Chef imtiaz qureshi biography template

chef imtiaz qureshi biography template
Imtiaz has even taught celebrity chefs like Gordon Ramsay how to master the complex dum briyani and nihari techniques; Ramsay was reportedly overwhelmed by the sheer amount of work involved! The pillowy soft classic Rasmalai is a cottage cheese sponge floating in a sea of sweet reduced milk.

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Padma Shri for ITC Chef Imtiaz Qureshi, finally India recognizes culinary art

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Imitiaz Qureshi

Posted June 22, Suresh, you're a lucky man: Posted June 23, Posted June 25, Seconding bague, you are a bloody lucky man!!! The meal is a steal at 2k with whisky, BTW - why a whisky pairing? Interesting to note both curd and malt vinegar are used in the tandoori murgh, maybe malt for browning? Posted July 2, The lamb here is tender, malleable and suffused with rich, spicy flavours.

From the briyani selection, have a go at the Dum Lucknowi briyani RM This is the technique that put the Qureshi name on the map.

A Royal afternoon with Master Chef Imtiaz Qureshi at 'Dum Pukht', ITC Sonar

In this case, it totally does. The briyani rice is fluffy and each rice kernel is separate and distinct; nothing sticks together. The lamb meanwhile, is in a class of its own — pull-apart tender and full of rich, aromatic flavours.

Dum pukht Style Cooking by MasterChef Imtiaz Qureshi at Indian Restaurant Congress 2014

The dal Qureshi may look unassuming, but boy, does it pack a tremendous flavour punch. Another interesting offering from the menu is the Dal Qureshi RM The result is a revelatory dish, one that is creamy and buttery, rich and decadent and still bursting with bouncy lentils in every mouthful. Qureshi also has a great array of drinks to choose from.

chef imtiaz qureshi biography template

This unique set called the 'Royal repast with Chef Qureshi' has a selection of shorba, kebab, qorma, salan, nehari, naan and meetha to sample from. Here one is guided through the menu and each dish is presented with a piece of history and signature service rituals. And we all were in awe when he stepped in. For the uninitiated, 'dum pukht' is a sophisticated, leisurely method of slow cooking, where food is tightly sealed in a specially designed, heavy bottomed copper Degh pot to cook in its own juice and flavour.

chef imtiaz qureshi biography template

This biography template roasting lets each herb and spice gently release its aroma, whereas the meat tenderizes and matures in the most delectable way. The end result is a culinary style that ensures intense flavour and succulent, falling of the chef imtiaz meat. He is always ready to work in unusual manners, doing something new to a traditional recipe without hampering the actual taste and flavour. Think of Olive oil in Dum cooking or use of tamarind and raw mango extract The USP of this menu in my opinion lies in its personalisation.

Every bit of the menu is crafted with great thought, yet ready to change to suite guest's specific food requirements. While serving, the guests are guided through the cooking methods, ingredients used and are enthralled with bits and pieces of history and interesting anecdotes. The impeccable choice of bread, kebab and condiments perfectly complements each other.

chef imtiaz qureshi biography template

For starter we were served Raan-e-huzoor, baby lamb legs cooked on dum with a thick date sauce with almonds and walnuts. This is an inspired dish, said the Chef, who wanted to impart the sweetness of the dates after the prophet who sustained on dates in the harsh deserts of Arab. This, undoubtedly was the dish of the day with fork tender, juicy lamb meat perfectly balanced with a sweet and sour date sauce.

chef imtiaz qureshi biography template

Sheermal, the saffron crusted Lucknowi bread complemented the kebab beautifully. Next came the Jhinga Qureshi, one of Chef's innovative and unique concept.

The crunchy puff pastry coated jumbo prawns has a very delicate stuffing of cheese and apricot. The crunchy puff pastry presented perfect backdrop for the delicate prawns inside and was perfectly balanced by the sweet and salty stuffing.