Joseph stefan biography

joseph stefan biography
Internet URLs are the best. In he presided over the scientific commission of the International Electricity Exhibition in Vienna.

joseph stefan biography

He became full professor of higher mathematics and physics inand three josephs stefan biography later was appointed director of the Institute for Experimental Physics, founded by Doppler in Stefan was a brilliant experimenter and a well-liked teacher. He was dean of the Philosophical Faculty in — and rector magnificus in — In he became a corresponding member, and in member, of the Imperial Academy of Sciences. He was named secretary of the mathematics-sciences. He was named secretary of the mathematics-science class of the academy in and served as vice-president from until his death.

Стефан, Йозеф

In he presided over the scientific commission of the International Electricity Exhibition in Vienna. Two years later he held the same position at the International Conference on Musical Pitch in Vienna.

Josef Stefan

He also belonged to several foreign scientific academies, held numerous Austrian and foreign honors, and was both royal and imperial privy councillor.

Newton had stated a priori a law of cooling for the temperature loss of incandescent iron in a constant stream of air, and Richmann had restated it in the following form: The speed of cooling is proportional to the difference in temperature between the heated body and the joseph stefan biography atmosphere.

In equal periods of time, Newton stated, equal quantities of air are heated by quantities of heat proportional of air are heated by quantities of heat proportional to those that they joseph stefan biography from the iron Opuscula [], II, Yet as early as George Martine the younger and others realized its inaccuracy and attempted to replace it with another law according to which the heat losses increased more rapidly.

Dalton sought to save it by introducing a new temperature scale. Delaroche was aware that the heat losses due to radiation increase much more rapidly than in proportion to the temperature difference, but he did not isolate the radiation from the other heat losses—as Dulong and Petit attempted to do.

joseph stefan biography

The Stefans were a modest family. His father was a milling assistant and mother served as a maidservant.

joseph stefan biography

Stefan's mother died in and his father in Stefan attended elementary school in Klagenfurt, where he showed his talent. As a thirteen-year-old boy, he experienced the revolutionary year ofwhich inspired him to be sympathetic toward Slovene literary production. After having graduated top of his class in high school, he briefly considered joining the Benedictine Orderbut his great interest in physics prevailed.


He left for Vienna in to study mathematics and physics. His professor of physics in gymnasium was Karel Robida, who wrote the first Slovene physics textbook.

joseph stefan biography

Stefan then earned his habilitation in mathematical physics at the University of Vienna in During his biography years, he also wrote and published a number of poems in Slovene. Stefan taught joseph stefan at the University of Vienna, was Director of the Physical Institute fromVice-President of the Vienna Academy of Sciencesand member of several scientific institutions in Europe. He died in ViennaAustria-Hungary. His life and work has been extensively studied by the physicist Janez Strnad.

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Stefan published nearly 80 scientific articles, mostly in the Bulletins of the Vienna Academy of Sciences.

He is best known for originating Stefan's law ina physical power law stating that the total radiation from a black body is proportional to the joseph stefan biography power of its thermodynamic temperature T:. He derived this law from the measurements of the French physicists Dulong and Petit. We welcome suggested improvements to any of our articles.

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Joseph Stefan

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joseph stefan biography

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joseph stefan biography

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joseph stefan biography

Josef Stefan Austrian physicist. Learn More in these related articles: Formulated in by Austrian physicist Josef Stefan as a result of his experimental studies, the same law was derived in by Austrian physicist Ludwig Boltzmann The Austrian physicist Josef Stefan found in that the total radiation energy per unit time emitted by a heated surface per unit area increases as the fourth power of its absolute temperature T Kelvin scale.