Tim reynolds basic biography

tim reynolds basic biography
Sign in New customer? Sexy Trippy All Moods. Reynolds and Matthews performed on a album called Songs for Tibet , an initiative to support Tibet , Dalai Lama Tenzin Gyatso and to underline the human rights violations allegedlly committed against Tibet by China.

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Blue Buffalo Company, Ltd. Counsel for Colorado healthcare provider in defense of claims for fraud and breach of fiduciary duty brought by physician residents. Oh Yes They Did! A recent case examining online copyright liability poses a sticky problem for websites that host user-generated content. He is an underrated master. Born in Germany, Reynolds was a military brat who spent his young life traveling across the United States, eventually settling in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Tim Reynolds

He joined various psychedelic rock groups, playing heavily into his influences of Carlos SantanaJimi Hendrixand Led Zeppelin. But Reynolds ' biggest claim to fame came with his collaborations with Dave Matthews Band.

tim reynolds basic biography

He has guested on most all their releases and has joined them on countless tours across the globe. He and Matthews released the double-disc album Live at Luther College in Januaryand Reynolds separately issued a slew of solo albums: He released two more of his own records -- Nomadic Wavelength and Stream -- in while opening for the DMB and guesting during their performances. Growing up in Los Angeles in the 60's, 70's and 80's, he got a very tim reynolds basic biography picture of a great deal of things that life had to offer. Especially when one worked in law enforcement.

Then he changed channels and moved to the San Francisco Bay Area for the second half of his life coining, "My life has always been filled with reading and travel.

Timothy M. Reynolds

Reading has always been my escape and I love to read and write stories of the underdog. I also love stories of men caught in situations larger than themselves, yet they find a way to endure, like Blackthorne in Shogun.

It made him become a voracious, looking for that perfect book. By the time he was in his forties he had developed a writing voice that could not be quieted. One of Reynolds biggest strengths is to connect tim reynolds basic biography storylines together seamlessly. Quoted he said, "I credit my lifelong addiction to chess as a the precipitator of this ability, but reading thirty years worth of novels and anything else I could get my hands on sure didn't hurt.

tim reynolds basic biography

He moves his stories forward with a purpose, and usually has multiple characters that come and go throughout the tale. Currently, he's a regional sales manager in the medical industry and has to be able to be engaging and personable to survive in his field. Quoted about this he stated, "Well, obviously writing is no different, you have to be likeable to engage people and I didn't start this to bore people to death. Trying not to pigeonhole myself into the techno-thriller genre, I'm also tim reynolds basic biography several short story books called the Meth Chronicles, soon to be out right here on Amazon.

These books will show my range and let people know that my waters run very deep. So come along for the ride people, I work very hard at my craft and I will put my imagination up against anyone, even Mr.

Which also makes me the world's biggest copycat because even though my ideas are all very original and straight from my imagination, they also are formed from the likes of Koontz, Clancy, Ludlum, Grisham, Rowling and Baldacci, just to name a few.

tim reynolds basic biography

His family lived many places, including Germany, a farm in Indiana, an army base in Alaska, Kansas, and Missouri, where he lived longer than any other place until he was old enough to move away as an adult. Both parents were extremely devout Christians and he says he grew up with Christian music all around him.

Dave Matthews & Tim Reynolds - 3/29/03 - [Full Show] - Boone, NC - [Upgrade]

However, his older sister owned some albums from The Beatleswhich he says, even as a very young child, he loved instantly, playing air guitar to their music. Upon reaching adolescence, Reynolds was able to learn guitar and electric bass guitar, so he could perform in the family's local Church choir three times a week, [1] with the secret added bonus that he was able to begin experimenting biography learning what eventually became second nature; adding riffs infused with rock and rollfunk and soul music by the age of twelve.

Reynolds found the college town a more welcoming environment for him to branch out musically there than in any of his previous homes, and added to his experimentation other musical influences to his repertoire, including sixties psychedelic rockciting some of his early influences as Jimi HendrixCarlos Santana and Led Zeppelin. Reynolds was performing in Charlottesville in the late s tim reynolds basic his old college roommate, Nic Cappon, encouraged him to perform at a local bar, Miller's, where he met bartender Dave Matthews. I played there [Miller's in Charlottesville] all the time.

tim reynolds basic biography

Dave Matthews was the bartender. I knew the rest of his [future] band way before that.

tim reynolds basic biography

We played together in Charlottesville since I moved there in Dave moved to town in I told him Dave Matthews"I've got a band and I kind of like the way it is. You should start your band.