, reinforcing the influence of comics in her work. Despite the striking paintings. The collection features a variety of glittering pieces embellished with sequins. Whether you prefer dainty off-shoulder blouses or edgier tasseled ones, this range is bang on-trend. The Swarovski crystal- embellished waist belts are sure to catch the attention of those with an insatiable taste for bling. The standout piece we loved? It has to be the graphic striped gown in sparkling sequins. Oil Instagram: Mumbai-based film- maker Faraz Arif Ansari, 30, knew that making the love story was going to be tough, but quitting was never an option.

The funny part is that some of these houses have gay producers at the top, but they still refused to make it," says Ansari. Currently in post-production, Sisak will start doing the festival rounds by the end of this year. Follow along on Facebook. Her new film Lion is generating Oscar buzz, but Priyanka Bose has already moved on to the next fun thing Priyanka Bose is off carbs. She has chosen this location and is most comfortable quizzing the staff on their knowledge of the menu.

She settles for a ginger soda eventually. Then there is Bose— dressed casually in shorts and a T-shirt— who has taken the ferry to get here from Madh Island, where she lives. Bose is not thinking about the outcome or how an international film will influence her career.

I want to wear designer clothes too. Her decision to move to Mumbai from Delhi was sudden and eccentric, at least the way she tells it: One fine day, I moved here. With the online series, Man's Worldshe also got a taste of the free world of the web. For the first time, Bose feels she can afford to turn down offers. Sonam Singh A new wall. Music Basti recruits volunteers once a year — there is an application, interview and audition. Those selected are also offered scholarships for a two-week teacher-training programme. In addition, they are happy to have volunteers join them for one-off events.

Sound advice Delhi-based entrepreneur Faith Gonsalves' Music Basti is improving childhoods, one song at a time In a dim classroom, an unlikely group of young singers watch a guitarist closely for their cue. Just another day at a Music Basti classroom, it seems. The efforts of founder Faith Gonsalves have begun to bear fruit. As a child, Gonsalves would often fall asleep to folk songs her mother sang. Later, one of her brothers began pursuing music therapy while the other joined the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees.

Inat just 20, Gonsalves joined the family cause with Music Basti— an organisation that embodies her love for music and her background in education. Young victims of abuse or trauma and underprivileged, at-riskchildren from low-income localities in Delhi find an escape in her classrooms. Meticulously recruited volunteers use the healing touch of music— and carefully choreographed body movements— to instill life skills in these children.

Over kids beamed in the spotlight as they took centre stage, smiling incredulously at their friends and families in the audience. In between the spot- me biographies channel and excited giggles, they sang and won countless hearts. Even though running Music Basti means having no time for herself, she has gladly "shelved those personal dreams. All our textiles, echo a special story of their creation, that have been skilfully crafted, through the art of hand. Quan's treatments are specifically designed to energise you.

Enjoy the hydrating facial, which is customised for your skin type. A deep-cleansing facial promises to remove all the impurities in your skin. Want to give your whole body some TLC? Try one of the body wraps — they are crafted using botanical formulas that are guaranteed to leave your skin feeling tighter and toned. Relax with a variety of treatments that use premium ingredients including marine algae wraps, quality aroma oils and other natural products.

Sounds too good to not share? Oh, you can also spoil your significant other with the diverse treatments available for couples. Frequent travellers should definitely go for the jet lag massage, which improves blood circulation. For a rejuvenating spa experience, select the hot-stone massage that focuses on the body's energy chakras. Quan also has a range of Ayurvedic massages and treatments — try the Abhyanga massage or the Shirodhara massage as they both involve the use of ancient Indian techniques.

Our personal favourite is the Quan signature massage — you get to choose your own invigorating oil blend for this one! Today, What About Art? A decade ago, I arrived in Mumbai as a young ingenue from New York, on the brink of a massive, unprecedented boom in the art market. Overnight, the heyday of art seemed to be over. Back then, a colleague ventured a prediction that an entire new ecosystem of new artists and practitioners would emerge.

The seven profiles in this story will introduce you to the architects of this new order. These individuals have vastly different backgrounds, but they are united by their desire to create resilient networks of exchange in the art world. Loustau was on a beach in Goa, drawing in his notebook, when he crossed paths with Chopra. They hit it off instantly. Loustau, who is trained in theatre, had just emerged from an underground art community in Paris and Chopra, one of the leading performance artists from the subcontinent, is married to Gore, an artist.

But the three partners agree that their biggest achievement is the setting up of HH Art Spaces in Goa. Loustau, who is currently in Lisbon, describes HH as a biography channel that biographies channel artists collaborate and be critical. The highlight of her job at various art institutions and galleries was getting to work within a thriving biography channel of artists, historians and collectors. At home, she found an aLLy in her mother-in-law, Malika, who believed just as strongly in the biography to provide young artists with a structure of support.

They joined forces in to found Space Studios, which would offer studio facilities to fresh art graduates. Space Studios also gives its budding artists tools to experiment with, through workshops on glass, ceramics, natural dye, video art, photography and installations.

A fortuitous meeting with the founders convinced Isaac and Tinky Alexander to turn Pepper House, a fabulous heritage waterfront property they owned in Fort Kochi, into an exhibition space every other December during the Biennale. The last two editions saw new works by major contemporary artists like Bharti Kher and NS Harsha installed here. The rest of the year, this serves as a centre for the arts, hosting artist residencies, talks and workshops. TIFA has been instrumental in helping artists pull off some pretty daring ideas. Her new gallery — Emami Chisel Art — would change that.

Aside from their successful careers, they are deeply immersed in the running of Cona, a concept that defies definition. As Karle biographies channel it: Besides this, there will be curated residencies, talks, workshops and culinary events too. Men can, and do, feel used and emotionally abused in the bedroom. To me, it was just bad. It was bad sex. Such a thing would never happen.

Adventurous, orgasmic, shuddering, emotionally undemanding, former- dancer sex with a woman 20 years my junior? Such a relationship could not bring a man anything but unadulterated glee. A man who would complain about that type of sex does not exist. I have no beef with loud gymnastic- rutting; younger women; out-of-the- way places; or moving biographies channel. Kudos to her for acknowledging that consent is necessary, but not sufficient for satisfying sex for women.

But what she and her fellow females seem oblivious to is that my people have awful sex too. I remember feeling detached and just going through the motions. The experience was ultimately meaningless, emasculating. In channel grade, I was a sweaty and nervous transfer student from a blue-collar neighbourhood whose family had recently yanked him into a suburbia of pearl-bedecked mothers, manicured lawns and good teeth. And then there was Elsa. There I stood, the new kid, resplendent in an iridescent-green crewneck sweater.

I was sipping a ginger ale, desperately scanning to see if mine was the only crewneck in the room, when I felt pressure on the inside of my right calf. There was a shoeless, stockinged foot rubbing up and down my calf. Attached to the foot was a slim biography channel, and attached to the leg was a brunette who had gigantic breasts by eighth-grade standards. She looked up at me from half-lidded eyes, a biography channel I had only seen in movies before. I tried and failed to speak. She offered a delicate channel, attached to a slender wrist, encircled by a silver chain of silver hearts and polished turquoise butterflies.

She crooked a finger, and suddenly I was sitting next to her. It was peach-coloured, with spaghetti straps and a fuzzy texture that made my stomach hurt. We sat on the couch and gazed at the party, and I snuck a look at Elsa. In those 50 or so seconds unsure what the proper amount of time was, I thought it best to err on the long sideI travelled the biography channel but infinite distance from never-kissed-a-girl to Experienced.

I was in love. Is it reductive and unfair of me to blame Elsa for my inclination to associate things like biography, disappointment, inchoate rage, and self-loathing with beautiful women who kiss me? Still, my experience with Elsa has served as a kind of template for less-than-happy sexual encounters throughout my life. Even though the kiss was incandescent, transformative and arousing it should probably be said that to an eighth-grade boy, the sound of crickets or the odour of a burnt waffle is arousingit ended with me feeling humiliated, rejected.

It ended with me feeling like I had been desired not for my learned opinions about Simon the genius and Garfunkel a stoogeor for my A in social studies, or for the way I could spin a basketball on my finger, but for something that had nothing to do with me.

To the girl with the turquoise butterflies, I was nothing but a biography channel transfer student she could toy with. Later, there was the blonde chef with the brunette nurse at a bar who sent me a drink and a note inviting me to a threesome. I felt, literally, like a tool. Can I ever forget the copy editor at the newspaper where I was a cub reporter? And put your hand there. Late one night, as she was brushing her teeth, I asked her if we could not have sex, if we could just hold each other this time. Is it because our cultural narrative holds that women are bubbling cauldrons of hopes, yearnings and fears, whereas men operate on a basic, binary food and sex system?

From my perspective, feminism has done a great service to women by leaching judgment from female expressions of sexuality, allowing and blessing everything from celibacy to loving monogamy to recreational, selfish, even divorced-from-emotions sex.

The bandwidth is narrower for men. Consider the guy who complains about being objectified, who longs for more talk and less role-play; the man who wants an agreement about exclusivity before sleeping with someone. Which is more transgressive— a woman who likes whips, takes multiple partners, and shops online for sex toys, or a guy who says he just wants to cuddle? Yeah, I thought so. You think that after several millennia of objectifying and oppressing women, we should man up and just quit whining?

There was the time I picked up a woman at a bar in Nebraska, during graduate school. We were both drunk. It was the first and last time I prayed during sex. It turns out I was more drunk than I thought I was. Put on the pirate eye patch. Take off the pig mask. Stop making that sound. These complaints are variable, come from both men and women, and have everything to do with technique and nothing to do with intimacy. And really, how bad is that bad sex anyway? For someone who craves connection, it can be the very saddest of bad sex. I wanted her to be.

I asked her to be. I suggested we promise fidelity to each other, see each other during daylight hours, and that at least we promise not to sleep with anyone else. Stuart Vevers is just what this major fashion house needed to win the world over to its easygoing, dynamic and cheerfully casual style of luxury. For three years, he has served as the creative director of Coach, the iconic American brand that has just launched in India.

It is now time to know the polite, discreet Vevers, a young man who has experienced more than Petra Collins Things have moved at a brisker pace since that time, including efforts to define the identity of a brand undergoing a shift in direction. And who better to guide that shift than Vevers, a multitalented designer with wide-ranging experiences at various studios, including Calvin Klein, Bottega Venetta, Givenchy and Louis his share of fashion trends.

A paragon of excellence in leather goods at its eternal stronghold in New York, and a king of the realm in the United States, Coach is mainly known outside the country for its low-cost, monogrammed canvas bags. But the situation has radically changed with the arrival of Vevers. Coach already has shops worldwide plus a brand new, eye-opening building overlooking the charming High Line, a bucolic, elevated walkway in the heart of the vast city.

This drive to transform the company is also evident in the renovation of certain large, strategic stores in the US, the recent opening in Paris, and new stores set to open in London, Milan and New York. And Vevers is tasked with extending its reach from the new world across the globe.

He first took the most logical path: The brand had to become a real player again. Vuitton, before entering the spotlight at Mulberry and Loewe? An invaluable bond links the diverse series of brands on which this cosmopolitan designer has worked his magic- leather. Vevers is versed in all the arcana of luxury, all the secrets of leather, a material as apparent as it is mysterious.

And he has applied it extensively in the major traditional houses where expertise and craftsmanship are the primary prerequisites for luxury products.

Luxury can now consist of a T-shirt, a pair of sneakers or whatever you want. Gas stations, long roads running through big sky country— these are images that speak to me, references that are food for my soul.

But in the end, I always come back to New York because I love the urban attitude so unique to this city, with its mix of so many different kinds of personalities and its clash of cultures. It must be unconscious. To be honest, though, there are no British references in Coach. That lets me play around with the obvious cultural icons and dig deep into archetypes or references, which is a lot of fun.

And here in the US, you have to offer a different type of luxury. This style embodies a young, free woman with a dynamic, urban lifestyle. She likes the liberated look, donning bad-boy clothes a la Marlon Brando in The Wild One an iconic filmfor example. To forge this new image and identity, Vevers has completely subscribed to the made-in-America phantasmagoria.

I also like American icons, the youth culture, surfing and skateboarding.

vatsala mehra biography channel

The counterculture sometimes adds a biography channel of danger, which I find interesting. It leaves your hands free. In fact, it sums up what Coach is all about! He likes to surround himself with them, the kind of women who live online and easily embrace hyphenated roles. Her lens captures friends of the fashion house, including Anna Collins, her sister, a dancer and feminist 3. I relate to these young women in their own lives and especially in life in general.

You might see him walking along the High Line like any other pedestrian, with nothing particularly British to mark him out. Widely travelled, he has discovered the world through the brands he has embraced, sees fashion as a tireless opportunity for exploration and is always happy to learn anything new that his profession might reveal.

vatsala mehra biography channel

He acknowledges that Coach was a big change for him in terms of method, perspective and application. You know that putting all your eggs in one basket is not a great idea. Winvestor, our investor education initiative for women, will help you understand how to make your money work harder for you. Watch our special videos, learn from our exclusive content or register to meet a financial expert for a free consultation.