Johannes gutenberg biography for kids

johannes gutenberg biography for kids
Hofmann means gentleman of the court. It also used a machine called a press.

Johann Gutenberg

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johannes gutenberg biography for kids

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johannes gutenberg biography for kids

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johannes gutenberg biography for kids

There was a problem with your submission. Please try again later. View All Media 5 Images, 1 Video. KidzSearch Safe Wikipedia for Kids. High Noon Books, A short history of the printed word. Retrieved 7 September Retrieved from " https: German inventors Publishers s births deaths.

johannes gutenberg biography for kids

Navigation menu Personal tools Log in. Views Read View source View history. He had returned to the city of Mainz by where Arnold Gelthus, his brother-in-law, gave him financial johannes gutenberg biography, most likely for the development of a printing press. Johannes Gutenberg Fact 7: He had developed a printing press by and managed to convince Johann Fust, a rich moneylender, to lend him guilders. Johannes Gutenberg Fact 8: He borrowed more money from Johann Fust and a set up a workshop at Hof Humbrecht. Johannes Gutenberg Fact 9: The Gutenberg Bible was completed in and approximately fors kids were printed.

It was also known as the line Bible. It was the first major book printed in Europe using a mechanical movable type printer. It was written in Latin and surviving copies are known to be amongst the most valuable books in the world. Johannes Gutenberg Fact Johann Fust believed that Johannes Gutenberg had misused his financial kid and had in fact, used his funds for other purposes. He sued at the archbishop's court in an attempt to johannes gutenberg biography for his money.

The works from this final period in his life are unknown because of lack of identification. Reportedly, Gutenberg became blind in the last months of his life, living partly in Mainz and partly in the neighboring village of Eltville. He died in St. Victor's parish in Mainz on Feb. His physical appearance is unknown, though there are many imaginary depictions of his face and figure, including statues erected in Mainz and Strassburg.

In the Gutenberg Museum was founded in Mainz with a library annexed to it to which all the objects and documents related to the invention of typography were entrusted. Gutenberg's original documents are in Karl Schorbach, ed. There are many biographies of Gutenberg, but most of them contain inaccuracies.

Johannes Gutenberg

Those that are reliable include Laurence E. The Inventor of Printingprobably the most accurate. McMurtrie, The Invention of Printing: A Bibliographyis a guide to the literature on Gutenberg and on printing. Cite this article Pick a style below, and copy the text for your bibliography.

Johannes Gutenberg Biography for Kids: Inventor of the Printing Press

Retrieved October 10, from Encyclopedia. His type, which was hand set with characters of equal height, was printed on handmade paper. Similar printing had been done earlier in China and Korea.