Naser masoudi biography template

naser masoudi biography template
All chemicals and solvents used were analytical grade. Prospects and Industrial Application. Table 1 Baseline clinical characteristics according to the statin use adherence at six months after discharge.

The first core of each TMA was made from normal liver tissue to allow proper orientation by the scoring pathologists. The complex is visualized with hydrogen peroxide substrate and diaminobenzidine tetrahydrochloride DAB chromogen. Scoring systems for proportion of positive cells and staining intensity were adapted from previously published investigations [ 212224 ].

For cMYC, the expression was almost exclusively seen in a nuclear fashion in both thyroid carcinomas and nodular hyperplasias. Both percentage of cells staining and intensities of staining were used to define weakly versus strongly positive cMYC cases as well as to set a cutoff for BRAF positivity. For BRAF, the expression was almost exclusively seen in a cytoplasmic, granular biography template in thyroid carcinomas. Discrepant pattern, percentage and intensity results were resolved by simultaneous dual-headed microscope review and consensus agreement of the two independent pathologists.

Comparison of distributions of cMYC expression among all histologic types was performed by an exact Kruskal-Wallis test. Pairwise comparisons of distributions of cMYC expression among pairs of histologies, as well as clinicopathologic variables e. The mean of ages among different groups was compared using two-tailed t test.

The original magnification of the whole TMA cores was 4X, with the photomicrographic insets taken at 40X. P value total positives UDC vs other. P value strong positives UDC vs other. Statistically significant P values are in bold. Three pairwise comparisons between UDC and other tumor histologies were performed to determine the histologies in which significant differences in distributions of cMYC expression existed. Given the small number of cases per group and the uneven distribution of pT stages in each group, no statistically significant correlations were demonstrated between cMYC expression and stage.

No significant differences in cMYC expression were found in any of the tumor types when comparisons with patient ages, or tumor sizes other than UDC were performed [Exact Mann Whitney].

P value a NH vs. P value b PTC vs. P value c UDC vs. Herein, we conducted an extensive literature review for relevant IHC characterization studies performed since for cMYC protein expression in thyroid follicular cell-derived carcinomas. Studies have shown nuclear mostly and cytoplasmic occasionally expression patterns for cMYC. It is well known that cMYC exerts its oncogenic potential through transcriptional deregulation, mostly activation, of many downstream genes which are involved in cellular proliferation, differentiation, and apoptosis [ 28 — 30 ]. Though several cMYC variants have been previously identified, most of them retain the nuclear localization signal NLS [ 3132 ].

Interestingly, there have been reports of cytoplasmic localization of cMYC, mostly in differentiated cells [ 3334 ]. Studies published for cytoplasmic cMYC expression in tumors have shown discordance pertaining to cMYC localization among histologic patterns of non-neoplastic and neoplastic tissues [ 3536 ].

Similar to our findings, these studies relied upon immunohistochemical evaluation without cMYC protein characterization. Some authors have suggested that a truncated cMYC isoform that is localized to the cytoplasm has no detectable effect on cell proliferation or survival [ 32 ]. This manuscript did not comment on staining intensity [ 22 ]. Using a biography template cMYC monoclonal biography template Y69, rabbit monoclonal, Abcamwe confirmed, almost exclusively, a nuclear staining pattern for cMYC in thyroid follicular cell derived tumors.

Contrary to previous studies Table 1results of cMYC expression in well differentiated carcinomas appear different with fewer positive cases in our work. The sensitivity of the anti-cMYC monoclonal antibody used in the biography template study appears higher than that of the antibodies used previously.

A finding such as this has not been previously reported. One concern that may arise is that UDCs may show heterogeneous biography template expression levels in various areas of a single neoplasm.

The results of cMYC IHC staining were informative and emphasize the importance of adequate tissue sampling in molecular studies. Overcoming the barriers to palliative care referral for patients with advanced heart failure. J Am Heart Assoc. Palliative Care in Heart Failure. Palliative care in patients with heart failure. A review of the trials which examine early integration of outpatient and home palliative care for patients with serious illnesses.

American Society of Clinical Oncology provisional clinical opinion: Amiodarone for the prevention of sudden cardiac death: Trajectory of end-stage heart failure: Living Well at the End of Life: Socioeconomic inequalities in heart failure. Risk factors for congestive heart failure in US men and women: Epidemiology of incident heart failure in a contemporary elderly cohort: Associations of patient demographic characteristics and regional physician density with early physician follow-up among medicare beneficiaries hospitalized with heart failure.

CHF-PC concurrent palliative care model for older adults with heart failure and their family caregivers. Benefits of early versus delayed palliative care to informal family caregivers of patients with advanced cancer: Early versus delayed initiation of concurrent palliative oncology care: Six-item screener to identify cognitive impairment among potential research subjects.


Clinical practice guidelines for quality palliative care; 3rd Edition. Do preparation and life completion discussions improve functioning and quality of life in seriously ill patients? Pilot randomized control trial. Enhancing treatment fidelity in health behavior change studies: Research electronic data capture REDCap —a metadata-driven methodology and workflow process for providing translational research informatic support.

naser masoudi biography template

Statistical power analysis for the behavioral sciences. Hillsdale, New Jersey; Practical and statistical issues in missing data for longitudinal patient reported outcomes. Stat Methods Med Res. Epub Feb Effects of a palliative care intervention on clinical outcomes in patients with advanced cancer: Quick assessment of literacy in primary care: Evidence of a "heart template belt" in the southeastern United States.

The Desires of Their Hearts: Am J Hosp Palliat Care. The impact of faith beliefs on perceptions of end-of-life care and decision making among African American church members. Palliative Care in the African American Community Barriers to using palliative care: Clin J Oncol Nurs. Participation in research studies: Different types of distrust in clinical research among whites and African Americans. J Natl Med Assoc. Willingness to participate in clinical trials among African Americans and whites previously exposed to clinical biography template.

Randomised controlled trial of a new palliative care service: Identifying, biography, and retaining seriously-ill patients and their caregivers in longitudinal research. Nurse navigators in early cancer care: Developing and evaluating complex interventions: Inflorescence is an ovoid, heterogamous yellowish capitulum, with an involucral bracts; ray flowers are female, pistillate and fertile, while the disk flowers are sterile, and functionally male [ 1 — 3 ].

This herb has many other ethnomedicinal uses like antihypertensive [ 8 ], emmenaguogue [ 910 ], and well known for treatment of liver and kidney disorders [ 11 — 13 ] and as. Previous pharmacological studies proved that A. Recently a clinical trial conducted on volunteers demonstrated that A. In another study, the administration of A.

Nevertheless, no in-vitro study has been elaborated to evaluate the antihypertensive potential of this plant. In the aim to highlight the importance of this plant in the cardiovascular therapy, this study was performed to analyze the essential oil of A. AcEO growing in oriental Morocco, to investigate its vasorelaxant and subsequent mechanism of action and to determine its antiplatelet and antioxidant effects.

naser masoudi biography template

The following drugs and solvents were used in this study: The solvents utilized were: All chemicals and solvents used were analytical grade. All other drugs were dissolved in distilled water. The aerial part of A. The species was identified by a botanist Pr. The essential oil was obtained in a yield of 0. The column pressure was set to Helium was used as the carrier gas at a flow rate of 1.

Diluted sample in diethyl ether was manually injected.

Six-month adherence to Statin use and subsequent risk of major adverse cardiovascular events (MACE) in patients discharged with acute coronary syndromes

The peaks were quantified by calculating the percentage of the peak area of each component by comparison to the sum of the peaks of other compounds. The identification of the components was performed on the basis of chromatographic comparison of the recorded retention time with computed mass-spectrum data libraries PalK and Wiley Wher Ac 0 is the absorbance of the control respectively measured before the incubation.

A control sample using methanol instead of AcEO was prepared. Ascorbic biography template dissolved in methanol 0. Pure methanol was used as blank. Measurements were carried out in triplicate for each experiment. Where Ac is the absorbance of the control and As is the absorbance of the sample. Acute toxicity of AcEO was performed on the basis of the protocols conducted in previous similar studies [ 4445 ]. The control group was fed with 0.

naser masoudi biography template

The use of gelatin as an emulsifier is attributed to its non-toxic and non-irritability qualities as carrier molecule [ 46 ], besides its hydrophobic character that makes this macroprotein preferably used in pharmaceutical biography template and food industry as natural emulsifier and stabilizer [ 4748 ]. Also, gelatin is largely used as biodegradable macromolecule largely used for encapsulation of essential oils, mainly utilized in pharmaceutical and cosmetics to prevent eventual decomposition, evaporation or oxidation of the volatile oils [ 49 ].

Indeed, Sutaphanit and Chitprasert demonstrated that there was no significant interaction between gelatin and basil essential oil, along the encapsulation process [ 50 ]. The animals were monitored daily for any additional signs of toxicity and weekly for changes in body weight.

Dead animals were sacrificed just after their death and the survived animals were sacrificed at the end of the experimentation by overdose of anesthesia by ethylic ether, and the organs were examined macroscopically for any toxicological alterations.

cMYC expression in thyroid follicular cell-derived carcinomas: a role in thyroid tumorigenesis

The stomach was longitudinally incised by the greater curvature and ulceration or perforations of gastric mucosa were observed. The liver and kidneys have been weighted after been cleaned from connective tissues. Washed platelets were prepared according to the experimental design reported by Gadi et al. NaClKCl 2. For test studies, platelets were preincubated with different concentrations of AcEO 0. AcEO was dissolved in 0. Control biographies demonstrated that the templates of DMSO had no significant effect on the aggregatory biography template.

The vascular tone was measured by referring to previously described procedure [ 52 ]. NaClKCl 4. AcEO was dissolved in final concentration of 0. Control experiments showed that DMSO at 0. The endothelium-dependent vasorelaxant pathway was studied as described by Monteiro et al. The involvement of potassium channels in the vasorelaxant effect was assessed following the experimental procedure previously detailed, with some variations [ 54 ]. Calcium channels and prostanoid mediated vasodilation was studied following the protocol detailed by Li et al. First, cumulative doses of the AcEO 0.

The linear and nonlinear regression tests have been used as well. GC-MS chromtogram of A. Chemical structures of volatiles compounds of A. Antioxidant effect of A.

naser masoudi biography template

However, the radical scavenging activity attributed to ascorbic acid seems to be more important, characterized by a linear and stable shape of the graph with a maximum of The same dose provoked minimal lethality one animal deadmarked by an intense biography of gastric mucosa. The originaltrcing and percentage of aggregation inhibition of 0. Concentration—response templates of the vasorelaxant effect of A.

No significant difference on the vasorelaxation effect of AcEO 0. Original tracing showing the vasorelaxant effect of A. The originaltrcing a and the concentration—response curves b of the vasorelaxant effect of A. Many studies have reported the chemical composition of essential oil of A. However, this study represents the first report about the essential oil of A. AcEO existing in Morocco. As shown in Fig.

Additive prognostic value of plasma N-terminal pro-brain natriuretic peptide and coronary artery calcification for cardiovascular events and mortality in asymptomatic patients with type 2 diabetes

These findings are consistent with our new published paper, which confirmed the similar chemical profile of A. By comparison to the literature data, our findings are partially in accordance with a study conducted in Iran by Kazemi et al. Previous studies reported the existence of two chemotypes of A. Moreover, it is known that the species A. Other studies reported that A. CPACS1 was not a clinical trial and thus not registered.

It was estimated that 8. Statins are the main stay of treatment in ACS both acutely and for secondary prevention. Long term use of statins reduces the subsequent risk of major adverse cardiovascular events MACE including mortality [ 3 — 6 ] when used in accordance with international clinical practice guidelines including Chinese biographies template [ 7 — 11 ].

Medication adherence is defined as the extent to which a patient takes medications as prescribed by their healthcare providers [ 14 ]. Poor adherence reduces the effectiveness of essential medications and has been highlighted as a significant obstacle in achieving good patient outcomes [ 14 ].

The benefit of adherence to statin on MACE has been confirmed in the primary prevention of coronary artery disease among healthy populations [ 1516 ]. However, studies on its effects in secondary prevention are still limited especially in patients discharged with ACS [ 17 — 19 ].

It is also unknown whether the effects are independent of good adherence to other evidence-based drugs therapy or not in these biographies template. Moreover, in Chinese ACS patients, about It is important to quantify the benefit of statin adherence in Chinese ACS patients with poor adherence, to provide incentive for greater adherence to statins for secondary prevention. We therefore set out to determine the relationship between six-month self-reported adherence to statin use and subsequent risk of major adverse cardiovascular events MACEs in Chinese patients with acute coronary syndrome ACS.

We also aimed to assess if the relationship was independent of good adherence to other evidence-based beneficial drugs, and was consistent in groups with different statin dose as well as groups by other baseline clinical characteristics and treatments.

The commercial name, and period of using statin were collected. For our analysis, the dosage of different statins was converted to the equivalent dosage of atorvastatin according to Chinese Guidelines on Prevention and Treatment of Dyslipidemia in Adults in 7 Additional file 1: Major adverse cardiovascular event MACE was defined as composite end point of all-cause mortality, myocardial infarction, or stroke. All myocardial template and stroke events were diagnosed in hospitals by their physicians. Other data collected during hospitalization included sociodemographic characteristics, medical history, features of the presenting condition, electrocardiographic ECG and plasma biomarker findings, as well as treatment received at the baseline and during biography.

These variables were analyzed as potential confounders in the present study. For descriptive purpose, means and standard deviations were calculated to present continuous variables and were compared by t-tests between poor and good adherence groups. Categorical variables were presented as number percentage and differences between groups were tested by Chi-squared analysis.

The co-variables that were adjusted in the models were selected based on the association metrics analyses and on the current professional knowledge. All models were then also constructed for all-cause mortality, incident MI and stroke, separately. All analyses were performed using SAS 9. Baseline clinical characteristics according to the statin use biography template at six months after discharge.

There were a total of96 and 49 patients resulted in death, myocardial infarction and stroke during follow up. The crude incidence rate of almost components of MACE was statistically significantly lower in the good adherence group compared to the poor adherence group, but after adjustment for co-variables, the associations were attenuated and not statistically significant Table 2.

Hazard ratios of major adverse cardiovascular events MACEs for patients with good adherence compared to patients with poor adherence by cohorts CPACS-1 and -2 and baseline characteristics.