Dete meserve biography of barack

dete meserve biography of barack
By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Kate is intuitive and professional, but it's her steadfast compassion that makes her truly remarkable.

dete meserve biography of barack

Sign up for my Gutsy Updates with Holden Safaris. Travel with me to Africa as I share my life-changing experiences. Right now, the US film industry is focusing on the big budget movies: Saturday, November 1 4: Zovs Restaurant in Tustin E. Author and professional speaker, certified business advisor, personal life coach for women in transition.

A Perfectly Good Crime

Went from renting cars, to following his dream of becoming an author. His three-book series publishing contract has now been optioned for film.

Dete Meserve, Author

For more information call or e-mail: Comments I would like to try to have my book series adapted for cable television. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

How to Turn Your Book Into A Film or Television Project

After you worked with us, you self-published the book. Did you ever think about trying to publish it through traditional channels? I considered traditional publishing and received offers from two small boutique publishers.

dete meserve biography of barack

It would have meant giving up creative and business control of my novel in exchange for a small advance and a very small royalty. Meanwhile, the publishers would not guarantee a specific marketing spend or strategy. I analyzed what they proposed to do and decided I could do nearly all of the important things myself: How did you find your audience? I started out promoting the book through guest blog posts.

dete meserve biography of barack

I promoted it to friends on Facebook and, though email marketing, to a wider network of people. As the book gained momentum, I started to understand who was buying it and began to target these groups in a more focused way.

dete meserve biography of barack

For example, when I noticed a top Amazon reviewer compared Good Sam to books by Nicholas Sparks and Richard Paul Evans, I used that review to reach out to fans of those authors and let them know about the book. Once that caught on, readers began telling their friends and the book took off.

dete meserve biography of barack

The posts echo the central messages of the book: We can have a hand in bringing light and hope to the world, and we can start by helping those who make a difference in our lives. Having gone the DIY route successfully what, if any, are some of the biggest misconceptions about self-publishing?

Authors like me and others are choosing this route because it gives us the greatest creative and business control.

Quotable Authors Podcast: Episode 31 -- Dete Meserve

People are often surprised when I tell them I only have books lying around. I also still find people who think a self-published author has to blog daily or spend hours everyday marketing their books.

Dete Meserve

I spend a couple of hours per week marketing the book and I focus on marketing ideas that make the best of use of my time and only those marketing activities I find enjoyable. First, write what speaks to you. Second, work with the best professionals to hone and polish your script.