Vijay tv office serial karthik biography template

vijay tv office serial karthik biography template
Star Vijay has programming which appeals to all audiences irrespective of their age groups or demography. Kalyanam Mudhal Kadhal Varai English: Manoj then exposes Vandana and her misdeeds and they all throw her out.

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It is said that the producers' council has decided to take action against Subbaraj for portraying the producer in poor light. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

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Arjun threatens Aditya and makes him confess his misdeed.

Star Vijay

Later, Priya gets released from police custody after Aditya's confession. Arjun praises Priya for her maturity and they share a light moment on their way back home. Later Vandhana requests Priya to forgive her and invites her to the spinster party she's throwing. Eashwar again plots again Priya and manipulates Aditya into sending a wrong text to Priya to mislead her.

Priya goes the bachelor party which Ashok is throwing by mistake and is misbehaved with by people there. Biju and Arjun arrive there at the right time and save her. Priya breaks down completely. However, she recovers under Arjun's care. The day of Ashok's wedding arrives and he desperately tries to avoid his marriage to Vandhana. Vaishali tries to prove the original face of Ashok to Vandhana, She makes a drama and tries to make Ashok confess his feelings for her.

But Ashok understands Vaishu's plan and mixes sleeping tablet in her juice. Then he makes everyone believe that he had been intimate with her and calls off the wedding. Vandana is crazy that Priya and Vaishu spoit her life. Vaishu is shattered after this incident. Every one including Sukanya start looking our for the real culprit.

Sukanya plays a plot and learns from Eashwar that Vaishu is office serial a biography template and the drama was executed by Ashok to cancel his marriage to Vandhana. At Pooja's school, during a fight, Jai attacks Aravind, leaving him hospitalized. Ashok threatens Vaishu to lodge a complaint against Jai and blackmails her into marrying him.

vijay tv office serial karthik biography template

Arjun and Priya's families are devastated after learning this. Ashok throws Vandhana and Adi out of his house. Finding them on the road, Priya and Arjun bring them to their house. Vandhana plans to sow discord between Priya and Arjun and aims to unite again with Arjun after throwing Priya out of the house.

Meanwhile, there are some financial problems for Unnikrishnan. Arjun decides to give Unnikrishnan a job.

vijay tv office serial karthik biography template

Problems sprout again when Manoj comes to know of that he is incapable of becoming father after an accident after a test taken by the doctors. Unfortunately, doctors also let him down by saying that there is no treatment for this as of now. Vandana comes to know of it and fakes a doctor and gives his number to Manoj to call him for his remedy. Manoj does so and he claims 5 lakhs for the treatment. Manoj is tempted to steal from the office, upon Vandana's advise and leaves for Bangalore for treatment.

Here UnniKrishnan is suspected for the money loss and police eventually investigate him in a function in front of the other relative which puts him in embarrassment. Manoj is caught red-handed, beaten and abandoned by his own family in his own house. Meanwhile, Priya finds a suitable groom for Arjun's sister and convince her to marry. Vandana comes to know of the groom that he is already married but bashes him in the marriage hall with her ex-wife but not still divorced only to put Arjun's family into miserable position by stopping the marriage.

The groom is then thrown out. Manoj then exposes Vandana and her misdeeds and they all throw her out. Vandana challenges revenge towards them stubbornly.

vijay tv office serial karthik biography template

Seeing her furious, Arjun decides to get the custody of Adhi legally, which Vandana gets devastated. She plots an agreement with Arjun acceding to Arjun's demand and quoting Pooja for Adhi instead in that agreement diplomatically and rather quoting it in clandestine.

Arjun's lawyer Karthik without going through it properly presents it to Arjun which he signs. Vandana now demands Pooja quoting the statement in it. Priya gets devastated and pleads Vandana not to demand Pooja, since Pooja cannot imagine living without her and vice versa.

Priya goes to the extent of begging Vandana and falling at her but Vandana nevertheless stays stubborn over her decision.

Vandana hires a successful lawyer for this case.

Karthik Subbaraj

After unimaginable depressions and worst nightmares of losing Pooja, Priya decides to evade with Pooja, while the latter is completely innocent of what is going on.

Knowing that Priya has absconded with Pooja, Vandana adds a feather to her cap making her side stronger and filing a criminal charge against the Priya for her act.

vijay tv office serial karthik biography template

After twists of events, Priya gets back to Arjun family with her broken leg in the accident meanwhile. The next day hearing proceeds and Vandana succeeds in getting Pooja into her custody. Adhi sees Vandana's lawyer in his school function and picks up a quarrel with his son, blaming his father as a prosecutor who helped Vandana in separating Priya from Pooja.

But his son counters saying his father is rather a great, honest and a fair lawyer. Now Vandana's lawyer become conscientious learning about his own son's belief about him, feels guilty for being otherwise. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

vijay tv office serial karthik biography template

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