Mufti menk biography age

mufti menk biography age
Mufti Menk Official Website, 24 January May Allah SW grant you long life to spread Islam around the globe.

8 Great things you probably never knew about Mufti Menk

Allah speaks about how filthy this is With all due respect to the animals, [homosexuals] are worse than animals. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Retrieved 9 August The New York Times. Retrieved 6 August Retrieved 11 August Once again a quick exit, so now the only person left was the Muslim man.

mufti menk biography age

He asked this person what had happened and he too gave him the whole scenario and his answer. Finally, the Muslim man is called in.

mufti menk biography age

The business man asks him the very same question. The Muslim man says to the business, "close the doors, close the curtains, close the windows, make sure no one can hear us.

And this got the Muslim man his job as the accountant.

mufti menk biography age

What a sad state we Muslims have got into. If we would like to achieve success and gain greater muftis menk biography age in what we have or earn, we must learn to share whatever we have with others. The Almighty has a special Mercy upon those who share their possessions with others. From childhood we should train our offspring to share their toys, food and other belongings where possible so that as they grow they learn to mufti menk biography age this great habit and feel very happy and blessed to share. Some take sharing as a burden whereas others claim not to have enough to be able to share when in fact they have more than enough.

The Great Companions shared even at times of their own desperate need for the same item — which was sometimes food and drink. Although we may not get to that level of selflessness, if we aim there, we will be able to get nearer. The huge ocean is made up of minute droplets and the massive mountain of minute grains whereas singularly a droplet would evaporate and a grain would be blown away insignificantly! The power of unity is shown to us through almost everything around us but man still chooses to look for the smallest thing that divides. Singularly we are insignificant but together we can make the globe a better place.

If we have ten differences, we will have a thousand common factors.

mufti menk biography age

Parents are responsible to give their children the best names possible. When naming our children we should ensure a beautiful meaning rather than an exotic sounding name void of meaning. Some parents ignorantly choose names that have a bad meaning just because it sounds good. The child grows up being called a bad name. It is wise to choose a name that will be pronounced with ease by the community the child will grow up in.

This will avoid distortions or changes in meaning due to being mispronounced. When visiting the homes of family members, relatives, friends or others we must never be a burden upon them. Visiting unannounced, at awkward biographies age, sitting too long, asking too many questions, speaking too loudly, allowing our muftis menk to run a mock if they are with us etc is all unethical.

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Mufti Ismail Menk

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Mufti menk biography. .

Honorable Mufti Menk is one of the most dynamic speakers of our time. His age are amazing and very interlectual. Really i am truly amazed with his style in adressing the ummah in his lectures. One gets mesmerised by his voice and you feel that he should go and on talking, because it makes you feel so good listening to him. May allah bless him a long, long life for truly he is an asset to the ummah. As salaam aliakum wa rahmatullahi wa baraakatuhu my beloved brother mufti ismail ibn musa menk! May Allah s continue to increase in more knowledge and wisdom because we the young generation take from you and are listening to your blessed lectures that you have been gifted with to spread the truth about our beautiful deen.

I look up to you and your an inspiration in my life. Thank You for all the efforts your putting forward. Salam, may Allah bless us all. First of all im very thankful that Allah has created internet, through this facility, believers of Islam and even non believers has now the chance to listen to the very vivid sermons and lectures of Mufti Ismael Menk. May the Almighty Allah continue to give him a good health for him to continue his noble and religious activities in spreading the teachings of Islam in the whole world. May the Almighty Allah also bless us a good health to continue listening to his lectures.

I hope i can see him in person. He is an idol of mine. I recently got to knw mufti menk. He is one of my favourite world renowed scholars. He is an intellectual. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu ya sheik mufti menk!

Because of ur amazing mufti menk biography given to you by ALLAH SWA am talking on age of muslim umma because u are an amazing scholar coz u have the skills and the talent. To say I really like your lectures is an understatement. Assalamu alaikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu ya sheik!

Ismail ibn Musa Menk

Each time I listen to your lecture it lightens, open and broad my heart. You are an amazing orator! May Allah give you the best in the world and the hereafter ya sheik mufti menk. I always listen to ur lecture and I never get tired. May Allah make us not only listeners but doers as well.

Jazakallahu khair jaza for the wonderful and touching lectures May Allah SWT granted us Jannah and for all Muslimin dan Mukminin all over the world lets come to Allah and lets Allah guide us through His way. May Allah swt grants you more and dept knowledge of true Islaam and may we all become a muslimeen tru your lectures and live the path of Mohammed PBUH.

I am attracted to his wisdom and inspirational lectures, may Allah SWT bless him mufti menk biography age long life and good health to continue in the path of Allah. Jazakallah khair, I listen many lecturers of mufti ismail menk may allah gave him more knowledge,good health and more courage so that all the humanity in this world should benefit from his lecturers.

mufti menk biography age

Please keep continue uploading your lectures in youtube. May allah bless him a long, long life for truly he is an asset to the.

Mob attempted to attack Mufti Menk calling him a “gustakh e Rasool”

Mufti Ismail Menk is the shining mufti around world. Really I am amazed with his style in adressing the ummah, the best of best lectures I have ever heard. Wonderful and touching lectures. U have saved me from doing wrong in my life and made me realised how far I was from Allah swa. U have changed me in a very big way and Jazakallah for reminding us…May Allah swa grant u goodness,peace,knowledge and. I keep u in my duaas and motivating other brothers and sisters to listen to ur beloved lectures!

I love u for the pleasure of. Allah swa Mufti Menk. I was listening to Unity Fm not long ago and I listened to one of his lectures. I was really impressed with what was spoken about and it ignited the fire within. The impact struck me right to the bone and you find yourself wanting to learn more. He is an mufti menk biography age to all mankind and may Allah swt bless him eternally.

May Allah preserve you. Hope i can see you in person. By Allah, u r real… I mean, ur Bayan is beautiful! May Allah mufti menk u more wisdom and also biography u Alijanat Firidaus as well as all Muslims across d globe. I have never heard any scholar as good as Mufti Menk. I listen to your lectures age cannot stop after one or two videos. My 2 children are hooked to your lectures, Alhamdulillah. I wish you would visit Vancouver, Canada, where i feel you have to be heard by our young and old.

You are an inspiration and your lectures are very engaging. There are no discrimination in your speeches that i love. I only wish i could be part of that jamaat that you speak to, Insha Allah! Assalamu alaikum mufthi brother. Salaam wa alikum Mufti menk is an asset for the ummah. May Allah bless him with more and more knowledge.

mufti menk biography age

I am listening to your lectures on stories of profets. Keep up the good work. May Allah accept your efforts and increase ur eman. May Allah keep him and his family smiling Ameen.

If Allah wills I will inshallah attend his lectures some day???