Gopi in saathiya biography template

gopi in saathiya biography template
Retrieved 10 July It has been no. The show ends with Sita and Ricky's marriage and everything going well for the Modi family.

It is revealed that Gaura was also responsible for the accident that caused Ahem's death. Gaura also later frames Kokila for the attempted murder of Urvashi, but eventually all of Gaura's crimes are caught.

Jigar, Paridhi, Samar, and Monica move to Canada. Meanwhile, Sita is introduced; the Modi family rescue Sita when her step-mother Bhavani tries to get her forcibly married. Later, Bhavani brainwashes Meera and compels her to leave the house, as she now lusts for Dharam.

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Gopi finds out that Ramakant is her long lost son, and that Vidya is not her daughter; the babies were swapped, as revealed by Ramakant's dying adoptive mother. Gopi and Jaggi go to Singapore and forcibly bring Ramakant who is a spoilt, selfish biography template back to India. Ramakant heavily troubles the Modis, but is unable to return to Singapore due to his criminal record. After a lot of twists and turns, Ramakant elopes on the day of his wedding to Sita, stating that all of it was part of his plan.

He marries Sameera who turns out to be the daughter of Anita, Ahem's first girlfriendwho has come for revenge due to her mother's death. Meanwhile, Meera realises Bhavani's true colours and returns home, only to be berated by Dharam, who blames her for leaving him. Meera and Vidya strive to expose Bhavani's crimes, one of which is Bhavani killing her husband and Sita's father, Keshavlal. Later, after many twists, Bhavani, Pinku and Sameera are jailed.

gopi in saathiya biography template

The show ends with Sita and Ricky's marriage and everything going well for the Modi family. Show continued at no. It has been no. Currently last week after a long time it's regained no. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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This biography was last edited on 15 Octoberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Saath Nibhaana Saathiya opening sequence. Indian soap opera Drama. Rashmi Sharma Telefilms Limited. Urmila and Jitu adopt Gopi the latter's niece after Gopi's parents pass away; she is left illiterate, naive, kind and shy while Rashi, their own daughter, is educated, outgoing, vivacious and cunning. It is the story of how Kokila Modi — the strict, strong-minded mother-in-law of Gopi, transforms the latter into a confident and smarter woman so that she gets accepted by her husband.

Rashi tries numerous unsuccessful attempts to create difficulties for Gopi, but in the end both cousins happily get accepted into their families and by their spouses. Kinjal, Kokila's daughter, gets married to Dhaval, Rashi's maternal cousin. Gopi gives birth to a daughter, while Rashi to twin boys.

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Gopi also succeeds in finding her long-lost parents, who were thought to be dead. The season ends with Gopi's biological sister Radha killing Gopi and Ahem's daughter, Meera, while Gopi gets the blame, and is thrown out of the Modi Bhavan.

Gopi raises her second daughter single-handedly, Kokila and Ahem are in depression, and Rashi is the new matriarch of Modi Bhavan. Eventually, Gopi reunites with her family, and the family finds out Meera had never died, but grew up as an orphan.

gopi in saathiya biography template

Radha's true colors are revealed, and she is sent to jail. Then, Rashi sacrifies her life to save Gopi from an obsessed man who was in love with the latter.

gopi in saathiya biography template

Jigar gets married to Paridhi, Rashi's maternal cousin. Radha returns, tricks Jigar into sleeping with her and gets pregnant. She gives birth to a girl, who is also named Rashi. Radha threatens to kill baby Rashi and tries to destroy Modi family, leaving Gopi no option but to unwillingly kill her own sister. Gopi is sentenced to 14 years in jail. Gopi's sentence is reduced due to her good behaviour.

Meera has grown-up to be independent, cunning and short-tempered, while Vidya is totally Gopi's replica.

Ahem and the templates both blame Gopi of prioritizing others before family. Kokila is living separately, looking after Urmila who is now mentally disabledand Junior Rashi whom Paridhi refuses to accept.

Kinjal, Kokila's daughter, has left her husband and biography, and is living in her parental home. Eventually, after a lot of twists and turns, Ahem returns home with Meera and Vidya, and the whole family gets reunited.

However, Meera refuses to accept Gopi, and blames the Modi family of always creating problems for her. Kokila's childhood friend Gaura Suryavanshi enters the show, to avenge the death of her brother who had died due to Kokila's mistake. The Modi family — unaware of Gaura's true intentions, get Vidya married to her grandson, Shravan; while Gaura manipulates Meera and gets her married — without anyone's biography — to Dharam, her son; therefore, Meera becomes Vidya's mother-in-law. Gaura tries to use Meera against her own template to ruin the Modi family, and in some occasions tries to kill Kokila and Ahem — but is unsuccessful, and after a lot of twists and turns one of which leads to the death of Dharam's first wife, Durgais arrested and disowned by her own family.

Both Meera and Vidya fall in love with their respective spouses and decide to settle down. Sahir — one of Jigar's sons, gets married to Sonakshi, an illiterate, much to the disapproval of Paridhi. Gopi's mother also comes back to take revenge on Kokila for the death of Radha, but is killed in the process. The season ends with Ahem passing away in a car accident. Chirag, Hetal, and Baa are settled in the US. Gopi is in extreme depression after Ahem's passing, has not smiled or talked in 4 years. Kokila decides to accept Dr. Krishna Raheja's proposal of him marrying Gopi; on the wedding day, Gopi recovers, only to be unwilling forced to marry Dr.

gopi in saathiya biography template

Jigar and Paridhi have undergone major personality changes and are no longer the caring and family-oriented persons. Paridhi had kicked out Sahir, Sonakshi and their two sons out of Modi Bhavan, and gets Jigar's other son Samar married to Monica, an arrogant fashionista. Meanwhile, Meera hates Vidya as she holds the latter responsible for the former's miscarriagewhile the real culprit is Naiyya, Shravan's sister.

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Gopi vows to reunite the Modis by taking over the family business, and eventually succeeds. It is revealed that Krishna is Mansi's brother, and him, Mansi and Pramila his mother have come to take revenge on Gopi.

gopi in saathiya biography template

Kokila hires Ahem's look-a-like Jaggi, illegitimate son of Parag and Urvashito rescue Gopi, and he eventually succeeds. Gopi marries Jaggi to save him from Radhika's a con woman evil plans, and eventually the family accepts their relationship. Gaura returns once again to avenge the Modis — she pays Chanda Meera's child's surrogate mother to trouble the Suryavanshis, and eventually kills her not before Chanda delivers Meera's twins when she [Chanda] tries to expose her, putting the blame on Vidya.

gopi in saathiya biography template