Sonita alizadeh biography definition

sonita alizadeh biography definition
By help of Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami, an Iranian documentary filmmaker who over three years, documented her remarkable story in the film Sonita , Alizadeh filmed the video to escape a marriage her parents were planning for her, even though it is illegal for women to sing publicly in Iran, where she was living at the time. This one's translated, so seriously, watch it. Because she was an undocumented Afghan, she was not entitled to education in Iran.

This is what her family has told her and that is what she believed.

Afghan teenager whose parents tried to sell her into marriage for $9,000 turns rap artist

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Sonita Alizadeh

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sonita alizadeh biography definition

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Afghan rapper escaped teen marriage by singing about it

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sonita alizadeh biography definition

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Why Sonita Alizadeh raps against child marriage

The video shows Sonita wearing a wedding dress — with a barcode on her forehead. Her face is bruised. She pleads with her family not sell her off.

sonita alizadeh biography definition

But before the show, Sonita needs to rehearse. We hop into my car and drive to nearby West Oakland.

Afghanistan: Rapper Sonita Alizadeh Wins Scholarship to US School

The rehearsal studio is in a neighborhood covered in graffiti. Stern then googled Sonita's name and found the trailer for the documentary Sonita is a travelling swallow by Rokhsareh Ghaemmaghami.

sonita alizadeh biography definition

Cori Stern is the co-founder of the US based Strongheart Group which helps exceptional young people who want to be change makers to amplify their voice and message. Cori Stern very much wanted to help Sonita reach her dreams of recording her music. Loftin interviewed Sonita personally by Skype and then offered her a scholarship to attend the school.

Laurie Michaels, a Strongheart supporter and philanthropist, believed strongly in Sonita's potential and contributed greatly to assisting her in attending the school.