Jan hulsker vincent and theo van gogh a dual biography

jan hulsker vincent and theo van gogh a dual biography
The print run figures are not entirely clear and appear to differ from one volume to the next; for instance 1, copies of volume 1 were printed, and 1, of the last volume Van Gogh Museum Documentation Vincent van Gogh Foundation archives. Kailin marked it as to-read May 13,

But his sympathy for the impoverished workers led him to sleep in a tiny shack and dress in rags - behavior that did not sit well with his staid church superiors. Once and for all, Vincent's chances ended for becoming an evangelist.

Vincent Van Gogh: Letters of a Post-Impressionist - FULL AudioBook

And strangely, his religious zeal also abruptly disappeared. So, inhe decided to become an artist, undertaking an existence that depended on the support - both financial and emotional -of Theo, who had gone to work in the Paris branch of Goupil and had begun what was to be, until near the end of his life, a fruitful career. Theo bravely promoted avant-garde painters over the objections of his conservative employers and, at one point, provided not only for Vincent, but for Gauguin.

jan hulsker vincent and theo van gogh a dual biography

It has often been pointed out that van Gogh's career was astonishingly brief, lasting only a decade. But even more astonishing is the fact that during the early 's, while he was studying art in the Netherlands, he had minimal knowledge of events in Paris, events in which he would come to play a part.

jan hulsker vincent and theo van gogh a dual biography

Hulsker cites the letter from in which Vincent writes to his brother: Volumes have been written about van Gogh's time in Paris. He lived with his brother and entered into the circle of painters that included Bernard, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec and Gauguin.

Theo van Gogh (art dealer)

And a great deal has been written about his stay in Arles - to which he went hoping to start an artists' colony with Gauguin and from which he left, minus one ear, to enter an insane asylum at St. Yet some problems apparently resist solution. Hulsker cannot ultimately answer such minor questions as whether Vincent was addicted to absinthe or such major ones as the nature of his mental malady.

Hulsker's ''dual biography'' never draws a rounded portrait of Theo, who remains a mysterious figure. Although the author takes pains to note that Theo had a history of illness, he does not provide irrefutable evidence of what killed him.

jan hulsker vincent and theo van gogh a dual biography

About Theo's mistress, there is still little known except her initial, S. Hulsker offers scant insight into the contribution of Theo's wife, Jo. Sweetman points out, by preserving her brother-in-law's works and promoting his reputation, she performed ''the miracle of transforming the slender reputation of an obscure suicide. In the end, as both Mr.

jan hulsker vincent and theo van gogh a dual biography

The sun was terribly hot outside. We climbed the hill outside Auvers talking about him, about the daring impulse he had given to art, of the great projects he was always thinking about, and about the good he had done to all of us. We reached the cemetery, a small new cemetery strewn with new tombstones. It is on the little hill above the fields that were ripe for harvest under the wide blue sky that he would still have loved. Then he was lowered into the grave.

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Theo joined the Brussels office on 1 January as their youngest employee.

jan hulsker vincent and theo van gogh a dual biography

After Theo was transferred to the London office, he moved to the office in The Hague, where he developed into a successful art dealer. Starting in the winter of —, he sent painting materials as well as monthly financial support to his brother and painter Vincent van Goghwho was living back in the Netherlands. He married Johanna in Amsterdam on 17 April and they moved to Paris. Their son Vincent Willem was born in Paris on 31 January Vincent died in July at age Theo suffered from dementia paralyticaan infection of the brain, [5] [6] and his health declined rapidly after Vincent's death.

Weak and unable to come to terms with Vincent's absence, he died six months later 25 January at age 33 in Den Dolder. Theo's great-grandson, also named Theo van Goghwas a famous and controversial film director, who was murdered on the streets of Amsterdam in by an Islamic extremist after making a short film critical of Islam.

Theo admired his elder brother Vincent for his whole life. But communicating with him proved to be difficult, even before Vincent opted to follow his artistic vocation. The communication between both brothers suffered from diverging definitions of standards, and it was evidently Theo who kept on writing letters.

jan hulsker vincent and theo van gogh a dual biography

Therefore, mostly Vincent's answers survived and few of Theo's.