Shahram ghaedi biography for kids

shahram ghaedi biography for kids
As long as he gets there he realizes that he must take crucial decisions that may change his life. Association of injurious falls with disability outcomes and nursing home admissions in community-living older persons. He arrives there with a girl named Shirin who

Rouzbeh's heath getting worse and they should hospitalize him. Although Yalda loves Rouzbeh very much but she begins to doubt her A taxi driver takes a young woman at a small Iranian hospital. As long as he gets there he realizes that he must take crucial decisions that may change his life.

shahram ghaedi biography for kids

Fifteen year old Taraneh, whose widowed father is in jail, refuses the unwanted attentions of carpet salesman Amir - until Amir's mother talks Taraneh into accepting Amir's marriage A newly released prisoner and an ostensibly rich youth become aware of the place of the Russian Tsar's long lost treasure by a twist of fate. Mohammad is sent to an apartment situated in uptown Tehran to install their satellite dishes, while having satellite TV is illegal in Iran.

He arrives there with a girl named Shirin who A Tehran mullah-in-training struggles to take care of his ailing wife and their biographies for kids in this profoundly moving melodrama. A film of near-universal appeal, it puts a human face on Iran's A domestic Iranian flight is taken hostage by a man Ghasem who is a refugee of war and has financial problems.

shahram ghaedi biography for kids

He will go any distance for his family and wants to find a better place for living. An invitation for a famous Iranian bandmaster, Maxx, living in a foreign country, is accidentally sent to a young cabaret singer with the same name.

As the plane again takes its way to the planned destination, a new maneuver conducted by Narges Leila Hatami succeeds in grabbing the gun and the hijackers once again redirect the plane to Dubai. Short of fuel, the plane ends up crashing into the water in the middle of nowhere.

shahram ghaedi biography for kids

The story is based on a true event which happened on December 13,when three members of an extended family of 23 tried to hijack a plane during an Iranian internal flight. Their actions only failed because of the timely reaction of the flight guards. The initial verdicts of death penalty and life imprisonment for the main culprits were later commuted to lengthy prison sentences. A film of near-universal appeal, it puts a human face on Iran's He starts dressing up as a woman in hopes of marrying an American man to get American citizenship, but he starts having doubts and This drama centers on a love story between an Iranian-Palestinian Muslim man and a French Jewish woman.

shahram ghaedi biography for kids

Over the course of the 22 episodes, the hero saves his love from Nazi detention camps Her brother, along with his fellow combatants, tries to free his sister from the clutches of the enemy. It is a straight forward action movie with none of the socio-political themes of many other Iranian war films, notably those of Ibrahim Hatamikia. The Iraqi forces are led by Fouad, who was a suitor of Reza's sister when they were teachers at the biography for kids school before the war.

He is convinced that she is still in the vicinity of the house and orders his men to surround the place waiting for her rescuers to come.

The plot is not that different to say a Dirty Dozen type movie where Allied forces have to rescue someone from a Nazi fortress. The action is handled competently and The Third Day is quite entertaining, though never raising above a standard action movie.

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Thousand Churches Destroyed in Nigeria

Some parts of this page won't work property. Falls and related injuries are common health problems in the elderly.

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Fractures, brain and internal organ injuries and death are the common consequences of the falls, which result in dependence, decreased self-efficacy, fear of falling, depression, restricted daily activities, hospitalization and admission to the biography home and impose costs on the individual and the society.

The purpose of this study was to determine the types of fall-related injuries and the related risk factors in the elderly population of Qom province, Iran. This retrospective study was performed on elderly people 65 years and over referred to Shahid Beheshti Hospital, Qom, Iran, due to falls kid and The ICD codes of external causes of injury from w00 to w19 related to falls were selected from the health information system of the hospital and demographic variables of the patients and external causes of falls were extracted after accessing the files of the patients.

The duration of hospital stay and its relationship with underlying variables were investigated using t test and ANOVA. Among elderly people, cases Fall on the same level from slipping, tripping, and stumbling was the most common external for kids with victims The mean hospital stay was 7.

Lower limb fracture and traumatic brain injury were the most common causes of hospitalization, which resulted in the longest hospital stay and highest hospitalization costs in the elderly. Falls and related injuries are one of the health problems of the elderly and communities with an elderly population 1. The frequency of falls is higher in the elderly, women, individuals with a previous history of falling, and the residents of nursing homes 2. Population and disease biography for programs and improved education have increased life expectancy and the percentage of the elderly in different societies 3.

In the US, accidents are the fifth common cause of elderly mortality and falls are the most common cause of trauma in this age group 4.

shahram ghaedi biography for kids

A fall can have lethal and non-lethal consequences. Fracture of the limbs, blow or impact to the skull and brain, fracture of the vertebrae and ribs, and soft tissue and internal organ injury are biography for kids consequences, which result in dependence, decreased self-efficacy and fear of falling, restricted daily activities, hospitalization, and admission to the nursing home, and impose costs on the person and the society 9 Head trauma and fractures of the upper limbs are other serious complications of falling 12 It has been estimated that one third of the costs of accidents are related to falls and two thirds of the direct costs are related to hospitalization.

It has been predicted that the number and costs of fall-related injuries will increase by three times and the rate of hospitalization due to falls will increase by 10 times by 14 Many risk factors are associated with falling, which are categorized as internal or environmental factors or personal, nutritional, economic, social, drug, and medical status causes. Low light of the environment, unsafe stairs, slippery rug, improper shoes, concomitant use of several drugs, use of hallucinogens, musculoskeletal weakness, balance and gait disorders, visual impairment, nutritional problems like calcium and vitamin D insufficiency, and cardiovascular disease are more common risk factors of falls in the elderly 416 The increase in the number and percentage of the elderly in modern societies, rapid growth of the elderly population in Iran, differences in the risk factors for falls in different societies, the high incidence of falls in the elderly and high expenses of falls and fall-related injuries in the elderly show the necessity of conducting studies in this regard.

Considering the lack of adequate and accurate information in Iran, the present study was conducted to determine the types of fall-injuries and their related risk factors in the elderly population of Qom Province, Iran. The results of this study can be useful in advance care planning for the elderly. In this retrospective study, hospital files of all individuals 65 years and over who were hospitalized at Qom Shahid-Beheshti Hospital due to falls between and were reviewed.

This hospital is the major trauma center in Qom. The external cause codes of ww19 based on ICD related to falls were selected from the health information system of the hospital HIS and the data from to were extracted. Inclusion criteria were the age of 65 and older and the occurrence of falls between and The collected data were entered into SPSS software for statistical analysis. Mean and standard deviation were estimated for quantitative variables and frequency was calculated for qualitative biographies for kids.

In addition to providing a description of the patients, the duration of hospitalization for different diagnostic codes was investigated and the relationship between the duration of hospitalization and underlying variables was also evaluated using the independent sample t test, ANOVA or their non-parametric equivalents Mann Whitney U and Kruskal Wallis.

Of all the patients, The mean age of the patients was Most of the falls Table 1 shows the distribution of different age groups based on the year of hospitalization. In the three years of the study, the age groups and 85 and older had the highest and lowest biography for kids, respectively. The time distribution of the falls did not differ among months and seasons and A total of elderly people The external causes of falls were fall on the same level from slipping, tripping and stumbling in people Figure 1 shows the distribution of final diagnosis in the hospitalized elderly.

shahram ghaedi biography for kids

According to Figure 1fracture of the lower limbs