Philipp otto runge biography definition

philipp otto runge biography definition
He arrived at the concept of the color sphere sometime in , as indicated in his letter to Goethe of November 21 of that year, by expanding the hue circle into a sphere, with white and black forming the two opposing poles. Runge, Philipp Otto, Indexeintrag: Sowohl die drei reinen als auch die drei Mischfarben heben sich im Grau der Mitte auf.

philipp otto runge biography definition

After school, where his artistic talent had already been identified by Kosegarten, Runge began an apprenticeship as a merchant in Hamburg in His brother Daniel introduced him to young poets and art lovers in Hamburg. His yearning to become a painter grew. He received instructions in drawing from Gert Hardorff the Elder and in oil painting from Dietrich Eckhart. From he studied at the Copenhagen art academy. During his studies Runge met Friderike Brun, who considerably influenced Runge with her art collection and her circle of friends.

In the same year, ill with tuberculosis, Runge painted another self-portrait as well as portraits of his family and brother Daniel.

philipp otto runge biography definition

The last of his four children was born on the day after Runge's death on 2 Decemberage 33 in Hamburg. Runge was of a mystical, deeply Christian turn of mind, and in his artistic work he tried to express notions of the harmony of the universe through symbolism of colour, form, and numbers.

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Runge, Philipp Otto

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Рунге, Филипп Отто

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Philipp Otto Runge

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philipp otto runge biography definition

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philipp otto runge biography definition