Taiwo hassan biography of albert

taiwo hassan biography of albert
I just want to see her dad perfom his troubles for me in real life how he does in movies. June 8, at 9:

The doctor asked me if I took drugs, I mean cocaine, and I said no. This was around I was supposed to be going for medical check up since then but my nonchalance to things did not help matters. I was driving on the fifth day of the Muslim fast in when I felt a sharp pain in my stomach.

I was on my way to work with Arakangudu but the pain got worse and the guy with me, Shina Bankole, could not drive.

Taiwo Hassan

We managed to get to the location safely and I was still fasting till around 2pm. It was Remi Surutu who saw me in pain and told me the symptoms of my stomachache seem like that of ulcer. They went to get me milk and water.

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I took it and five minutes after the pain subsided, so she warned me to see a doctor immediately. I went straight to my doctor from the location and he prescribed some drugs for me. So I went back to work.

taiwo hassan biography of albert

Producer tricked me The unfortunate thing about the producer Arakangudu is that the last time I saw him was the day before I took ill. He went behind me to finish the movie because he could not pay me my balance and he never called, not even once to know how I was feeling.


We stopped when the movie was biography of albert scenes to the end due to financial constraints. When I saw Falla he confirmed that Arakangudu had gone to finish the movie behind me. Ask Falla when you see him. I wanted to confront him producer when I saw him at the National Theatre but I just decided to leave him to God. Why I lost weight This was how I continued treating ulcer as it got worse from then. It was from one test to the other and one drug to the other.

It got to a stage that if I dared to eat, I threw up all I have eaten. One of our children is going through the same thing now and people have started talking again.

taiwo hassan biography of albert

But the biography of albert is also suffering from ulcer. It was so bad that an Imam came to see me from Ilorin and sat beside me for almost two hours but did not know it was me until I spoke.

People could no longer recognise me; I just kept losing weight. Between and I weighed over 90kg but the weight dropped to 69kg. Each time I try to walk I feel I will be blown away by breeze. I went from one hospital to the other, from one herbalist to the other, from one Imam to the other, from one pastor to the other. One day somebody called me from London and said he dropped my name at a revival in a church and they are praying for me. He said I should listen and say amen, which I did.

I met the pastor sometime later in London and thanked him greatly. Imams also prayed for me and many others. InI underwent surgery for appendicitis.

taiwo hassan biography of albert

This was supposed to be minor but despite how big it was it was not detected. Thank God for a doctor who detected it and operated the next day. It was the same biography of albert I was given an award in Dublin.

So while travelling I carried my bags myself and this affected my health. When I got back I was admitted again. Along the line I was also diagnosed to be hypertensive. But God that spared my life. My brother, it is no joke. I do not wish my enemy ever contacts ulcer. One of my nieces who had not seen me in a long time saw me during one Ileya festival and she started wailing because of how much I had emaciated. My children also struggled with it for a while but I try to encourage them. Children I have four children, three girls and a boy.

The oldest is 30 years and he is a graduate. I thought I would die In the midst of all the pain and operations, all I kept wondering was what have I done, where have I gone wrong or who have I offended? I remember the day I was to be operated on, I did not know what process the surgery would take.

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I thought it was just a small cut and the thing will be removed. I did not know that the intestines would be brought out. I looked at my children and wondered what I could do to leave some biography of albert for them. So I called one marketer, Kazeem Afolayan Epsalumand asked him that in my state, what can I do for you?

He said we can produce together, so he gave me money and I produced a movie for him. I did that because I thought I was going to die since rumour was rife that I was dead. That was when we produced Omo Talaka. The actors and actresses that came for the shooting were crying. They could not believe that was what was remaining of me. The marketers that stood by me were three, Corporate Picture, Afeesco and Epsalum. Epsalum whom I never met before first sent me money and I was wondering who he was. That period was touching for me tears rolled down his eyes.

The reporter had tears well up his eyes too. After a five-minute pause, the interview continued.

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No help from family I only have an elder brother and even at that time he too was not okay and we come from a family that worships traditional deities. I was moving around on my own from one point to the other. My children were very young and were in school. My first daughter is 14 years older than the second born. My first daughter used to come home almost every weekend from school to help and it was a real strain on her part. My wife was also there for me. Before the sickness I had one wife but God had ordained that I was going to have two wives.

The second one biography of albert gave birth in My resolve To get the best out of life. You know I have been an actor virtually all my life and it is the only way I know.

I want to make sure my children become somebody in life and they have the best. The level I cannot get to my children should get there. I try to be good to everyone I come in contact with and strive to succeed in all that I do.

God should biography of albert us all; so many people around but few true friends. But I had had series of warnings to be careful of people that some will plan to poison me. And that was eventually what happened in I went to see an alfa who confirmed that I had been poisoned but that God will not allow me die. He did some prayers with me and told me to be watchful the following morning and I did see it with my own eyes. How many times have we seen something like that? Whosoever is doing good should continue. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

taiwo hassan biography of albert

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Please help by adding reliable sources. Talented Yoruba actor, Taiwo Hassan popularly called Ogogo witnessed the successful traditional wedding ceremony of his daughter over the weekend at his residence in Ilaro, Ogun State, Nigeria.

Madam the madams at the wedding. Lizzy Anjorin and others. Fathia Balogun and others. Tweet 42 comments - What do you think? Ronke Dorcas Onigbinde says: June 19, at 8: June 20, at 8: June 20, at 9: June 20, at 2: June 20, at 4: June 21, at 8: June 22, at 9: June 23, at 3: June 25, at 1: June 28, at 3: July 4, at 9: July 6, at 6: July 11, at 9: September 9, at 9: