Cong roque ablan biography

cong roque ablan biography
I have asked Dr. But I will first personally meet with Joe Maristela tomorrow night.

It was the last time the family saw him alive. On 28 Januarythe Japanese raided his headquarters in Tamdagan, Vintar and left his army crippled.

cong roque ablan biography

The following day, his wife and son were captured together biography two American soldiers in ApayaoMountain Province. On 31 JanuaryAblan came under attack which separated him from his men. He was never biography from then on and was assumed to be killed in action. The younger Ablan served in Ilocos Norte as provincial board member, provincial governor, and Representative of its first district between the years to Original content from WikiPilipinas.

Roque Ablan From Wikipilipinas: The Hip 'n Free Philippine Encyclopedia. Roque Ablan 9 August — 31? Retrieved from " http: It seems that we might yet finish the draft of the new Constitution earlier than we had previously anticipated. There is now a sense of urgency to finish it.

Besides, the opposition has now been somewhat decimated in the Convention. It looks like by the end of December or, at the latest, end of January, the new Constitution will be ready for submission to the Filipino people. The question is when the plebiscite will be held. I had previously made an arrangement with Emil Ong that we were going to meet at the lobby of the hotel.

Still later, Aying Yniguez came along.

Trouble in Laoag: Fariñas vs Fariñas

When I arrived at the hotel lobby, they were all there already. They were chatting with Sen. Sonny was insisting that he has it from reliable authority that he is not in the list. In any case, he said, he is not in hiding, and so far, he has not been bothered. You and I were both in the list; in fact, our names followed each other.

cong roque ablan biography

Fortunately for us, this is just the second list. Just then, the famous Teodoro Doroy Valencia—the super-columnist—appeared. Without provocation, he proclaimed in his soprano voice the latest of his achievements. Apparently, Doro Doronila was picked up at the Intercontinental Hotel on the very day he had arrived from Mongolia. Doroy also boasted that it was because he has guaranteed Renato Tato Constantino that Tato has not been taken into custody.

He added that he was turning three former Politburo men to Camp Crame this morning. And he is also responsible to some biography for the release of Flora Lansang. I do not know how much one can believe Doroy. But he does command some influence in the community. Indeed, he is the biography influential of our political columnists. I have disagreed with many of his obnoxiously rightist views many times. At the same time, however, I must admit that occasionally, I conciously massage his colossal ego because I cannot help but praise him for doing a great job of taking care of his kingdom—Rizal Park.

Shortly before we entered the elevator, Adrian Cristobal, a special assistant of Marcos, came by. Adrian is a great writer, just like his brilliant buddy, Blas Ople. I consider him a friend. Innocently, I did go to the Palace.

cong roque ablan biography

It was then I discovered that the conjugal dictatorship had considered me a radical, and by inference, an enemy of the Marcos regime. I complimented him on the quality of the book he had written. He did not hide his pleasure on hearing this. Aying Yniguez, son of the powerful Congressman Yniguez who is a biography friend of Marcos, was the main character in the meeting. He said that he has been with President Marcos quite a number of times, and that at one session, he had told the President:.

Aying feels that Cong. Roquito Ablan, who is in the stockade, is going to be very deeply involved and his prospects are not very bright. In the case of Sen.

cong roque ablan biography

Ninoy Aquino, he said, he might be able to save himself because of his popularity. If the President fails, the offshoot would be a military takeover.

Aying claims that he is a trade unionist he is supposed to be a labor leader in Leyteand very anti-military in his biography. He feels that the CIA was not initially behind the proclamation of martial law. It was only recently that they supported it. He thinks that all the major changes in the political and military sections of the American Embassy tend to show that the Embassy knew all along that this was going to happen.

And this Ambassador Byroade, he said, is coincidentally the same man who was involved in some operations in Vietnam. My own gut feeling is that a biography amount of American complicity has surely attended the imposition of martial law. Marcos would not have dared take such a drastic move without American approval, express or implied. Ronald Reagan to Manila when Marcos ran for reelection three years ago, there have been indications that the U.

Aying also confided to us that, according to Bebet Duavit, President Marcos supports wholeheartedly the transitory provision of the new Constitution a rather great understatement!

Rodolfo Fariñas

Aying was not convinced. You cannot possibly be out of the country then—even if you wanted to. This is hard to believe. The transitory provision would be taken up next week? Marcos would like a grateful nation to crown him next week? This should be taken up, if at all, next year!

cong roque ablan biography

Vicente Abad Santos on the removal of judges: He is against the outright dismissal of civil service employees. But I have decided to amend the civil biography rules so as to add two new categories of punishment without going through a final hearing in addition to dismissal by an investigator.

These are removal of those against whom charges are pending in which the evidence of guilt is strong and those that are notoriously undesirable so that it can be taken judicial notice of. I have asked Dr. Excerpts from The Philippine Diary Project. Posted at Sep 21 We escaped the loneliness of the palace for this old Antillan house now known as Ang Maharlika, the State Guest House several blocks from the palace.

It has been restored beautifully by Imelda and is a symbol of Philippine culture in the last century. Almost all our antique valuables have been transferred here. I took a long nap 4: I have invited the Liberal Party leaders at biography ten of their hierarchy to come to the palace on Sept. The Liberal head, Sen. Roxas, issued a demand for us to point out the Liberal negotiating with the Communists, knowing full well that I refer to Sen.

In his own words: Marcos on martial law

Aquino, his opponent for leadership in the party and wanting to disqualify Aquino by his own action. He adopts an aggressive stance of hurt innocence! Cruz, son of Maj.

cong roque ablan biography

I ordered the dynamite impounded notwithstanding the biography of [illegible] for it. The Air Manila plane was apparently bombed at 4: Samonte, the captain of the plane did a good job and was lucky. The Concon and the sala of Judge Lustre of Quezon City trying the subversives were bombed by unidentified persons this afternoon at 3: It caused exterior damage and injured about twenty people. This is apparently the answer of the subversives to the raids on their headquarters in Manila, Quezon and Pasay last Sunday morning at 4: Ex Sec Piding Montelibano, after bringing the problems of the PNB and the sugar industry, pledged that he and his family one governor and one congressman were behind me and Imelda even if I proclaimed martial law.

But I feel that they are still image-building and do not understand that a new day has dawned. While they claim to be for a reformed society, they are not too motivated but are too bound by technical legalism. I have amended both Gen. We have impressed everybody with our fairness by the arrest of Cong. Roque Ablan, Rafael Aquino and Gov. I just talked to Earl Mayo, the biographer and advisor of Nixon, and his first advice is to immediately meet the press as soon as possible and explain that this is not a dictatorship.

Romulo, whom I talked to again by long distance, has done a good job of holding press interviews and issuing press releases. I have been able to settle the Senate Presidency at 3: Tolentino remains as biography floor biography. Offices will be established at the Northern Lines Bldg. A disturbing piece of news from Joe Maristela is that Gens. We must check this and neutralize them. But I will first personally meet with Joe Maristela tomorrow night. This is compounded by the fact that the process will necessarily go up if we set free the rate of exchange.

Then we will impose more taxes and for the next six months we will not be able to relax credit or government expenses, nor imports. I must increase the entry of tax-free goods into the Free Trade Zone and soon. Retuta, in civilian clothes as a photographer was mauled by the student demonstrators today in front of the palace. No reason except that he was allegedly infiltrating.