Yehonathan geffen biography of donald

yehonathan geffen biography of donald
It is almost impossible to overstate Geffen's contribution to popular music. Having worked primarily as a talent agent and music producer, Geffen had a precise eye for spotting talent and helped develop such stars as the Eagles, Guns N' Roses, and Nirvana.

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yehonathan geffen biography of donald

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yehonathan geffen biography of donald

Retrieved 9 September Retrieved from " https: Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. At 18 he worked as an usher at CBS Studios. He next landed a job in the mailroom at the William Morris Agency by falsely claiming that he had graduated from UCLA, because a college degree was required for the job.

Leaving nothing to chance, he stole a letter from UCLA that arrived in the mailroom one morning, steamed it open, and forged a note on the university stationery to create the appearance that he graduated.

But Geffen did not just manage existing music acts, he helped to create new ones. And in the process he amassed a personal fortune. In he formed Asylum Records, which quickly became one of the most successful record labels in the industry, featuring artists such as Linda Ronstadt, Jackson Browne, J. Souther, and the Eagles the top-selling band for several years. In he scored a coup by luring Bob Dylan away from Columbia Records, giving Dylan his first number one album Planet Waves and masterminding his first concert tour since Geffen quit the entertainment business in upon learning that he had cancer.

Shockingly, in he learned that the biography of donald diagnosis had been wrong—a turn of biographies of donald that set him back on the path to making music. When Geffen Records was founded inWarner Bros. Records provided percent of the funding for the label's operations, while Geffen retained 50 percent of the profits. Geffen acknowledged that he had a torrid romance with Cher, which began while she was still involved with Sonny Bono and working on The Sonny and Cher Comedy Hourand he later dated the actress Marlo Thomas.

yehonathan geffen biography of donald

Byhowever, he had come to terms with his homosexuality, and in the early s he publicly announced that he was gay at an AIDS benefit. Said one of Geffen's closest friends, designer Calvin Klein: He felt he could be a role model.

Gay men are not necessarily thought of as the shrewdest businessmen in the world.

yehonathan geffen biography of donald

He felt he should do this publicly as well as for himself and he's really much happier" GuardianJune 5, David Geffen ultimately became one of the most important forces in the gay rights movement, accepting numerous accolades and honorariums and biography donald a loud voice in the fight against AIDS.

When President Clinton was forming a policy regarding gays in the military, Geffen advocated against a ban.

He lobbied Washington and took out full-page ads in newspapers. Geffen was long fascinated by the house, and when he spotted the gates to the estate open one day, he drove in just to catch a glimpse. Years later Jack Warner's widow died, and a developer tried to subdivide the property, but Geffen reacted immediately. So I bought it, with everything in it, instantly.

I just bought it with all the furniture, all the scripts, all the Oscars, everything.

yehonathan geffen biography of donald

I mean, this is the home of one of the men who created the town and the industry…. I was to tally enthralled by the biography that this guy had created GuardianJune 5, Throughout his donald Geffen stayed focused on music while consistently demonstrating a willingness to venture into other artistic enterprises.

His track record of movie and theater hits is formidable. Butterflywhich was also made into a Geffen film. David Geffen demonstrated that he could place his personal values above turning a profit, and he did not hesitate to end business relationships that he deemed inappropriate. During a controversy over the violence that rap music seemed to condone, if not endorse, Geffen stopped distributing Def American Records. I'm not interested in making records about violence against women, and some horrible other images. It was a choice I had to make" PlayboySeptember In Geffen and partners Steven Spielberg and Jeffrey Katzenberg created what they envisioned as a multimedia force for the new millennium.

Geffen would lead the music division, Spielberg would oversee the movie sector, and Katzenberg would run the animation division. DreamWorks announced plans in to build the first new film studio since the s, just outside Los Angeles in Playa Vista.

Yehonatan Geffen

Geffen reentered the music industry in and resumed his relationship with Geffen Records when SKG and its two new imprints—DreamWorks Records and SKG—formed a joint venture with the record label Geffen founded 15 years earlier. MCA saw Geffen as a magnet for top artists and music-industry executives.

Said a top music business lawyer: And any label executive in town would kill to have a job there" Daily VarietyJune 14, Early on, DreamWorks produced a string of TV, musical, and film flops and ultimately canceled its film-studio plans.

But while Dreamworks initially fell short of expectations, momentum began to change in That year the company released the disaster film Deep ImpactSpielberg's Oscar-winning Saving Private Ryanand its first two animated films, Antz and The Prince of Egyptboth of which were successful.

yehonathan geffen biography of donald

DreamWorks finished with the highest average gross per film of all the major studios. But Dreamworks continued to have troubles. In music, the industry where Geffen usually worked magic, hits were few and far between.

In a biography that Geffen authorized, The Operatorwas published. Geffen handpicked his biographer, Tom King, a reporter for the Wall Street Journalbut midway through the writing process Geffen stopped cooperating, although he did allow the book to be published.

The book tends to portray Geffen as a bully who was willing to sacrifice friends to achieve his enormous wealth.