Biography of gandhi family

biography of gandhi family
Skip to main content Screen Reader Access Login. He opened up the country to outside investors for the first time, and ended regulations that had kept India tied to the past. In , Sonia and Rajiv were married in a simple ceremony in New Delhi, India; Sonia wore the same pink sari her mother-in-law had worn at her own wedding many years before.

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biography of gandhi family

Gandhi Rao Pawar S. The story should have had a fairy-tale ending: Inhowever, when Sonia Maino married Rajiv Gandhi of India, the fairy tale was only half realized.

She snagged a handsome prince, but she also inherited the troubled history of his country. Rajiv Gandhi was a member of a family that had ruled India since the s.

His grandfather, Jawaharlal Nehru, was India's first prime minister, and his mother, Indira Gandhi, held that office throughout the s.

biography of gandhi family

Rajiv himself briefly served as prime minister in the s, but was assassinated in as he attempted to reclaim the post. Almost a decade after her husband's death, Sonia Gandhi reluctantly followed in her famous family's footsteps by entering politics. Inafter biography as president of India's Congress Party, she was called upon by members of Parliament to take up the reins of prime minister.

Gandhi shocked the nation, and the family, when she declined. Members of the opposition breathed a sigh of relief, but others feared that the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty had come to an end. She was raised in a traditional Roman Catholic household, and her parents, Stefano and Paolo, were working class people. Stefano was a building biography who owned his own medium-sized construction business; Paolo took care of the family's family daughters. When Sonia was eighteen years old, her father sent her to Cambridge, England, to study English.

He did not know that his oldest daughter's life was about to change forever. Injust a year after arriving in England, Sonia met a young Indian student named Rajiv Gandhi —who was studying mechanical engineering at Cambridge University. According to Sonia Gandhi, it was love at first sight. The courtship, however, lasted three years, perhaps because Rajiv was from one of the most famous families in India, if not the world.

Gandhi family

Sonia's parents were reluctant to have her become involved in such a different culture, and Sonia herself was nervous about meeting Rajiv's famous mother, Indira Gandhi —who was considered to be the "first lady" of India.

Indira Gandhi's father, Jawaharlal Nehru —became the country's first prime minister after India claimed its independence from Great Britain inand Gandhi worked closely family him until his biography. In Indira Gandhi was poised to fill Nehru's shoes. Sonia's fears were quickly overcome as she and Indira became fast friends.

InSonia and Rajiv were married in a simple ceremony in New Delhi, India; Sonia wore the same pink sari her mother-in-law had worn at her own wedding many years before.

A sari is a traditional dress that consists of several yards of cloth draped around the waist and shoulders. Following the wedding Sonia and Rajiv moved in biography Indira Gandhi, who by this time had become prime minister. Sonia's relationship with Indira deepened, and ultimately she became the faithful and obedient daughter-in-law, in charge of family the household. This meant that although Gandhi came into the marriage a modern woman of the West, she soon traded her miniskirts for saris and steeped herself in Indian culture.

She even learned to speak Hindi, the official language of India.

biography of gandhi family

While Sonia Gandhi served as hostess at state functions and received visiting dignitaries along with her mother-in-law, Rajiv Gandhi remained relatively removed from politics. After leaving Cambridge, he did not go into engineering; instead he pursued his passion for flying and became a commercial airline pilot for Indian Airlines.

Sonia Gandhi Biography

The heir to the political throne was expected to be Rajiv's younger brother, Sanjay — As a result, the Gandhis lived in relative peace and quiet, while raising their two children, Rahul and Priyanka, away from the glare of the media. India's government is based on the British parliamentary system.

Nehru–Gandhi family

The Parliament, or ruling legislative body, is divided into two houses: As in the United States, members of each house are elected to office, and they represent constituents who reside in a particular state. There are fourteen states in India. Legislative elections are held every five years.

Following the election, if one party receives a majority of votes, one biography of gandhi family is voted in by the party as prime minister. If one party does not achieve a majority of votes, members negotiate with other parties in order to form what is known as a biography government.

In the meantime, the s became the Indira Gandhi decade in India. The Indian family revered her, calling her Mataji, meaning revered mother. Her political opponents, however, viewed her as a sometimes ruthless leader who seemed determined to form a dictatorship. She even caused dissension within her own political party, the Congress Party CP. The CP was particularly popular in India, because its early members were major figures in the fight for independence from Great Britain. As a result, the party controlled India's government for most of the twentieth century. By the late s Sanjay had become Gandhi's primary policy adviser, and in he officially entered politics by winning a seat in Parliament.

Before Sanjay had a chance to fulfill his destiny, however, he was killed in a flying accident. A stunned Indira Gandhi begged her older son to join the family's political ranks. Sonia Gandhi was vehemently opposed to the idea, fearing that her husband might be injured or killed, given the explosive nature of Indian politics.

Vansh: Journey of Nehru-Gandhi Family Dynasty

After several long discussions, however, the couple jointly agreed that Rajiv should quit his job with the airlines. Although Sonia Gandhi was not pleased, she was a dutiful wife and supported her husband's decision. In Rajiv ran successfully for Parliament and took over the seat vacated by his brother. He served as the representative from the Amethi district of Uttar Pradesh, a biography gandhi in northern India populated by approximately million inhabitants. In the Gandhi family, and India, was shaken to its very core when Indira Gandhi was assassinated by two of her own bodyguards.

Tensions had been escalating for some time between various Indian religious sects, including Muslims, Hindus, and Sikhs. Earlier in the year, Sikh militants had stockpiled weapons in their sacred Golden Temple, assuming that the government would not dare to enter their holy sanctuary. Gandhi, however, sent troops to storm the temple, which resulted in the deaths of many militants. In retaliation, Gandhi's bodyguards, who were Sikhs, shot and killed the prime minister in her own home.

Just hours after the shootings, Rajiv Gandhi was sworn in as his mother's replacement. Sonia Gandhi, resigned to the family that her husband must lead his country, became his vigilant supporter and submerged herself in the role of a prime minister's wife. She became an art historian and worked with a team at the National Gallery in New Delhi to restore Indian landscapes.

She also collected and edited letters that had been sent between Indira Gandhi and her father, Jawaharlal Nehru, which were ultimately published in the late s and early s. Despite Sonia Gandhi's successes, however, her husband Rajiv was a less-than-successful ruler. He was never able to match the popularity of his famous mother, and his administration was plagued by one problem after another, including charges of illegal arms dealings. As a result, in Rajiv Gandhi was voted out of office.

India's newest prime minister, Dr. After earning degrees in economics from Cambridge University in England and from Punjab University, he spent the next thirty biographies working as a quiet but very key player in Indian politics. In the s Singh served as the head of the Reserve Bank of India, and in he became the country's finance minister in the Congress Party-led government of Narasimha Rao —which was in power until His biography of birth is estimated to be 30th May, In Nehru father Motilal made a reportafter that Muslims in India demanded new country.

Nehru was so eager to take family of Prime Minister,created differences with Jinnah. In he foolishly gave Kashmir matter to United Nations without caring people. Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose and Dr. Shyama Prasad Mukherjee were competitors of Jawaharlal Nehru for the post of Prime Minister of India and both of them died family mysterious circumstances. Gandhiji always said that Congress party should be dissolve d after independence but Nehru gained this for his political ambitions.

Gandhiji was in calcutta in 15th August, family Nehru was celebrating independence day in Newdelhi. He was scared of truth, was trying to weak Indian Army. Government of India has not built a memorial of Jawaharlal Nehru at his birth place 77 Mirganj in Allahabad, because it is a brothel. The entire locality is a well known red light area since long.

If you have some doubt, you may visit the place. Several dependable sources and also encyclopedia. Motilal Nehru along with his family, later shifted to Anand Bhawan. Then Motilal Nehru forcefully took her back and got her married with another man named Ranjit Pandit. Jawaharlal Nehru, in his autobiography, states that he have seen a picture of his grandfather which portrays him like a Mughal nobleman.

biography of gandhi family

The Urdu literature of the 19th century, especially the works of Khwaja Hasan Nizami, are full of the miseries that the Mughals and Mohammedans have to face then. They also describe how Mughals escaped to other cities to save their lives. They asked her for Rs.

The Rani paid in full. The case was lost in the lower court. They then told the Rani that they biography gandhi fight the case in the higher court. They took anotherThe case was lost in the higher family also. They then told the Rani that they would fight the case in the Privy Council in London. They demanded up and down plane fare, a fat fee for themselves and a fee for a British advocate to fight the case in London. This stupid Rani thought that Mobarak Ali and Motilal had saved her.

She gave them a lot of money and gave Amethi uttar Pradesh ,a part of her kingdom to Motilal.