Leif ericsson viking biography sample

leif ericsson viking biography sample
Leif then sailed south and found another land. Before Leif left for Norway, Thorgunna told him she was going to have his baby and she foresaw that it would be a boy. People debated about whether they were Leif's ships.

People debated about whether they were Leif's ships. A memorial of Leif Ericson is erected A Norwegian sculpture made a statue of Leif to celebrate his accomplishments.

The statue stood in Boston.

Viking remains found in Canada No one knew for sure where Leif's ship had landed, but archeologists found Viking remains in Newfoundland. It is generally believed that this is where he landed.

It commemorates the date the first immigrant ship from Norway reached America. A memorial to immigrants from Norway A statue of Leif Ericson was built, and names of Norwegian immigrants were inscribed into the base of the statue.

Here, he built a settlement.

leif ericsson viking biography sample

On his way back to Iceland, Leif landed and discovered North America. Several versions of his adventures were passed down through storytelling. Because the stories were passed down for several generations before being written down, they might not be completely accurate.

leif ericsson viking biography sample

However, his name is adapted and accepted in several different spellings. For lengthy info click here.

Leif Ericson

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Leif Erikson (11th century)

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He moved with his parents to Greenland in In that same year Bjarni Herjolfson, following his father to Greenland, missed that island and sailed in a south-westerly direction and sighted both the Labrador coast and Newfoundland. Leif, 15 at the time, listened carefully to tales of Bjarni's adventures, probably from Bjarni himself, who was more interested in trade than in discovering new lands.

leif ericsson viking biography sample

On reaching his majority, and chafing under the patriarchal rule of his father, Leif determined to visit Bjarni's southernmost land. He undoubtedly was motivated by Bjarni's account of large timber stands sighted along the coast, for timber was scarce in Greenland. Bjarni not only furnished the idea for the voyage but also supplied Leif with the very ship that he had used on his own inadvertent exploration.

Leif's voyage was planned and had a forceful, brave, shrewd leader who was careful in all things. His discovery, then, was not an accident, as those who give too little credence to Viking navigational skills intimate.

leif ericsson viking biography sample

He set sail probably inpassed Markland Labradorand reached Newfoundland, where his thirsty crewmen drank dew from the grass. Here, in what probably was Leif's Vinland, the men decided to winter, noticing that the days were more equitable in length than at home. To top When was he born? Leif Ericson was born in Iceland in the yearthe exact date is not known.

leif ericsson viking biography sample

I have only found one reference to Leif's death which mentions as his death year. Most recently, inNational Geographic published a map entitled "Millennium in Maps: Exploration", which showed the Viking voyages in their known world including Leif Ericson's voyage to North America!

leif ericsson viking biography sample

Another map you may have heard about is the disputed "Vinland Map". This map was alleged to show the North American discoveries and explorations made by Leif and his family members, but is thought to be a recently made fake antique!