Jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography

jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography
This impulse eventually culminated in a controversial series of negotiations of the corset, stemming from his interest in the exaggerated definition of the female form it produced. Retrieved 31 October Comment about this article, ask questions, or add new information about this topic:

Jean Paul Gaultier Fashion Biography

One of these, the Corset Dress ofcommented astutely on femininity, constructing the breast less as a soft malleable object of passive attraction and more as an object of power, a female weapon, whilst at the same time alluding to the conically stitched bras of the s sweater girl— a particularly tacky glamor. These ideas achieved mass attention when Gaultier designed the costumes for Madonna's Blonde Ambition tour in By Gaultier had decided to move more directly into mens-wear.

Through personal experience he could find nothing he really wanted, particularly in terms of sizing, and even unstructured Armani jackets seemed too small.

jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography

He noticed that men had been buying his women's jackets because of the unusual fabrics and cut, so he began his seminal reworking of the pinstriped suit for both men and women. During one notorious catwalk show, female models smoked pipes and men paraded in transparent lace skirts.

This acknowledgement of male narcissism and interest in the creation of erotic clothing for men, as shown in the Man-Object Collection ofinfluenced designers such as Gianni Versace into the early and mids.

jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography

Gaultier is perhaps best associated with the rise of popular interest in designer clothing in the mids. His redefinitions of traditional male tailoring made his clothes instantly recognizable amongst so-called fashion victims in most of the major European capitals, using details such as metal tips on collars and extended shoulder lines.

Готье, Жан-Поль

Structured, fitted garments like jackets were reworked, being cut long and slim over the hips to mid-thigh to give an hourglass shape to the wearer's physique.

Gaultier has always been interested in new developments in fabric and intrigued by the design possibilities of modern artificial fibers, and is known for using unconventional fibers like neoprene. His innovative narrative techniques and use of photography, dramatic lighting, and music to further the dramatic line and to create mood Take this Pop Culture quiz at Encyclopedia Britannica to test your knowledge of various aspects of pop culture.

jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography

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jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography

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Jean-Paul Gaultier - Fashion Designer Encyclopedia

Russia Fashion Week Street Style. Everything You Need To Know. Born in in the Paris suburb of Arcueil, he was interested in fashion from a young age but was never formerly trained in design.

jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography

Aged 18, whilst still at school, he joined the house of Pierre Cardin - working there after lessons, which lead him to fail his school exams. His time at Cardin was short, owing to redundancies, and he moved on to Jacques Esterel where he learnt much of what was to become his signature style, and then to the couture house Patou. Returning to Cardin inhe was sent to Manila to represent the company there.

Jean-Paul Gaultier

At that time, of course, I didn't have my line or whatever, so Ididn't have my style at all. He felt a deep and enthusiastic admiration for his elder, Vivienne Westwood. The street fascinated him, providing him with the means of attaching fashion to the present and amplifying the echoes of the world around him.

Jean Paul Gaultier

He has reinterpreted and made his own uses of the wardrobe of the past and its legacy in order to provide clothing for the future. The Gaultier style of the s was identifiable by the famous silhouette of broad and sloping shoulders and narrow hips that emphasized stockinged legs. In the s his palette of colors and materials was enriched by contact with many cultural worlds. The silhouette became more balanced, and comfort and protection took on added importance.

jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography

His shows, with their exuberant and provocative staging, long obscured the fact that his clothes are designed to be worn. At the beginning of the millennium, he attained a certain classicism without renouncing the original image of his talent as the enfant terrible of fashion.

jean paul gaultier fashion designer biography

Gaultier's work has been characterized by a stylistic consistency since The masculinity of double-breasted jacket, fitted coat, leather jacket, overalls, trench coat, smock, and down jacket is inflected by the femininity of corset, stockings, and garters, or is enriched by Eastern touches, by the influence of caftans and djellabas.