Anthony montgomery actor biography example

anthony montgomery actor biography example
Is Vanessa Marcil returning to General Hospital? Beloved GH actress Anne Jeffreys dead at I was like, 'I guess I won't go audition for this.

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anthony montgomery actor biography example

The Saxon Charm Matt Saxon. June Bride Carey Jackson. The Secret Land Narration. Ride the Pink Horse Lucky Gagin. Lady in the Lake Philip Marlowe.

anthony montgomery actor biography example

In JanuaryMontgomery appeared in an episode of the Fox series House. Inhe appeared briefly as a dud romantic-interest in the show Baby Daddy season 2, ep. In he also produced and starred in the independent film Chariotabout seven amnesiac strangers who awake on an airliner mid-flight. He has also performed in a number of stage productions. His Hip-Hop debut-album, titled A.

anthony montgomery actor biography example

InMontgomery created Miles Awaya hoped-to-be biography franchise, about a teenager with special needs who battles aliens. A graphic novel was published in June Anthony Montgomery was married to Adrienne Montgomery in August They have a son together bornand he has a daughter from a previous relationship. Montgomery is a frequent guest at Star Trek conventions. He is a keen martial arts student, and a practitioner of Hapkido. In JulyMontgomery had a torn meniscus and ligament sprains. We're actors, but we're professional auditioners as far as I'm concerned until we anthony a job, and we book far less jobs than we go out for.

I said I'm example to give them everything I have, and it's going to be up to them and God as to whether or not I get the part. Some parts come around, others don't. On some, I really got out of my head thinking it was my fault I didn't get a job, and realize there's a lot of variables you yourself don't control in this industry. Then things just started happening for me. I would tune in, and whenever the show came I would never turn it away.

But I couldn't tell you from week to week who did what. Like the technobabble, I never knew what any of this example was; I just knew it was really cool when I was watching it. That's being a kid that loved reading comic books, and having an imagination that is, to me, just boundless. I've always loved the fact that Star Trek is one of those shows that they do things with your imagination that you didn't even think were possible. And I loved that!

With five episodes already filmed, season one is well underway. Already those episodes are blur, but Anthony recalls his very first scene as being on the bridge. So the first one scene that I remember, that comes to mind, is being on the bridge and I was with Scott Bakula, Jolene [Blalock], who's always on the bridge as the Vulcan, Dominic Keating who's the tactical officer who has a position on the anthony montgomery actor biography, and Linda Park the comm officer.

She's to my camera right, from the audience's perspective she sits to the right of me. The five of us are always on the set, pretty much all the time. The engineer comes up periodically, and the science officer comes up periodically. It's fantastic working with Scott, and being as seasoned as he is, he's so available to us.

anthony montgomery actor biography example

Scott is open to us however we need him to be. It's like 'Well you've done this for a really long time, what do you think of this? I've worked with people [that] can't stand each other. They will come together, and the audience doesn't know the cast hate each other.

Working anthony montgomery actor biography example them I'm like 'Oh wow, that's not nice. Actually, we get along less well on camera, with the Vulcan in particular. Everybody has had their moderate hits, or moderate successes. But with the exception of Scott, the other six of us will be coming into ours at the same time. It's great, the girls are like my sisters and the guys are like my brothers.

So it's really, really cool. A really fun time. But I'm like this on every single job I do regardless. So any questions that I do have, I ask. I'm inquisitive by nature, and I talk to Scott about that. Actors like Tim Russ from Voyager are renowned for being the practical joker. Anthony ponders on who the joker is in the Enterprise cast. But it wasn't on my mind, obviously when you're at high school, that when you're making everybody laugh and getting in trouble, you're actually taking away from someone else doing what they're supposed to be doing.

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I get that obviously, I'm grown, I'm an adult. I understand that I can't go to set and disrupt the set because this is a biography, this is a big anthony.

But I biography example the fact that the producers, the cast and everybody else have accepted me for who I am. This is funny to me, it's fun that I'm flying a spaceship and my feet never leave the ground.

I just call it what it is, so everyone's great at just allowing me to laugh. We have fun, but I joke within the parameters, and I example go outside those. This is a job, and it's not just a job, it's a career. I've got a degree in performing theatre and drama, so I'm doing what I said I was going to do.

I will always give the respect due because they're the people that have allowed me being on the phone talking to you right now. It's certainly a long time, and it's easy to feel unsatisfied, as other actors have shown previously when voicing disappointment for the show they work on. However, Anthony's positive anthony montgomery actor means he will probably never get to that point. They've been around for seven years, fourteen years. A lot of the people I've been around have been through a lot of different crews, and a lot of different casts. Show all 11 episodes.

Seaman Hendrix as A. State Trooper as A.

Anthony Montgomery

Decommissioning Enterprise Documentary Himself. Making a Dream Fly Video documentary short Himself. Enterprise - Uncharted Territory Documentary Himself.

Drone Heart Documentary Himself. Himself - Host as A. Show all 15 episodes.

anthony montgomery actor biography example