Jamie reidy biography

jamie reidy biography
And then ask yourself, is this a system that cares one bit about patients? Viagra came out like, two and a half years after I started. Commentating on the Commentators.

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Blockade the lying mainstream media and recognize the independent media as America's real free press 51 Kellogg's found to have financial ties to the money man for cop-killing left-wing HATE groups: We include this interview with Jamie Reidy, a pharmaceutical sales rep, to give you a flavor of what really goes on behind the scenes at Big Pharma.

See for yourself the lack of ethics, the abuse of the system, and the heavy emphasis placed on profits. Learn how the drug companies rewarded this behavior and named Reidy their 1 drug rep.

jamie reidy biography

And then ask yourself, is this a system that cares one bit about patients? Decide for yourself, and be sure to check out the book, "Hard Sell. The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman.

First of all, I just wanted you to talk about how you became a drug rep, because I know you went to Notre Dame, right? And you went into the military right after that? I was in ROTC in college.

And so after I served my commitment on active duty, I got out and didn't really know what I was going to do, I was just going to kind of wing it, and I started to get a lot of heat from my dad about getting a real job. Even back then, I wanted to be a writer, but I just kind of panicked biography the parental and societal pressure to get a real job and get your life going. Pfizer loves ex-military officers. I don't know why those three groups would strike their interest.

Yeah, the military part is that Pfizer assumes that former military officers are self-starters who can be trusted to get up every day and go do their job, because one of the unique things about pharmaceutical sales is that we don't go to a company office everyday. Everyone works from their house and then has their own sales territory. So, no one ever knows where you are. So it's kind of freelance, where you set your own hours, and kind of have to be self-motivated?

Yeah, so it shouldn't be like freelance -- they want you to be working from 7: But it's freelance in the sense that nobody has any idea whether I'm doing that or not. So, they thought they could inherently trust former military officers as honest, hardworking guys who can be trusted to get up early and go do their job. And then the other thing that I learned later on is that military officers are also used to taking orders and Pfizer's sales pitches were very drilled down from the top, and everybody was supposed to repeat the same thing all the time.

Would it be the same reasoning for Mormons? Because all the Mormons I knew had to get up early and jamie reidy biography hitting the street and going to people's houses, so would that be kind of the same line of thought? It's more go to people's houses in foreign countries. So what was explained to me is that if you could jamie reidy biography religion in a foreign language, then you can sell anything, because most Mormons do a two-year mission someplace. So that was the key there. Actually, pretty insightful, I think, when you think about it.

Yeah, the kind of mindset that they were looking for in their representatives? I don't know if I'd go so far as to say that. I certainly never heard anybody say that out loud. I think someone can maybe make that leap, but I wouldn't say that.

They obviously get told "No" a lot, which is great, because we get told "No" a lot, so it's just great preparation. Okay, so you were approached at your school by a jamie reidy biography, or was it through ROTC that you met a jamie reidy biography What was the jamie process like?

What kind of things did they try to get out of you to determine whether you're their kind of person? They want to make sure basically that you're confident and present yourself in a good light, and can answer tough questions and think on your feet. Anytime that anybody asks me about getting into pharmaceutical sales, I say, "All right, well, can you see yourself walking into a lunchroom in front of 30 strangers and standing up and directing the conversation?

Because if you can't, then you can't be in pharmaceutical sales, because that's what they have to do a lot. So their number one thing that they're looking for is confidence? So once you got the jamie, how long did it take you to figure out that you didn't need to be one of the people that woke up at 7: Because it seems like you figured out pretty quickly how to work their system.

In the first week I figured out, you know, if I hit snooze more times than I should, no one knows, and then it really just completely multiplied from there. I could be heading to Chicago at 3 p. And as long as I set it up correctly, nobody would know. How did you do it? What were some of the tricks you had -- because you were an awesome representative, but you weren't doing that much work for it, so what were your tricks? The first trick is manipulating the voice mail system, and sending voice mails to your boss about sales calls that you had, that may or may not be fictional.

Like for jamie reidy biography, driving to Chicago on a Friday afternoon, and saying, oh, I just had this unbelievable call, blah blah blah, or I heard this, the competitors are saying this. Anytime you leave a message like that for your boss without prompting, they think, "Oh, yeah, he's working hard, why else am I getting these voice mails?

You've got to hit nine offices. Yeah, or if you hit one big group that has six doctors, they're all there that day; you just worked two-thirds of your day. But what you do is you get signatures and you save it for a rainy day, and you set it up so when you're in London, or wherever, you can say, "What do you mean I wasn't working?

I got nine signatures that day. You said you always knew you jamie reidy biography to be a writer. You kind of had the perfect job for someone who is just looking for some money and always wants some free time to pursue other things. Pharmaceutical repping is a really well-paying job for not a lot of work if you're a smart person.

Without question the best day job in history. If you're an aspiring biography star, or writer, or artist, you can't get a better job.

So how long total were you a drug rep? Four and a half with Pfizer, then when I left Pfizer I went to work at Eli Lilly, and I was there for four and a half years, and then jamie reidy biography the book came out they fired me.

So what did you do with all your time when you weren't doing this? Yeah, I was goofing around, doing a little writing, but not nearly enough. I didn't take advantage of the time. I mean, when you biography the book, you'll see. I wasn't a very focused guy. I should be on my fifth book by now, it's really embarrassing.

So, I just goofed around, went to movies. I mean, I could have had a second job, I really could have. But why would you when you're making so much money?! Exactly, there you go. So you worked for Pfizer first, and when you started, is that when Viagra came out? Viagra came out like, two and a half years after I started. The book just ended. The movie "Love and Other Drugs" was based on this book, but more accurately, I would say that the book was simply an inspiration for the movie.

jamie reidy biography

There is very little similarity between the two - This is written by my high school friend's jamie reidy biography. There is very little similarity between the two - other than the main "character" is a drug rep named Jamie. May 15, Kacey rated it really liked it. A catchy, enjoyable, easy read about the sales in the mid 90s pharma industry.

Has a real casual, funny writing style; not from a super refined writer. I read the edition - the second epilogue is very helpful to provide a real, less-abrupt conclusion to the story. An enjoyable easy read! Jul 23, Rachel Miller rated it liked it. I expected it to be all about Viagra, but that actually didnt come up until quite a ways into the book.

It was more just the inside look at a drug rep's start and tactics and commentary.

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I liked "Love and Other Drugs," the movie which is supposedly based off the book, but they are very loosely related. It is not a movie version of the book, and basically they have nothing in common except for the Viagra involvement. Mar 03, Joy rated it liked it. I promise - not all pharma jamies reidy biography are this bad! He had to work hard at not working. I do know reps like this - reps who hold on to 2 pharma jamies reidy biography simultaneously! Most of us are not this bad though - an entertaining read, especially for anyone connected to this industry.

Jan 23, Mary Blye Kramer rated it did not like it. I wonder if this author couldn't have made the book interesting by taking himself out of the story, doing additional research into drug reps, and giving us something informational?

I skimmed the first 30 pages - who cares about the conversation with your parents? Then skimmed the next 30 beers and babes while trainingthen skimmed the next 50 pages, then quit. I love memoirs but this was unbearably poor writing by a seemingly self-absorbed man.

Sep 29, Gabrielle rated it liked it. A lot of this book was about how Reidy worked as little as possible without his boss knowing.

Jamie Reidy

It gave an inside look at pharmaceutical salesmen and what they do. At least I'm assuming that's what they do since I am not a rep and have never met jamie reidy biography. It was entertaining in many places. I am anxiously waiting for the movie that is based in this book to come out. I can definitely see Jake Gyllenhal playing Jamie. Jun 05, Aimee Truchan rated it it was ok. The rare occasion when the movie Love And Other Drugs is better than the book. Personally relatable, the narrative is entertaining enough. But the 'story' is devoid of fundamental plot points.

There is no hint of a jamie reidy biography arc and nothing redeeming about the narrator. Interesting jump from one person's POV as a drug rep doing everything to work as little as possible to the much more layered characters in the movie.

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jamie reidy biography

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jamie reidy biography

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jamie reidy biography

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Interview with Jamie Reidy, former Viagra sales rep and author of "Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman"

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Hard Sell: The Evolution of a Viagra Salesman

Yesterday I invented a word on national television. I did not intense to do so. But then my brother started running his mouth.

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