Carl stamitz composer biography

carl stamitz composer biography
Although no clarinet player himself, Stamitz had a profound understanding of this instrument which dated back to his early years with the Mannheim orchestra. Symphony In D Minor Op. In he was Kapellmeister and teacher at Jena University but died in poverty in

Chamber Music Adagio 2.

carl stamitz composer biography

Concertos Discover Music of the Classical Era. Divertimento in C Major Baccini.

Carl Stamitz, classical music composer

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carl stamitz composer biography

Services below require separate subscription. He seems to have been in London from tooften collaborating with Johann Christian Bachand where he published several of his works. In The Hague he gave 28 concerts as a solo viola player at the local court between and At one of such concerts in the young Beethoven took part.

carl stamitz composer biography

In he was Kapellmeister and teacher at Jena University but died in poverty in At his death, his debt was so great that everything he owned was auctioned. Carl Stamitz was one of the most prolific Mannheim orchestral composers, writing quartets, more than 50 symphonies, 60 concertos for several instruments and 38 symphonies concertante, a type of composition very fashionable in Mannheim and Paris.

La Melodia Germanica - Johann Stamitz

As a person, my feeling is that he must have been quite originalhaving chosen the viola as his favourite instrument. Hector Berlioz tells that during his musical journeys in Europe, his Harold In Italy was always performed by the first violin of the orchestra, only once by one of the violas.

By the time he was 17 Stamitz was employed as a violinist in the court-orchestra.

carl stamitz composer biography

This carl stamitz composer biography did not keep his interest for very long, though: In he resigned from his post and began an unsettled and vagrant life that, with occasional breaks, would last for the next 25 years and would lead him all over Europe. It is bewildering to this day that this man, scion of one of the pre-eminent musical families of 18th century Europe, supremely taught by some of its best musicians, well connected in aristocratic and musical circles, multi lingual, versed in all musical matters and a genuinely good composer would die in penury as an ordinary music teacher in a minor German city — but this is exactly what happened.

Carl Stamitz

As a travelling virtuoso on the violin, the viola and viola d'amore Stamitz often accepted short-term engagements but never managed to gain a position adequate to his abilities with one of the European princes or in one of the prestigious orchestras of his time. In Stamitz went to Paris where he went into service with Duke Louis of Noailles, who made him his court composer. He also appeared in the Concerts Spirituels, sometimes together with his brother Anton, who probably had come to Paris with him.

carl stamitz composer biography

With Paris as his base he made frequent concert tours to a number of German cities. On April 12, he appeared in Frankfurt am Maina year later in Augsburg, and in he ventured as far as St.

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During the years and he was successful in Londonone of many Austro-German musicians Carl Friedrich AbelJohann Christian Bachand in his last years Joseph Haydn would be some other ones to be drawn to that metropolis where a capitalist music life, largely independent of courts and nobility, was already in full swing.

Between and we find Stamitz in the Netherlands where he gave converts in The Hague and in Amsterdam.

carl stamitz composer biography

Finally in Stamitz returned to Germany to appear in concerts in a number of cities and towns, e. Years of ever more restless travelling were to follow. During the winter of he directed the amateur concerts in Kasselfailed to gain an employment with the Schwerin court which forced him, by now married and father of four children who all died in infancy, to hit the road one more time.

carl stamitz composer biography

On November 12, he gave a concert in the Weimar court theatre then under the direction of Goethe. In he undertook one last journey along the Rhein to his native Mannheim before he finally gave up travelling for good.

carl stamitz composer biography

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