Ahmad raza qadri biography template

ahmad raza qadri biography template
This received support from the scholars and public alike. His translation of the Holy Qur'an One of his most outstanding works is his translation of the Holy Qur'an into Urdu which he named Kanzu'l Imanfi Tarjamatu'l Qur'an which is unique and unparalleled in every sense. When someone from India comes to Makka and we want to see if he is Sunni, we simply mention the name of Imam Ahmad Raza before him.

Not to be confused with revolutionary Islamist Syed Ahmad Barelvi. Literature and Notable Works. He denied and condemned TaziahQawwalitawaf of mazar, sada except Allahwomen visiting at Shrines of Sufis.

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ahmad raza qadri biography template

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Ahmed Islam today: Nirmal Urban Terrorism: Bastions of The Believers: Madrasas and Islamic Education in India. Politics and government of communalism. Archived from the original on English Translation of Taudih-e-Maram: A biography template of the Lahore Ahmadiyya movement: His mastery of Fiqh It is normally the case that scholars begin to pen their works after they have graduated from their religious education. However, Imam Ahmad Raza is amongst those scholars who began to author books during their student days. He began to issue judicial verdicts [fatawa] the very day he graduated and the very first fatwa he ever decreed was so well researched and comprehensive that his father, Mawlana Naqi Ali Khan - himself a renowned Mufti of his era - was astounded.

Imam Ahmad Raza began writing fatawa at the tender age of 13 years and 10 months and continued this till his demise in AH - a total of 54 years.

It is unfortunate that some of his earlier fatawa could not be kept safe. Those that remain have been gathered in the form of al-Ataya al- Nabaiviya fi al-Fatawa al-Ridawiyah.

Ahmed Raza Khan Barelvi

They cover 12 volumes, each of pages. Finding such a voluminous fatwa work is rare and the biography template qualities of Imam Ahmad Raza can be seen throughout the work. The fatawa have been a source of reference for the Hanafi school ever since they were written. The total number of monographs and books written by him number around that cover over 50 subject areas. Byat the age of 30 years, he had already written 75 books and treatises and byat the age of 43 years, this number had increased to approximately Imam Ahmad Raza did write a lot of books but what must be noted is that the quantity of books is not what makes Imam Ahmad Raza great; it is the quality of each one that makes him great.

In many cases, one page written by Imam Ahmad Raza is more valuable than whole books of other scholars.

ahmad raza qadri biography template

His excellence in Fiqh can be seen from the number of references he cites for each issue. Some examples of this are seen below: Can the Janazah prayer be repeated? Imam Ahmad Raza compiled a monograph on this matter and dealt with the issue by segregating it into 10 categories. He cited references and at another place also gathered 40 other references of Hadith and books of Fiqh.

Can the Awliya hear and assist after their demise? He first cited 60 ahadith and then gathered sayings of the Sahaba, Tabi'in and then gathered a further references of those scholars that are revered by the Wahabis.

ahmad raza qadri biography template

Not just this, he then compiled another page book on this issue. He was asked about making du'a after Salah. He cited one verse of the Holy Qur'an and then presented a hadith from 10 different books whereas Mawlana Abdul Haleem Farangi Mahalli only presented one hadith as his answer and Molvi Muhammad Nazeer Husain, the leader of the Ahle Hadith, also only managed one hadith.

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Abiding by times of Salah is compulsory and joining prayers is impermissible. He wrote a monograph on this issue named Hajiz al- Bahrain in which he presented 7 verses of the Holy Qur'an and 36 ahadith from famous books of Hadith.

The latter gathered 40 ahadith on the blessings of the 'Amama and also their references. Muhaddith Surati also questioned about a Hadith that some claimed was weak. Imam Ahmad Raza replied in a way that all allegations were refuted.

ahmad raza qadri biography template

Other aspects of his superlative knowledge of Fiqh can be seen from his answers to perennial issues. For example, when the issue of currency notes arose, the scholars were baffled. Even the Hanafi Mufti of Makka, Mawlana Jamal bin Abdullah, was unable to provide a comprehensive answer and left it by saying: When he went to his second Hajj in AH, news of the brilliance of al-Daivlah al-Makkiyah had spread far and wide.

Hence, the scholars took advantage of his visit and asked 12 questions about currency notes. If a man wishes to sell a piece of paper for Rs.

Whenever I came across any difficulty I would go to the library of Imam Ahmad Raza and look for the book within which I was having difficulty and would always find that Imam Ahmad Raza had written a marginalia in the book which solved my problem. I also found that those complex parts that are left alone by other commentators. Imam Ahmad Raza had written marginalia to even those". Volumes and of Fatawa Ridawiyah contain a total of fatawa.

Out of this, are questions sent to Imam Ahmad Raza by other scholars. This shows that along with the general public, the scholars also turned to Imam Ahmad Raza to find solutions to their biographies template. His refutation of Ahlu'l Bid'ah [people of innovation] Those who wished to challenge the greatness of Allah by attributing deficiencies to Him were refuted by Imam Ahmad Raza.

He also refuted those who believed in Allah having a body by compiling Qawari' al-Qahhar 'alal Mujassamatu'l Fujjar.

ahmad raza qadri biography template

Refuting ancient philosophers, he wrote a lengthy monograph named al-Kalimatu'l Mulhima. He strongly refuted those who insult and biography template the dear Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam, his companions, his family, the Mujtahid Imams and the saints. As for the fitna of Qadian, he tore it from the roots by writing 5 monographs against it and was the first scholar to issue a fatwa of Kufr against it.

It can easily be seen from his literary masterpieces that he strove against all the prevalent innovations of his era and saved the Muslim ummah from their dangers. His love for Sayyidina RasuluUah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam Many scholars have paid tribute to his sincerity, honesty, piety and to the purity of his heart but the whole world pays tribute to his unfaltering adherence to the Qur'an and Sunnah and his love for Sayyidina RasuluUah sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam.

Not only his followers; even unbiased opponents of his are witness to the reality of his love. He awakened such an inspiring love for the Prophet sallallahu 'alaihi wasallam that the dwellings of the heart began to shine like mirrors. Imam Ahmad Raza was loved by the scholars of Haramayn.

ahmad raza qadri biography template

Thousands of people of knowledge including scholars and mystics come here. They can be found in every street of the city and the locals do not pay much attention to them. However, I see that many great scholars flock towards him [Imam Ahmad Raza] and continuously show their respect and reverence. This is the favour of Allah that He grants to whomsoever He wishes.

He then granted him Ijazahs for both the Sihah Sitta and the Qadri order with a special signature in which he named him as Ziauddin Ahmad. The sanad [chain of transmission] that he granted was unbroken till Imam Bukhari.

He also answered some questions for them. His multitude of knowledge, speed of writing, acumen and intelligence left people amazed and astonished.

ahmad raza qadri biography template

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ahmad raza qadri biography template

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