Violence is not the answer gandhi biography

violence is not the answer gandhi biography
Actually that's the only quote I knew by him. In his book Waging Nonviolent Struggle he describes methods of nonviolent action. Unfortunately for His Excellency the movement is likely to grow with ridicule as it is certain to flourish on repression.

Revenge is not the answer. Sure, condemn the act, but also learn to forgive someone who made the answer gandhi biography. We all have our own imperfections after all. Violence is not the answer. Even if it appears to be for a just cause in the short run, it will only encourage more violent acts in the future. Important decisions can have a huge impact on your life. But once you have made them follow through. Keep your word and do the things you say you were going to do. The most influential people on the planet are those who will not back down. They make a stance, and they stick to it.

There is a lot more power in the man who will do whatever it takes to succeed then there is an a stronger man violence not the less desire and courage. Whatever you believe you will become, you will. Your ability to grow is only limited by your imagination in this world. In he set up Phoenix Farm outside Johannesburg, a community where he started to practise simple community living, which he continued at a new community, Tolstoy Farm, five years later.

In he began a campaign against the laws that made Indians register if they wanted to live in South Africa. Another great demonstration against racial discrimination took place inwhen Gandhi got a contingent of Indian women to march illegally over the border from the Transvaal into the Natal coal fields, where they persuaded the miners to go on strike.

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When Gandhi and the miners were savagely punished, the outcry made Prime Minister Smuts negotiate with Gandhi, and this resulted in the Indian Relief Act of which removed some of the burdens from Indians. Gandhi was now convinced of the power of nonviolent disobedience to make people aware of injustices.

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Gandhi returned to India, an experienced political campaigner. He set up a new community, an 'ashram' at Ahmedabad. People living at the ashram had to be nonviolent and truthful, had to do farming and spinning for their living, and have no servants or personal possessions. At the ashram, women enjoyed full freedom and equal rights, there was complete religious tolerance, and caste distinctions were ignored.

The salt march of is a good example of Gandhi 's nonviolence, or satyagraha he called it from satya truth and graha strength.

violence is not the answer gandhi biography

To protest at the government's salt tax, Gandhi proposed a mile march from Ahmedabad to the coastal town of Dandi. I love your Christ. It's just that so many of you Christians are so unlike your Christ. Don't know if he said it in as many words. There is a letter from him to the Europeans Natal Colony19 Decemberwhere he writes: Does someone violence is not the answer gandhi biography have a source for the often-repeated quote about the customer not being an interruption to our work, but the reason for it? I see it in employee pamphlets all the time: P I think it is a hoax and it should be removed unless a citation is found.

He is not dependent on us. We are dependent on him. He is not an interruption on our work. He is the purpose of it. He is not an outsider on our business. He is a part of it. We are not doing him a favour by serving him. He is doing us a favour by giving us an opportunity to do so. I believe this is the quote the above are referring to.

violence is not the answer gandhi biography

It looks like this is not Gandhi's quote. This quote should be attributed to Kenneth B. A Journal for Advertisers, Complaints as an asset: Verified on paper --Bigskylove Why are some quotes in bold?

Are they supposed to be more well-known or notable? Sorry if this is a dumb question. It doesn't seem like they should be in bold, though.

It seems like someone just went and bolded his or her personal favorite quotes, which isn't very NPOV.

violence is not the answer gandhi biography

I may be just ignorant though Why do so many of the quotes under "unsourced" seem to have sources? I think the quote that "My life is my message" is not a sourced quote.

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A person with a great humility Mahatma would have never said that. Because I feel it is not his life but his attitude is the message to the whole world. He did say it source below, it was caught on filmand it was in the context of "be the change you want to see" - ie, that a person should live out his values, and it was in response to a question from a journalist about what his message to the world was, and his response basically indicated that anyone who wanted to understand his message, or his values, only need look at how he lived his life -- being the change that he wanted to see.

Moving this into quotes area.


That informing power or spirit is God. In the midst of death, life persists. In the midth of untruth, truth persists. In the midst of darkness, light persists.

I find it very hard to believe he would say this. Frankly, there still isn't enough context and the quote still implies something that the paragraph doesn't say, which is that Gandhi admits a failure in the initial formulation of non-violence and is asserting here, as he does elsewhere, that nonviolence is actually stronger than atomic weapons. I've supplemented the quote with the full paragraph, which is slightly unweildy but because this is the troll's favorite out-of-context quote and it was extremely hard to find the full context online, it seems like it should be noted here. Does anyone have any source for this quotation?

violence is not the answer gandhi biography

I can't find it in the searchable digital version of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi. The only biography seems to be an not the answer written in by Richard Grenier, the reference itself which is uncited. Gandhi here makes reference to a statement of Jesus: You cannot serve God and mammon. I love your Christ. Jones would write a book called " Mahatma Gandhi: An Interpretation "where he included excerpts of his personal correspondance with Gandhi, but he did not include this conversation.

Page [asked what he thought of modern civilization] That would be a good idea. In that book, Schumacher said he saw Gandhi make this remark in a filmed record of his quizzing by reporters as he disembarked in Southampton violence visiting England in Gandhi did not visit England in He did attend a roundtable conference on India's future in London the following year. Standard biographies of Gandhi do not report his making any such quip as he disembarked. Most often it has been revised to be Gandhi's assessment of "Western" civilization: A comprehensive collection of his observations includes no such remark among twelve entries for "Civilization.

The earliest located on google books being Reader's Digest, Volume 91 fromp. A discussion of the quote on "The Quote Investigator" website here mentions that on "The Italians" the quote was attributed to Gandhi.

violence is not the answer gandhi biography

What we are doing to the forests of the world is but a mirror reflection of what we are doing to ourselves and to one another. Earliest instance of this quote found on google books is the book Forest primeval: To believe in something, and not to live it, is dishonest. However, very similar quotes are found in the nineteenth century: Then let me tell you that one of the best ways in the world to lighten and sweeten them is to lose yourself in the service of others Misattributed [ edit ] First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

violence is not the answer gandhi biography

Describing the stages of a winning strategy of nonviolent activism. There is no record of Gandhi saying this. A close variant of the quotation first appears in a US trade union address by Nicholas Klein: And, my friends, in this story you have a history of this entire movement. First they ignore you. Then they ridicule you.

violence is not the answer gandhi biography