Ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books

ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books
Jauncey 13 hours ago. Firstly the use of mathematical concepts in Hirschfeld-Mack's work is worth getting my mind around. Choose your search filter from the categories on the right.

That these performances were considered kin to avant-garde cinema is borne out by the inclusion of Hirschfeld-Mack's live light show Color Sonata in Three Movements at the Absolute Film show in Berlin.

Hirschfeld-Mack wished to reduce filmic representation to what he saw as its essential elements, light and time:.

ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books

We experimented for two years with reflected light compositions to control actual movement of light shapes in rhythmic succession, colors, points, lines, etc. A special and complicated apparatus was invented for this purpose and hand-manipulated by four students who played their parts from a specially written manuscript. The music was written to form a unity with the rhythmic movements.

Yellow, red, and blue in glowing intensity, blended with silvery grey colors moved about in varying macks biography books on the dark background of a transparent screen. They appeared at one moment as angular forms, triangles, squares, pylons; then as curved shapes, circles, arcs, and wave-like patterns; they joined and created overlappings and color blendings as a result. In the text he announced, "traditional painting has become a historical relic and is finished with," offering light as the principle and material of art's next movement.

German Expressionism

He also expounded on photography's ability to enhance human perception and lauded film as the potential synthesis of all other arts. In an attempt to prove his biographies books, he printed a revised version of his own typo-photo plan for a film, Dynamic of the Metropoliswhich had been published the previous year in the Hungarian art biography books MA. Moholy's plan, full of geometric designs and the experimental typography that would become a Bauhaus hallmark, calls for fast edits and the use of parallel film strips, and describes the kind of associative, abstract urban documentary that Ruttmann would take up with Berlin: The elements of the visual have not in this film an absolute logical connection with one another; their photographic, visual relationships, nevertheless, make them knit together in a vital association of events in space and time and bring the viewer actively into the dynamic of the city.

In one sequence of the unrealized film, images of jungle cats were to be interspersed with shots of Berlin's buildings and citizens. Dynamic of the Metropolis thus appears as a close cousin to the volatile montage of Sergei Eisenstein, whose Battleship Potemkin would cause a seismic shift in German film aesthetics when it screened in Berlin in The plan also called for another kind of "writing with light," the appearance of the artist's signature as a light sign reading: The film works that Moholy produced during this time followed divergent paths.

On the one hand, he made short, amateurish social documentaries whose formal qualities seem at mack with his professorial emphasis on craft and technique, and, on the other, continued his investigation into the properties of light and vision. Though Berlin Still Life is titled for a painterly tradition, the film is full of motion. Shot with short takes in the city's slums, it showcases streetcars, machinery, and the hulking architecture of Berlin's tenements.

The structures threaten to blot out the sky and illustrate the diminished role of the individual in an urban landscape where, in the words of Moholy's wife and collaborator, Sybil, "economic depression and political defeatism" trumped hope or the promise of a better life.

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Originally intended as a large-scale production with scores of men marching in formation against a futuristic backdrop, the production ended up being a shoestring affair that achieved its effects more modestly. Moholy perched himself on ledges and roofs to achieve aerial views, utilized close-ups, and played with extreme contrasts of light and dark.

Without it, it stops being human.

ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books

How rarely does one actually see in sharp focus! After he left the Bauhaus inMoholy made similar films about the endangered Roma population of Germany, the architecture of Athens and the London Zoo, and, strangely, lobster fishing.

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On being discharged at the end of the war, Hirschfeld attended the Stuttgart Academy where he was introduced to colour theory and printmaking. He qualified as a journeyman in Early in his career he had adopted his mother's maiden name when signing his works.

ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books

Hirschfeld-Mack's major preoccupation was with the application of colour theories. It resulted in his colour-light plays, his best-known achievements at the Weimar Bauhaus.

Hoping to capture the 'actual' movement implied in the illusionary tensions of abstract art, he built and operated an apparatus that combined moving projections of coloured light, mechanical templates and music of his own composition. When the Bauhaus was relocated at Dessau inHirschfeld-Mack remained at Weimar and taught in schools and teachers' colleges before moving to Berlin in I wish I could help you out by pointing you towards more Hirschfeld-Mack images, but I haven't been able to find many.

Ludwig Hirschfeld Mack

Here's a link to different photos of the same object though: One such interview can be found here: Hi Helen have just been reading your blog with the information about Hirschfeld-Mack. Recently I met a former student of his from Geelong, who had some interesting stories, and I had intended writing an article about Mack for our society journal, the Spirit of Progress. Would you be agreeable to having your blog entry reproduced in the Journal, with additional material by me based on the stories I was told and some other sources.

Naturally you would receive full attribution.

Note that I was lamenting my lack of knowledge of Australia's only real Bauhauser. There were one or two others who were greatly influenced by the Bauhaus, but Ludwig Hirscheld Mack was our only bona fide graduate.

ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books

Given that I am an Australian art historian myself, I would have hoped that my blog entry would have been a bit less skimpy. By the way, I love Deco. See "Hels" in http: But you have presented important stuff!

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Firstly the use of mathematical concepts in Hirschfeld-Mack's work is worth getting my mind around. Secondly you have a very nice list of references there.

ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books

I had comments turned off to deter spammers. My webpage should be OK now. If you are interested in the influence of geometric ideas on Malevich and Mondrian and their contemporaries, I definitely recommend the paper by Dabrowski and the nice book by Henderson.

It resulted in his best-known achievements at Bauhaus, colour-light plays. Instruments to Perform Color-Music: Australian Dictionary of Biography. Wick, Teaching at the Bauhaus, OstfildernRuitp.

A Journal of Art, Context, and Enquiry, 37 1 Reconstruction of the light playing apparatus; Koloman Mayerhofer, Kaj Delugan. The Bauhaus-trained artist Hirschfeld Mack taught some of his fellow detainees the technique of monotype printing, using old windowpanes or discarded Masoniteand printing ink made from black shoe polish. The shortage of materials in these barren surroundings made woodcuts another popular technique. Mack's mack biography books, Desolation, Internment Camp, Hayis one of the simplest but strongest statements made in this medium.

In this eloquent print, the silhouette of a solitary figure is seen at night looking at the Southern Cross through the barbed wire fence of the camp.

ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books

Made by an artist far from home, there is a palpable sense of despair and isolation beneath the alien night sky. The story of Australian printmaking — in artonview, pp, Issue no.

ludwig hirschfeld mack biography books

A Leap In The Dark: Ludwig Hirschfeld-Mack, an original member of the Bauhaus staff, a close colleague and friend of Paul Kleewhose work has influenced his own highly original abstract paintings; Sali Herman b.