Rep buck mckeon biography

rep buck mckeon biography
McKeon was named chairman of the Committee on Armed Services in January, following the Republican takeover of the House in the November elections. Before coming to Congress, Rep.

After several terms, McKeon embarked on a temporary "hiatus" from his studies.

During this hiatus, Rep. McKeon married his wife, Patricia, began raising his family and started his career as a businessman in the Santa Clarita Valley. Before coming to Congress, Rep. McKeon served on the William S. During that time, the city of Santa Clarita was incorporated and its citizens selected McKeon as a member of the city council. McKeon and his wife, Patricia, have six children and 29 grandchildren, and currently live in Santa Clarita.

Buck McKeon

The newly elected leadership of Afghanistan will have the responsibility of working with the international community to protect the Afghan population and restore confidence in the national and local governments. Much needs to be done before the United States and the international community can claim victory in Afghanistan.

rep buck mckeon biography

As chair of the drone caucus, he was there for a celebratory event with drone lobbyists shortly after the bill passed. While many Republicans have voiced concerns about the potential for domestic drone spying, McKeon has continued to champion the industry with little regard for civil liberties.

rep buck mckeon biography

The cuts are part of the debt limit deal negotiated by House Republicans last year. Budget chairman and Republican vice presidential nominee Paul Ryan has reneged on the deal, and worked alongside McKeon to take the Defense cuts off the table. As McKeon has promoted Pentagon pork, he has been rewarded with enormous amounts of campaign cash.

Chairman Howard P. “Buck” McKeon

She ran on two issues: But a review of campaign finance records reveals that much of her money came from defense contractors and lobbyists with ties to her husband. Though McKeon maintains the swagger of a comfortable incumbent, new district lines implemented this year make his position slightly more competitive. Few Democrats have run an anti-corruption platform this cycle, preferring instead to focus on core issues like Medicare and creating jobs.

He says in his first days, he will introduce ethics reform legislation to improve transparency and curb nepotism.

rep buck mckeon biography

Skip to rep buck mckeon biography jQuery document. He held the position from January to January He was previously the ranking member of the committee. McKeon voted in favor of American military intervention in Afghanistan and Iraq, as well as Barack Obama's Afghanistan "surge" strategy, and has voted for increasing money and supplies to troops there. He has gone on record saying that withdrawal from Afghanistan should be conditions-based, and done with full consultation with senior military leadership. In a statement from MayMcKeon outlined his personal philosophy on the role of the United States and its military, calling for a rep buck mckeon biography to "peace through strength" and Reagan-esque policies, including full financial and material support for the military in its current wars, keeping Guantanamo Bay open, and military posturing.

In a speech before the Foreign Policy Initiative research group inMcKeon called for increases in government spending on defense above Obama's budgets. In McKeon organized a fundraiser for the "Lucky 13" Republican freshmen on the House Armed Services Committee to get contributions from defense contractor political action committees. The House rejected the Amash-Lee amendment by awith most Democrats voting in favor and most Republicans voting against. Human Rights Watch said that Obama's waiver was "essentially a 3,word line-item veto, rendering the mandatory military detention provision mostly moot.

McKeon said if forced to choose between tax increases and cuts to the Pentagon budget, he would choose tax increases. In Januaryit was reported that McKeon received a so-called "VIP" or "Friends of Angelo" loan from troubled mortgage lender Countrywide Financialin which loans were granted at lower interest rates than were available to the public. Former Countrywide CEO Angelo Mozilo created the program to boost the company's standing with politicians, celebrities and well-connected business figures.

rep buck mckeon biography

A congressional probe identified an internal Countrywide email regarding McKeon's loan that stated: McKeon denied knowing that he was part of Countrywide Financial's special loan program.

McKeon is married to the former Patricia Kunz; they have six children as well as 31 grandchildren. Patricia Kunz McKeon was active in her husband's political campaigns, serving as treasurer and drawing a salary, which has been the subject of controversy.

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Rep. Howard “Buck” McKeon

Retrieved 15 November McKeon has earned a reputation as a leader in the national education reform movement. McKeon was elected by his colleagues to serve as Chairman of the House Committee on Education and the Workforce in to replace Rep.

Prior to becoming Chairman, Rep. McKeon headed the House Subcommittee on 21st Century Competitiveness, with jurisdiction over higher education, technology in education, teacher training, job training and welfare reform. After several terms, McKeon embarked on a temporary "hiatus" from his studies.