Debbie thomas ice skater biography

debbie thomas ice skater biography
By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. She admitted that she gave up during her performance, saying that she lost her motivation only seconds into her routine when she failed to complete her most difficult trick, consecutive triple jumps.

She was a champion of the underprivileged, which she did not mind so much because it allowed her mother to take some credit.

Debi Thomas, Olympic skater and surgeon

In figure skating, the underprivileged are all those whose parents earn less than six figures each year. Thomas' mother, divorced when Debi was a small child, earned considerably less than that as a computer programming analyst in Sunnyvale, Calif. But she sacrificed whatever she had to assure that her daughter could pursue her goals. And Thomas was a champion of those who believe that skaters should leave the sport with knowledge of something other than camel spins and triple-toe loops. A pre-med student at Stanford, she was the first U.

Debi Thomas Bio

Yet, almost a year ago to this day, on the next-to-last night of the Winter Olympics in Calgary, Canada, Thomas, by her own admission, neither skated nor behaved like a champion. As for the skating, everyone, except perhaps Thomas, could forgive that.

debbie thomas ice skater biography

The gold medal within her grasp, needing only good, not great, scores to win the long program at the Olympic Saddledome and finish ahead of defending champion Katarina Witt of East Germany and Elizabeth Manley of Canada, Thomas gave a disappointing performance and finished third. As anyone who follows sports realizes, that sometimes happens. She graduated from Stanford in with a degree in engineering and from Northwestern University Medical School in Thomas followed this with a surgical residency at the University of Arkansas Medical Sciences Hospital and an orthopedic surgery residency at the Martin Luther King Jr.

She was practicing in Terra Haute, Indiana.

Debi Thomas

Thomas, a member of Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority was involved in the figure skating world as a frequent committee member and judge. Thomas was diagnosed with bipolar disorder by April Inreports showed that she was living in a bed bug-infested trailer in the Appalachian Mountains with her Looney who was struggling with anger and alcohol issues.

debbie thomas ice skater biography

Thomas said that she was "broke" and had lost custody of her son in She looked around the darkened trailer, perched along a river in a town so broke even the bars have closed, and sighed.

The mobile home where she lives with her fiance and his two young boys was cluttered with dishes, stacks of documents, a Christmas tree still standing weeks past the holiday. Uncertainty is not a feeling Debi Thomas has often experienced in her 48 years.

debbie thomas ice skater biography

She was once so confident in her abilities that she simultaneously studied at Stanford University and trained for the Olympics, against the advice of her coach. She was smart — able to win a competition, stay up all night cramming, then ace a test the next morning. She wanted it all. And for a time, she had it. Higher and higher she went.

debbie thomas ice skater biography

But nothing is ever that simple with Thomas. She has always bucked convention.

The best African American figure skater in history is now bankrupt and living in a trailer

She was a black athlete who entered a sport that had exceedingly few. She was the first champion in a generation to combine college and figure skating.

THE NIGHT WHEN IT ALL SLIPPED AWAY : A Year Ago, Debi Thomas Didn't Skate, or Behave, Like a Champion

She proclaimed unimaginable ambitions — such as becoming an astronaut after securing her medical degree — and dared you to doubt her. Such comments upset Thomas.

Richlands, populated by coal miners with few mines to plunder, would seem to be an odd place to launch such an effort. Thomas, riding shotgun as Looney steers a silver SUV on a recent afternoon, passes several such establishments before arriving at a country market. Her hair is frazzled. She wears a big, poofy red coat. On her wrists are two bracelets. Her fiance, a gregarious unemployed coal miner, sits at her side. Normal is not excelling.

Debi Thomas - 1986 U.S. Figure Skating Championships, Ladies' Long Program -

Aries Figure Skater 5. About She became the first African American to ever win an Olympic medal in figure skating inwinning a bronze in the singles event.

debbie thomas ice skater biography

Before Fame Her mother introduced her to figure skating, and young Debi took to the ice right away, inspired by the ice skating show Mr. Trivia She won the national and international World Figure Skating titles while still a freshman at Stanford, and took home the bronze medal at the Winter Olympics in Calgary. Family Life She came from a highly educated family, with both parents computer professionals and her brother an astrophysicist.