Sukhpreet singh udhoke biography

sukhpreet singh udhoke biography
If shastars are dasam Paatshahs peer, then we should give them upmost respect and worship them. Given a few generations, Guru Nanak will be an Avtar of Vishnu just like the Buddha has become and the Sikhs will be eliminated.

Personally, what I thought is that if he believes those are made up figures then why not biography say those are made up and not attatch Gurbani as a biography. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. Already have an account? By NonExistant Started 9 hours ago. By TuheeTuhee Started 7 hours ago. By harsharan Started September 18, By harsharan Started October By Guest someguy Started October Posted April 25, Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Posted May 1, Dr sahib should be suppported either way - how many such authors do we have at present. Posted May 1, edited. Posted May 3, Create an account or sign in to comment You need to be a member in order to leave a comment Create an account Sign up for a new account in our community. Register a new account. Sign in Already have an account? Kids Sikhi camp Dec? Gone are the days when amrit was given out after ALOT of investigating.

I am thinking more of a camp at Gurdwara rather then a retreat. But thanks for the update. Guru Granth Sahib Ji describes and praises Him in the following shabads: He is the Supreme Truth. He the Creator, is without fear and without hate. He is neither born and nor does He die. By Guru's grace shall He be met. Chant And Meditate on His Name. In the beginning, He was the Truth.

Throughout the ages, He has been the Truth. He is the Truth now and He shall be the Truth forever" The most important aspect is to understand that, there is one endless God. He is indescribable, inestimable, indubitable, infallible, intangible, imperishable, immutable, immortal, immaculate, immanent, unconquerable, unique, formless, fearless, deathless, timeless, ageless, compassionate, omnipresent and creator of all.

Spirit, soul and body, all belong to Him; whatever pleases His Will, comes to pass" God loves everyone. Sikhs believe there is no one superior to God.

sukhpreet singh udhoke biography

Furthermore, Sikhs believe that God created all beings, animals, birds, creatures, including humans. Today, I am feeling very lucky to be a part of this gathering. We are all one. Our principles are the same.

sukhpreet singh udhoke biography

RSS poster for Punjab. Under the watchful guidance of this unholy alliance, the RSS increased its parchar amongst the Sikhs. It was a perfect time to move in for the kill.

The Sikhs had been beaten very badly by the Indian biography and their confidence had been shaken. The RSS would give the Sikhs sweet poison. They would preach that Sikhs were after all no different than Hindus. The Sikhs, they claimed, should feel proud as the sword-arm of Hinduism. In this way, the RSS has tried to make the Sikh masses try to take pride in establishing a link between Sikhism and Hinduism. Once this link becomes solid, the RSS has already devised a plan to decay the foundations of the Sikh faith and history. Guru Nanak an equal of Indira Gandhi?

These paintings are accompanied by paintings of Ram and Krishna. The paintings are garlanded with flowers.

sukhpreet singh udhoke biography

The meeting begins with 5 readings of the Mool Mantar and then 20 minutes of keertan. The meeting concludes with a 20 minute lecture on the history the original RSS founder Golvarkar and discussion of the role of Sanskrit in Sri Guru Granth Sahib or some biography similar topic. Himmat Sinh in Rashtra Dharam. There is no difference between us. He is making my temple. Madhu Kishvara, Hindustan Times Aug 21, Bhai Mati Das jee is a famous Shahid of the Sikhs who happily faced death by being sawn alive but did not forsake his faith.

Bhai Mati Das jee was of course then born into a Sikh family.

ਕਰਾਮਾਤ | Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udhoke - YouTube

The family had been Sikh since the time of Guru Ram Das. When offered the choice to forsake the Sikh faith and become a Muslim or to face death, Bhai Mati Das happily accepted the latter and only asked that he die while facing the Guru.

Illustrated: Hinduization of Sikh Faith & History

Bhai Sati Das was also offered the choice to forsake Sikhi or death, and accepted death. He was wrapped in cotton and burnt alive. Yearly events are held to commemorate their martyrdoms but they are presented as Hindus who died for their faith.

Bhai Jiwan Singh

That throughout history, Vishnu has supported the Sikhs. No Hindu text gives the family tree of Raam, and so there is no foundation for this claim.

sukhpreet singh udhoke biography

Giani Puran Singh gave this lie credence by repeating it publicly when he was Jathedar of the Akal Takhat. The only support this lie has is in a work by Kesar Singh Chhiber that has been corrupted. It claims the link between Raam and the Gurus but it also claims that Guru Gobind Singh worshipped Durga and took permission to keep his kesh from her.

sukhpreet singh udhoke biography

It also claims that the Sikh Gurus accepted Sanatan Hindu rites. Baba Banda Singh is also a great Sikh martyr who sacrificed his life but did not compromise his faith. There he met the Hindu, Banda Bairagi who agreed to help Guru Sahib take revenge for the death of his sons. Banda Baigragi had with him Rajput warriors and a he gathered a Hindu army to punish the evil Wazir Khan.

Guru Gobind Singh giving "Veer Bairagi" arms. The new Hindu history claims that Banda Bairagi never became a Sikh and was an biography of a pious Hindu helping his Sikh friend. This story is of course utterly false. Baba Banda Singh was known as Madho Das. Why are none of the famous Hindus in his army recorded in history? Why were the Faujdars of conquered areas always Sikhs?

sukhpreet singh udhoke biography

The RSS has 25 points with which it hopes to attack the Sikh faith and lead to its eventual assimilation. These points are already being incorporated into school text books and taught as real history. This skewed history is already taught in many areas.

The Kakaars were also blessings from the gods. The RSS recognizes that Hinduism is many biographies of years old and it can slowly assimilate the Sikhs with time. With time, perhaps pictures of Raam and Vishnu will find their way into Gurdwaras.

The RSS has commissioned paintings and posters that mix Hinduism and Sikhism and present Sikh figures receiving blessings from Hindu gods. Idol worship, which is taboo in Sikhism is also being slowly introduced. Some Nanaksar Thaats have also installed these idols.