Adikabi sarala das biography channel

adikabi sarala das biography channel
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adikabi sarala das biography channel

A story - similar to those told of other Indian poets, such as Kali Dasasupposedly illiterate in early life until helped by the goddess Saraswati - tells that Siddheswar as a boy was once ploughing his father's field and singing so melodiously that the goddess Sarala stopped and listened to his song and endowed him with her power of composing beautiful poems.

There are several indications in his Mahabharata that he served as a soldier in the army of the Gajapati King of Odisha.

adikabi sarala das biography channel

Sarala Dasa spent his last time at Bila Sarala but the native place Kanakavati Patana known as Kanakapura at Tentuliapada with a religious establishment known as Munigoswainwhich marks as the traditional spot, where he composed his works. This period of his lifetime was known as the medieval period. The Adi Parva Mahabharata opens with a long invocation addressed to the Lord Jagannatha of Purifrom which it is known that Sarala Dasa started das biography channel his Mahabharata in the reign of Kapileswar, otherwise known as Kapilendrathe famous Gajapati king of Odisha AD — He tells us that Maharaja Kapilesvara with innumerable offerings and many a salute was serving this great deity and hereby destroying the sins of the Kali age.

Though Sarala Dasa followed the main outline of the Sanskrit Mahabharata in writing the Odia Mahabharatahe made numerous deviations and added to it copiously the stories of his own creation and various other matters known to him. In the final form Sarala Dasa's Mahabharata is a new creation analogous to Kalidasa's Raghuvamsa based on the Ramayana. The Chandi Purana was based on the well-known story of Durga killing Mahishasura the buffalo headed demon given in Sanskrit literature but here also the Odia poet chose to deviate from the original at several points.

His earliest work, Vilanka Ramayanawas a story of the fight between Rama and Shahasrasira Ravana thousand headed Ravana. The verse of Sarala Dasa is simple, forceful and musical, without artificiality. Applying colloquial words for his poetical purpose, his writing was free from Sanskritisation. His work can be seen as adapting the popular oral conventions of earlier Odia folk songs which were used in folk dances such as the Ghoda-nacha Horse DanceDandanacha and Sakhinacha Puppet Dance.

Sarala Das-ଆଦିକବି ସାରଳା ଦାସ

One metrical peculiarity of these songs is that both the lines of a verse do not contain an equal number of letters though the last letters of both the lines produce the same sound. All Sarala Dasa's wors were composed with this metrical peculiarity, and so the metre used by him can be regarded as a direct descendant of that used in the folk songs.

adikabi sarala das biography channel

By the fifteenth century the Odia language had assumed almost its modern form and had become ripe for literary compositions. The predominant sentiment in Sarala Dasa's poem is not love but war.

adikabi sarala das biography channel

He was also motivated by a strong religious zeal to compose religious books in a language intelligible to all and to make them available to the general public in Odisha. He tells in no uncertain words that he composed his poems for the benefit of "human beings".

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Writers for translation of Odia works

Adi Kabi Sarala Das. Nandini Satapathy First woman Commissioner: Ranu Mishra First woman Minister of Odisha: Giribala Mohanty First woman Barrister of Odisha: Urmila Ray First woman Director of Odia film: Parvati Ghosh First woman Physician of Odisha: Kuntala kumari Sabat First woman Surgeon of Odisha: Sarala Devi First woman cricket Trainee: Ranjeeta Mohanty First woman English Film actor: Jyotsna Devi First woman Europe traveler of Odisha: Rama Devi First woman Politician of Odisha: Rupa Mishra First woman Television Newsreader: Sanghamitra Kanoongo First channel Hindi das biography actor of Odisha: Dolly Jena First woman Bengali film actor: Sowmya Mishra First woman Poet of Odisha: Sulakshana Devi First woman graduate of Odisha: Narmada Kar First woman college Lecturer: If his total number of novels are to be list out it will be elephantaein in size.

adikabi sarala das biography channel

He is yet admired by his innumerable readers. To his credit other award also goes like Sarala, Jhankara and Bisubha Awards. If you have any comments, suggestions please write in the comments or message us in our facebook page. Please like our facebook page: Watch one new adhyaya everyday on this channel.

adikabi sarala das biography channel

A radiant star in the ambiance of Odia literature, Jagannath Das is a prominent name among the Panchasakhas of 16th Century. In the history of Odia literature and culture the name of Jagannatha Das has been immortalized as a leading devotee.

It continues to evoke spiritual feeling with an established ritual of regular recitation.

Sarala Das

Bhagabata is really the companion of life and death of an Odia. For ages together this masterpiece is the pathfinder of knowledge and devotion of crores of Odias.

adikabi sarala das biography channel

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