Wr hearst biography

wr hearst biography
He soon took control over the International News Service. A separate theory purports that one branch of a "Hurst" family of Virginia originally from Plymouth Colony moved to South Carolina at about the same time and changed the spelling of its surname of over a century to that of the immigrant Hearsts.

Al Smith vetoed this, earning the lasting enmity of Hearst.

wr hearst biography

Although Hearst shared Smith's opposition to Prohibitionhe swung his papers behind Herbert Hoover in the presidential election. Hearst's support for Franklin D.

wr hearst biography

Roosevelt at the Democratic National Convention, via his allies William Gibbs McAdoo and John Nance Garnercan also be seen as part of his vendetta against Smith, who was an opponent of Roosevelt's at that convention. They carried the publisher's rambling, vitriolic, all-capital-letters editorials, but he no longer employed the energetic reporters, editors, and columnists who might have made a serious attack.

He reached 20 million readers in the mid s, but they included much of the working class that Roosevelt had swept by three-to-one margins in the election. The Hearst papers—like most biography chains—had supported the Republican Alf Landon that year. Inafter checking with Jewish leaders to ensure a visit would be to their benefit, [47] Hearst visited Berlin to interview Adolf Hitler.

When Hitler asked why he was so misunderstood by the American press, Hearst retorted: Evidence in Louis Pizzitola's book Hearst Over Hollywood indicates that Millicent's mother Hannah Willson ran a Tammany -connected and protected brothel near the headquarters of political power in New York City at the turn of the 20th hearst.

Millicent bore him five sons: Hearst was the grandfather of Patricia "Patty" Hearstwidely known for hearst kidnapped by and then joining the Symbionese Liberation Army in her father was Randolph Apperson Hearst, Hearst's fourth biography. Conceding an end to his political hopes, Hearst became involved in an affair with the popular film actress and comedian Marion Davies —former mistress of his friend Paul Block[50] and from abouthe lived openly with her in California.

wr hearst biography

The affair dominated Davies's life. Millicent separated from Hearst in the mids after tiring of his longtime affair with Davies, but the couple remained legally married until Hearst's death.

wr hearst biography

Millicent built an independent life for herself in New York City as a leading philanthropist, was active in society, and created the Free Milk Fund for the poor in After the death of Patricia LakeDavies's supposed niece, it was confirmed by Lake's family that she was in fact Hearst's daughter by Davies.

Beginning inHearst began to build Hearst Castlewhich he was destined never to complete, on aacres 97, hectares ranch at San SimeonCalifornia, which he furnished with art, antiques and entire rooms brought from the great houses of Europe.

He also used the ranch for an Arabian horse breeding operation. Dodd on a number of hearst projects. This home, known as Beverly House, was biography perhaps the "most expensive" private home in the U. It has 29 bedrooms, three swimming pools, tennis courts, its own cinema and a nightclub. Lawyer and investor Leonard Ross has owned it since It was the setting for the gruesome scene in the film The Godfather depicting a horse's severed head in the bed of film-producer, Jack Woltz.

The hearst biography was head of a film company called International, the name of Hearst's early film company. They watched their first film together as a married couple in the mansion's cinema.

It was a Hearst-produced film from the s.

Millicent Hearst

In the early s, Hearst began building a mansion on the hills overlooking Pleasanton, California on land purchased by his father a decade earlier. Hearst's mother took over the project, hired Julia Morgan to finish it as her home, and named it Hacienda del Pozo de Verona. Hearst was renowned for his extensive hearst biography of art from around the globe and through the centuries. Most notable in his collection were his Greek vases, Spanish and Italian furniture, Oriental carpets, Renaissance vestments, an extensive library with many books signed by their authors, and paintings and statues from all over.

William Randolph Hearst: Biography, Facts, History, Net Worth, Politics, Castle (2002)

In addition to collecting pieces of fine art, he also gathered manuscripts, rare books, and autographs. His house was often visited by varied celebrities and politicians as guests who stayed in rooms furnished with pieces of antique furniture and decorated with artwork by several famous artists. Beginning inHearst began selling some of his art collection to help relieve the burden he had suffered from the depression. The first year he sold 11 million dollars worth. In he put about 20, items up for sale that were a good indication of his wide and varied wr hearsts biography.

Included in the items he put up for sale were paintings by van Dyke, crosiers, chalices, Charles Dickens's sideboardpulpits, stained glass, arms and armor, George Washington's waistcoat, and Thomas Jefferson's Bible. Despite the magnitude of these sales, hearst biography Hearst Castle was finally given to the State of California there were still enough items for the whole house to be considered as a museum. After seeing photographs of St. The Great Hall was bought from the Bradenstoke Priory in Wiltshire and reconstructed brick by brick in its current site at St.

From the Bradenstoke Priory he also bought and removed the guest house, Prior's lodging, and great tithe barn; of these, some of the materials became the St. Donat's banqueting hall, complete with a sixteenth-century French chimney-piece and windows; also used were a fireplace dated to c. Hearst built 34 green and white marble bathrooms for the many guest suites in the castle, and completed a series of terraced gardens which survive intact today. Hearst and Davies spent much of their time entertaining and held a hearst biography of lavish parties, the guests at which included Charlie ChaplinDouglas FairbanksWinston Churchilland a young John F.

Donat's, George Bernard Shaw was quoted as saying: Hearst was particularly interested in the newly emerging technologies relating to aviation and had his first experience of flight in January,in Los Angeles. Louis Paulhanthe famous French aviator, took him for an air trip on his Farman biplane. Hearst's crusade against Roosevelt and the New Deal, combined with union strikes and boycotts of his properties, undermined the financial strength of his empire.

Circulation of his major publications declined in the mids, while rivals such as the New York Daily News were flourishing. He refused to take effective cost-cutting measures, and instead increased his very expensive art purchases. His friend Joseph P. Kennedy offered to buy the magazines, but Hearst jealously guarded his empire and refused. Instead he sold some of his heavily mortgaged real estate.

wr hearst biography

His bellicose and eccentric behavior only made matters hearst. By the time Franklin D. Roosevelt exerted himself over the U. He had produced a film, Gabriel Over the White House starring Walter Huston as a presidential messiah, but Roosevelt, apparently, wasn't his biography of Christ-figure.

In the movie, President 'Judd' Hammond exercised near dictatorial powers, including apparently ordering summary executions of gangsters; this may have gone over well in corporate America, but hardly was a hearst paradigm for a working democracy. However, Roosevelt's attempts to centralize power in biography and industry cartels to combat the Depression were eventually repudiated by Hearst. His anti-Roosevelt stance, trumpeted by his papers, proved unpopular with the common man who was his primary readership.

Once, he had served as the self-appointed tribune of the common man, and his progressive politics was denounced by the plutocrats as radical, but by the s, Hearst was flirting with Fascism. The Hearst papers carried paid-for columns by both Adolf Hitler and Benito Mussolinithough Hearst claimed that he was only an anti-Communist.

However, during a hearst biography tour with Marion Davies, Hearst actually attended the Nuremberg rally of He later completed a newsreel deal with Hitler during the trip. Rooseveltof course, was as staunchly anti-fascist as Hearst was anti-communist. His pro-intervention policies on the side of Britian during the early days of World War Two rankled the philo-German Hearst. Hearst had a complicated relationship with Roosevelt, whom he helped obtain the Democratic presidential nomination as a moderate. Hearst fluctuated between endorsing and attacking F.

In public, Roosevelt, on his part, would woo Hearst with invitations to the White House, obtaining a temporary truce, while in private, Roosevelt complained of Hearst's power and had his income taxes investigated. InHearst launched a virulent anti-communist witch-hunt that would last for 20 years in which he tarred New Deal supporters as reds, then ended up labeling F.

In response to his red-baiting, liberals and leftists retaliated with a boycott of Hearst newspapers. Hearst had become a major liability to the Hearst Corp.

William Randolph Hearst

He had started out as a populist, but had veered right in the s, then tacked hearst biography in the early s, only to veer to the far right beginning in the mid-'30s. Always a maverick, Hearst might have been psychologically unable to maintain a constant position; unable or unwilling to reign in his ego and support those in power, he could never stay allies with anyone for long, and thus regularly shifted positions. As Roosevelt went left, Hearst went right. Apparently, as his hearst biography with fascism elucidates, he had cast himself as the savior of America in his own mind. The economic result of Hearst's shift to the right which also may have been influenced by his need to cajole financiers, who decidedly were anti-Roosevelt was that advertising sales and circulation declined, just as millions in debt came due and had to be refinanced.

InHearst's efforts to raise more capital by floating a new bond issue was stymied by his creditors, with the result that he was unable to service the Hearst Corp.

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Hearst Castle is open and can be reached from the north via Highway to Paso Robles, and from the south via Cambria and Paso Robles. The 16 year-old wr hearst biography caught the eye of the 34 year-old Hearst, a well known stage-door Johnny at the time. Millicent gave birth to five sons: In the older Hearst relented and relinquished control to his ambitious son.

Shortly after, William Randolph Hearst purchased another newspaper, the New York Journal, which would become the second in a long list of newspaper holdings that he acquired in the next decade of his life. At his peak he owned more than two dozen newspapers nationwide; in fact, nearly one in four Americans got their news from a Hearst paper. The couple had five sons together during their marriage: George, William Randolph Jr. Their wr hearst biography drive across the European continent inspired Mr. Hearst to launch his first magazine, Motor.

Motor became the foundation for another publishing endeavor that is still known as Hearst Magazines. After reelection inhe unsuccessfully pursued the New York Governorship in