Joram roukes biography sample

joram roukes biography sample
Film Requiem for the Static King…. Joram Roukes 20 Pins 63 Followers. These works have been shown throughout Europe with shows in Copenhagen and London.

Is the bull justifiably apprehensive of them, or is he actually welcoming their arrival? By avoiding framing these scenes with more traditional environments, the narratives are much less overt and the context remains open for interpretation on a more emotional level than a cerebral one.

joram roukes biography sample

Is this the connection that Roukes intended to make between the two pieces? Even without any specific knowledge of any riots, or of a French painting from the sthe work is effective, and the absurdity of their animals heads, somehow magnifies that. The artist elaborates on the meaning behind the exhibit title as follows:. InRoukes participated in Masters Projects, Brooklyn where he held an exhibition together with an American artist Charles Wilkin. The two artists were united in this occasion by the dark nature of their surreal jorams roukes biography sample, as well as their intuitive juxtapositions of photographic imagery and abstracted forms.

This show presented a new body of work that anatomized subjects of exploration and escapism by drawing from his personal nomadic experiences, exploring the wider sense of this subject.

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joram roukes biography sample

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Preview: Joram Roukes – American Ornithology @ Thinkspace Gallery [Culver City]

My oil paintings are reflections on daily life situations in western society, filtered and reassembled in a collage like manner. These works have been shown throughout Europe with shows in Copenhagen and London. Afrika 47 Tokoloshe, u-Sathane obomvu 2. Joram Roukes Rodeo Street. Alice Mizrachi BK Bred.

Joram Roukes – Human Behaviour – Artist Profile

Aerubs No Forgive Action. Buff Monster Motley Melties 5. What have you learned from art school that you do not think you would have without formal schooling?

joram roukes biography sample

I was 19 when I enrolled, which I think is very young. Art school is all about exploring yourself as a person and finding ways to express that through art. At 19 you have no clue who or what you are. So that was tough.

joram roukes biography sample

In the end I made it work for me. Teachers have some very useful things to say about your work if you are willing to listen to their feedback.

Joram Roukes

I built a window of reference for myself that is useful for me and I learned to be analytical about my work without it being vague or overly conceptual. What about vice versa? The dilemma might be best explained as how we choose to go about our self-destruction. We know all too well it is imminent. What experience have you drawn from for your work?

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What is a particularly outstanding event that shaped you as an artist or inspired you? I observe and filter the world around me and give everyday life a fair chance to inspire me. However, I think graffiti-art still has a big impact on my work in terms of the asthetics but also in the way of looking at the world.

joram roukes biography sample

In many of your pieces you incorporate animals, what do different animals mean to you, how do you use them to develop or deepen the discussion in a piece? I paint mostly animal heads on my figures to enable association. Besides the multiple elements and ingredients that I put in my paintings to put across a rather unclear narrative, animal heads, much more than a human face can evoke association with behavior and attitude.

What is the significance of the soldiers? What about the deer?

joram roukes biography sample