Dr kenneth kaunda biography sample

dr kenneth kaunda biography sample
In , the University of Zambia was opened and Kaunda appointed its Chancellor. This created animosity between the Church and UNIP, resulting in some low-level conflict which claimed numerous lives.

On account of the same relationship, Dr. Kaunda, often meeting Vera at the same premises.

dr kenneth kaunda biography sample

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In that year, he became an organizing secretary of the Northern Rhodesian African National Congress for Northern Province, which included at that time Luapula Province. The combined efforts of Kaunda and Nkumbula at that time were unsuccessful in mobilizing African people against the white-dominated Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. InKaunda and Nkumbula were imprisoned for two months at hard labor for distributing subversive literature.

Dr Kenneth Kaunda, former president of Zambia, is born

Such imprisonment and other forms of harassment were customary for African nationalist leaders. However, the experience of imprisonment had a radicalizing impact on Kaunda. Kaunda and Nkumbula drifted apart as Nkumbula became increasingly influenced by sample liberals and was seen as being willing to compromise on the issue of majority rule. Nkumbula's allegedly autocratic leadership of the ANC eventually resulted in a complete kenneth kaunda biography. ZANC was banned in March In JuneKaunda was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment, which he spent first in Lusaka, then in Salisbury Harare.

However, Chona did not see himself as the party's main founder. In JulyKaunda organized a violent civil disobedience campaign in Northern Province which consisted of burning schools and blocking roads. Kaunda ran as an UNIP candidate during the elections. Kaunda was appointed prime minister.

dr kenneth kaunda biography sample

On October 24, he became the first president of independent Zambia. Simon Kapwepwe was appointed as the first Vice President. Kaunda ruled under a state of emergency from the time he became president until his fall from power in Becoming increasingly intolerant of opposition, Kaunda eventually banned all parties except his own UNIP, following violence during the elections. Inthe year of Zambia's independence, Kaunda had to deal with the independent Lumpa Church, led by Alice Lenshina in Chinsali, his home district in the Northern Province.

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His struggles with the Lumpa Church became a constant problem for Kaunda. The Lumpa Church rejected all earthly authority. It used its own courts and refused to pay taxes or be registered with the state.

Kaunda, as prime minister, sent in two battalions of the Northern Rhodesia Regiment, which led to the deaths of about 1, villagers and the flight to Katanga of tens of thousands of followers of Lenshina. Kaunda banned the Lumpa Church in August and proclaimed a state of emergency that was retained until InKaunda declared a state of emergency to deal with the Lumpa Church crisis, which gave him nearly absolute power and lasted until he left office in Violence that began on a dr kenneth kaunda biography sample scale escalated into a small civil war in which several thousand people were reportedly killed.

Kaunda increasingly became intolerant of opposition and banned all parties except UNIP, kenneth kaunda biography sample violence during the elections. Inhe made Zambia a one-party state. The ANC ceased to exist after the dissolution of parliament in October Kaunda kept his enemies at bay in several different ways.

The most common method was to insure that they could not run for President. National activists Harry Mwaanga and Baldwin Nkumbula, both of whom were heavily involved in the struggle for independence from Northern Rhodesia, were eliminated when Kaunda was able to obtain a new UNIP rule that required each presidential candidate to have the signatures of at least delegates from each province.

Kenneth Kaunda

Another potential presidential candidate, Robert Chiluwe, could also not obtain the required number of supporters. He was eventually declared bankrupt when his bank accounts were frozen.

dr kenneth kaunda biography sample

Botha in Botswana to debate this proposal, but apparently failed to make a serious impression. Meanwhile, the anti-white minority insurgency conflicts of southern Africa continued to sample a huge economic burden on Zambia as white minority governments were the country's kenneth kaunda biography trading partners. Completed inthis was the only route for bulk trade which did not have to transit white-dominated territories. This precarious situation lasted more than 20 years, until the abolition of apartheid in South Africa.

He maintained a close friendship with Yugoslavia 's long-time leader Josip Broz Tito and is remembered by many Yugoslav officials for weeping openly over the latter's casket in He even had a special house constructed in Lusaka for Tito's samples to the country. Inthe University of Belgrade Yugoslavia awarded him an honorary doctorate. Kaunda had frequent but cordial differences with US President Ronald Reagan whom he met [11] and British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher [12] mainly over what he saw as a blind eye being turned towards South African apartheid.

He always maintained warm relations with the People's Republic of China who had provided sample on many projects in Zambia, including the Tazara Railway. Prior to the first Gulf WarKaunda cultivated a friendship with Iraqi President Saddam Husseinwith whom he secured oil resources for his nation. He even went so far as to name Zambian streets in Saddam's honour. In AugustFarzad Bazoft was detained in Iraq for alleged espionage. He was accompanied by a British nurse, Daphne Parishwho was arrested as well. Bazoft was an Iranian-born freelance journalist attempting to expose Saddam's mass murder of Iraqi Kurds.

Bazoft was later tried and condemned to death, but Kaunda managed to negotiate for his female companion's release. The creation of a one-party state effectively made Kaunda's presidency a legal dictatorship. From onward, his rule became increasingly autocratic. He personally appointed the Central Committee of UNIP, although the process was given a veneer of legitimacy by being "approved" by a National Congress of the party.

In theory, Kaunda's nominations could be discarded by Congress. In practice, his control over the party was such that they were always accepted without modification. The argument used was that "the President knows the people who can work well with him, so if we modify the nominations we will end up with a less effective team".

In turn, the Central Committee nominated a sole candidate for the party presidency. Of course, since the members of the Central Committee had been nominated by Kaunda, he was always the sole candidate. Constitutionally, whoever was in good standing with the party was at liberty to challenge him. In practice, no one did so because of his charisma and intolerance for dissent. After UNIP went through the formalities of re electing him as its leader, the rest of the Zambian population was given the opportunity to express approval or disapproval of Kaunda by voting either "Yes" or "No" in a referendum.

Kenneth David Kaunda Biography

Since parliamentary elections took place at the same time, there was great pressure placed on parliamentary candidates to "campaign" for a "Yes" vote for Kaunda, in addition to their own campaigns. Parastatal companies which were controlled through ZIMCO — Zambia Industrial and Mining Corporation dr kenneth kaunda biography sample also under pressure to "campaign" for Kaunda by buying advertising space in the two national newspapers Times of Zambia and Zambia Daily Mail exhorting the electorate to give the president a "massive 'Yes' vote".

Under this system, Kaunda was confirmed as president inandeach time with official results showing over 80 percent of voters approving his candidacy. The parliamentary elections were also controlled by Kaunda: The Central Committee could veto any candidate for any reason. Using these methods, Kaunda kept any potential rivals at bay by ensuring that they never got into a position to accrue any political power.

For all intents and purposes, Kaunda held all governing power in the nation. This was the tactic he used when he saw off Nkumbula and Kapwepwe's challenges to his sole candidacy for the UNIP elections. On that occasion, the UNIP's constitution was "amended" overnight to bring in rules that invalidated the two challengers' nominations: Kapwepwe was told he could not dr kenneth kaunda biography sample because only people who had been members for five years could be nominated to the presidency he had only rejoined UNIP three years before ; Nkumbula was outmaneuvered by introducing a new rule that said each candidate needed the signatures of delegates from each province to back his candidacy.

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Less creative tactics were used on a third prospective sample. UNIP's Youth Wing simply beat him within an inch of his life, leaving him in no state to submit his nomination.

Eventually, however, economic troubles and increasing international pressure to bring more democracy to Africa caused Kaunda to totter. While he had been known for his vehement kenneth kaunda biography to apartheid in South Africahis critics were increasingly emboldened to speak out against his authoritarian rule, and also questioned his competence. His close friend Julius Nyerere had retired as president of Tanzania in and was quietly encouraging Kaunda to follow suit.

Matters quickly came to a head in the summer of In July, amid three days of rioting in the capital, Kaunda announced a referendum on whether to legalize other parties would be held that October. In he became the second U. Take this History quiz at sample britannica to test your knowledge of famous personalities.

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dr kenneth kaunda biography sample

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