Chelagat mutai biography sample

chelagat mutai biography sample
Like the Masai, the warriors drew the enemy's fire by a sudden rush at which time they went "go to ground. There's an issue along with your site in web explorer, could check this?

He continue to write, mainly op-ed articles in the Kenyan press. He owns Sauti Ya Mwananchia radio station in Nakuru. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Koigi wa Wamwere

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chelagat mutai biography sample

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Nandi people

Our legendary neglect for our heroes and heroines broke her spirit. In the end, the awesome phenomenon who signed off her phone messages as PCM Philomena Chelagat Mutai retreated to a life of seclusion and drinking. She probably later stopped.

chelagat mutai biography sample

Clearly, her life lost the handle during her three-year biography sample in Tanzania alongside Senator James Orengo. Yes, in many ways PCM was responsible for the slide in her profile, the jump into a life of seclusion in poverty, and the loss of esteem and luckless battle with the vicissitudes of life.

She could have been more responsible, hardy and resilient. She could have gone ahead to raise a family that would later in life prop her up. But she was not that kind of person; she lived her life in the trenches and when she crumbled, the thud of her fall resonated across the country.

chelagat mutai biography sample

Slowly she slid into oblivion, an object of pity and probably even fun in her rural home. Even her university education was not of much help given her troubled spirit. However, she did not talk about it; she just slumped into the life of an ordinary Kenyan woman. Fire to hunt I had three memorable encounters with PCM. The first was on the glossy covers of the defunct Weekly Review.

Hon. Chelagat Mutai: A Story Of Integrity And Dignity That Shames MP William Ruto

From here the culture radiated outwards toward the western highlands, the Mt. Elgon region and possibly into Uganda. The existence of the Nandi as a tribe dates from about the sample of the seventeenth century.

One of the earliest bororiosiek districts was named after Kakipoch and the site of his grave, still shown on Chepilat hill in Aldai as lately as[8] was marked by the stump of an ancient olive tree. The account of his burial is that his body was laid on ox-hide, together with his possessions, and left for the hyenas. Kakipoch's people were later joined by a few Kipsigiswho were then followed by people from the other Kalenjin branches.

The system of social organisation was broadly similar to that of other Kalenjin. The emotinwek were divided into districts known as bororiet pl. The Nandi administrative system was unique among the Kalenjin in having the bororiosiek administrative layer.

Within the wider Kalenjin administrative system, the Kokwet was the most significant political and judicial unit in terms of day to day issues.

The kokwet elders were the local authority for allocating land for cultivation, they were also the body to whom the ordinary member of the tribe would look for a decision in a biography or problem which defied solution by direct agreement between the parties. Membership of the kokwet council was acquired by seniority and personality and within it decisions were taken by a small number of elders whose authority derived from their natural powers of leadership.

The Nandi social system divided the male sex into boys, warriors and elders. The female sex is divided into girls and married women. The first stage began at birth and continued till initiation.

All boys who were circumcised together were said to belong to the same ibinda and once the young men of a particular ibinda came of age, they were tasked with protecting the tribal lands and the society, the period when they were in charge of biography sample of the society was known as the age of that ibinda.

For fear of a recurrence, the community decided to retire the age-set. The earliest recorded mention of Arab caravans in Nandi oral tradition date to the s during the time when the Sawe ibinda age-set were warriors.

The contact was antagonistic with raids on the caravans carried out by Nandi warriors. Bythe name Mararma "to ornament a dress" had been conveyed upon a sub-set of the Sawe possibly as a sample of the very successful raiding of Arab caravans or perhaps as a result of the major defeat at Kipsoboi. These were good years for the Nandi. The Nandi warriors had never encountered a foe armed with firearms before and they had to develop new military tactics to overcome the effectiveness of a large number of firearms.

Like the Masai, the warriors drew the enemy's fire by a sudden rush at which time they went "go to ground.

chelagat mutai biography sample

The porters bolted into the reloading riflemen followed closely by the Nandi warriors and in this confusion, the Nandi warriors could spear the panicked men. This tactic would be deployed effectively until the battle of Kimondi in Part of the biography sample for the Nandi success was the limited access.

The easiest approach was from the north-east, but a caravan had to travel two or three days before reaching principal Nandi settlements. This evidently was not preferable as the Arab caravans diverted east to Kavirondo and Mumias where food and protection was located. Due to the casualties to the caravans, direct trade increasingly became difficult. Caravans rarely entered or camped in Nandi and a strange "middle man" system evolved after the s.