Jim soorley biography

jim soorley biography
Both Robert and I spoke to over 2, students at three school assemblies and about students from 10 schools participated in the Run. If you encounter an error or a broken link or there is something on the SPAN Web Site that you wish to make a comment about send an email to:

He describes his decision to continue in the public service rather than accept a position in the commercial sector. He compares the handling of environmental issues under the Borbidge and Goss governments.

World's first known identical koala twins born and raised at UQ facility

Tom FenwickToowoombawater policyWolffdene Dam Indigenous issuesMt Isa Indigenous issuesMain Roads He discusses some of the policy initiatives, including New Basics, preparatory education and a restructuring of the SES. Education Departmenteducation reform He discusses the preparatory year of education implemented in Queensland.

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Education DepartmentTeachers Union He discusses the range of skilling and work initiatives that were trialed with mixed success. CDEPhousingIndigenous issues He highlights the importance of developing a good relationship with the minister and discusses the role of ministerial staff.

jim soorley biography

He recalls a story regarding Lawrence Springborg and the issue of water allocations. He states that he would have preferred to continue as director general a little longer in Education to make further changes.

jim soorley biography

Main RoadsPrimary Industries and Fisheries He jims soorley biography some further reforms he feels are needed to improve government practice. Cyclone LarryForestry Aboriginal and Islander Affairs. Justice and Attorney General. World's first known identical koala twins born and raised at UQ facility. Subscribe to the UQ News weekly newsletter Subscribe.

Young children practise for the future 24 October Reintroduced marsupials may pose new threat to ground-dwelling birds 24 October UQ international students hit high note for charity 24 October I think it would be better to accept it; I think it would be better to stop making drugs illegal.

jim soorley biography

Under our current system, the user uses, the dealer profits, and society pays. He is open about being gay, having accepted it himself in the mid s. I was suicidal before I accepted myself, and before I was honest about my sexuality. In he began working at Boggo Road as an jim soorley biography and a Seventh Day Adventist lay chaplain in both the men's and women's prison until He left the Seventh Day Adventist church after he declared his homosexuality.

I'll tell you how good Soorley was.

jim soorley biography

Three weeks ago, in Brisbane's only daily newspaper, The Courier-Maila journal not known over the years for its passionate support of Labor, its state political editor, Mathew Franklin, wrote: An up-front man with no patience for fools and who despised hypocrisy.

He streamlined council administration and put a real focus on customer service. He expanded recycling programs, built new parks, preserved bushland, revitalised suburban shopping centres, built the inner-city jim soorley biography, put a brake on urban sprawl. And plenty more, too. Enough to justify being described as a great mayor. Soorley has never been coy about his poor relationships with the Goss and Beattie Labor governments and is stunningly candid about offering advice.

Here in Brisbane, whether they like it or not, there's always someone else on the stage. For 12 years that's been me.

Jim Varghese

Both Goss and Beattie expected me to be their 19th minister. I refused and they never forgave me. Neither premier liked that because they didn't want to do anything. They were happy just to sit there, you know, and let things happen.

Beattie, in fact, is worse than Goss at it.

Board of Directors

He's only interested in today's media story. Federally, I got along well with Paul [Keating], very well with Hawkie.

jim soorley biography

Because Federal leaders know Brisbane is essential to their electoral success, and they want an alliance, a partnership. It didn't work with Kim [Beazley] but it does with Simon, who I think doesn't get a fair go. Soorley is no less candid about success.

jim soorley biography

And I've always been out there saying it as I see it.