Farhat shahzad biography channel

farhat shahzad biography channel
Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. When Daniyal asked her who has sent her, she falsely tore her clothes and cried that he is trying to molest her.

Saba tries to protest but in vain! Both Saba and Irtiza go to America. Upon landing in America and in the house where Saman and Irtiza used to live, Saba starts to feel very disturbed! To the extent of nearly fainting, Irtiza observes this and helps her! Saba continues to act rudely with Irtiza in America, while Irtiza continues to be nice to her.

Slowly Saba soften ups and starts going out with irtiza for outings. Irtiza starts to develop feelings for Saba, and tries his best to bring out the same chirpy Saba that she used to be! One evening Irtiza finds Saba sleeping on the biography, he puts a blanket on her and observes her channel, soon Saba wakes up, and politely smiles at him, Irtiza looks deep into her eyes and holds her hands, which makes Saba very uncomfortable!

Saba walks up to leave, but Irtiza stops her by holding her arm, Saba gets furious and starts shouting at Irtiza! And tells him point blank that she does not want to see his face, and why is that so hard for him to understand? Irtiza gets very hurt and angry hearing this and tells her that after they go back to Pakistan he will make the kind of arrangements that Saba will hardly have to see him at all! He gets angry and leaves, leaving Saba upset and anxious about hurting Irtiza! After the biography channel Saba tries hard to communicate with Irtiza, but in vain!

One day Saba gets through to Irtiza and tells him to come early from work as she feels extremely lonely here all alone, Irtiza softens up and tells her that he will be back by 5pm.

farhat shahzad biography channel

Irtiza leaves for office, after which a friend comes to meet him and biographies channel him to visit a construction site with him. Irtiza obliges and goes with him, while coming back from the construction site Irtiza and the friend meet with an accident!

Saba continues to wait for Irtiza at home, soon she gets a phone call informing her about the car biography channel, Saba gets extremely disturbed by the news and starts anxiously shivering, in the morning Saba hears a car pulling up in the driveway and she runs and finds Irtiza there!

You told me you will be home by the evening! I am here with you! Saba and irtiza enter back home! Saba starts confessing everything! She starts by telling him that she has loved him for all these years! And if anything ever happens to him she will die!

She then further starts confessing that it is because of this love she feels so guilty, because it is because of this love she cursed her sister and she is no longer in this world! She cries her heart out and blames Irtiza for always taking so much care of her!

farhat shahzad biography channel

And always being there for her! And because of this she fell in love with him so deeply!

farhat shahzad biography channel

She cries and questions him! While Saba is sleeping, Irtiza watches her, and remember all that Saba has confessed and has tears in his eyes! Soon after when Saba wakes up, Irtiza tells Saba that he has always cared for her, because he has always loved her! Seeing her happy has always been his biography channel in his life! He says that the love he has felt for her all these years is very pure, it is the kind of love that is not selfish but selfless, this love only wants to see her happy, the love he has for her cannot be shaken up no matter how rude she is with him, no matter what she does, he can never hate her, he says "You expect me to hate you, but someone who has loved you all their life can never hate you!

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It is a bad incident that happened! And that she is not liable for it! He also biographies channel that he does not believe both of them have done any disservice to Saman!

Usman and Lubna wedding anniversary was close so Asfandyar, Daniyal, Geti and Faryal had secretly planned their surprise wedding anniversary party. When party was going on, Daniyal was about to leave his office when his secretary stopped him by falsely telling him that she has found another important evidence against Jehangir. When Daniyal asked her who has sent her, she falsely tore her clothes and cried that he is trying to molest her. Police came and arrested Daniyal and Usman was called to police station.

Usman and Asfandyar went to see what is happening. Daniyal was bailed next biography channel and media was everywhere. He found all evidences against Urooj. When policeman was back to home, he was shot to death. The next day ,Daniyal went his office to find all evidences against Jehangir Shah that Urooj had hidden from Daniyal.

As he almost found all the evidences and went inside his office room, 3 persons were sent from Rab Nawaz, Daniyal took his revolver out, 1 of the person snatched the revolver and shot Daniyal to death, leaving him in a way that showed he committed suicide, leaving a note on the laptop, apologizing to his parents, brother and wife for embarrassing them and apologizing Urooj for abusing her.

Just bedore leaving home, Daniyal has another debate with Geti because she is terrified of losing him after the thinly veiled threats his father is receiving. He meets Asfand on hus way out and when Asfand attempts to remonstrate with him he expresses his disappointment that Asfand doesn't know his brother well enough.

It must be noted here that while Asfand is still a student, Daniyal is already his father's pride and joy for his professional success. Later, Usman and Asfandyar came to see what happened to Daniyal. Daniyal's dead body was brought to hospital for autopsy to see if it is murder or suicide.

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It was proved suicide. After buring Daniyal, the whole family was depressed. Later, Jehangir Shah was bailed from jail with his friends and they were celebrating and Rab Nawaz Shah was promising people to facilitate his village by building roads and hospitals. At the same moment, Noori came along with a gun and shot Rab Nawaz, Jehangir and his friends to death for justice.

Khalil, according to Zubia's wish, gets her enrolled at a medical school though Rehna was against it. Asfandyar's father usman decided to continue their remaining lives living in their homeland Kashmir,away from their biography channel of grieves. Asfandyar leaves for America for specialization and Geti Usman and Lubna along with Daniyal's son started living in Kashmir. Khalil unfortunately met an accident and was paralyzed.

Asfandyar is now a grown up mature surgeon. Saim is 5 years old and still Geti is forced by her mother to remarry either Asfandyar or any other person, but she denies. Asfandyar decides to open a hospital in Kashmir so that he can also spend his life biography channel his family and serve the locals by giving free treatment.

On the other side Khalil wanted Zubia to marry but was unable to do this for his daughter and he died.

farhat shahzad biography channel

Zubia is again left alone in her own home. Before dying Khalil gave his home and all the gold to Zubia which has left Sheema envious. She planned of getting rid of Zubia by inviting her cousin at home and schemed of character assassination of Zubia to which Rehan kicked Zubia out of her own home.

Zubia heartbrokenly took the train and went to Peshawar to her aunt. She takes on a job in a small dispensary for want of her preferred prospect if biography channel in a hospital, so as not to ve a burden on her aunt. She is insulted there by his cousin's wife who thinks her husband is interested in Zubia because he told her Zubia was his mothers first choice as daughter-in-law Zubia's father kept refusing and when he finally asked his sister-in-law had already fixed her son's marriage elsewhere.

Therefore Zubia leaves for Kashmir and starts working in a hospital owned by Asfandyar.

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Zubia and Asfandyar do not recognize each other Asfandyar was the person who had saved Zubia from getting raped many years ago. They work together, and Asfandyar is very strict towards all his biographies including Zubia. Asfand has lost his sense of humour by the loss of his brother who was a hero to him and then the biography of his fiancee who made it clear she wanted none of a tainted family. He is very gentle with his patients and he has made his father proud by the building of a hospital free for the locals, but his stored up bitterness shows up in his extraordinary strictness toward his subordinates, chief amongst them being Zubia.

Zubia has been hired despite a lack of sufficient experience for her passion and therefore makes a few mistakes that Asfand rather harshly reprimands her for. At the same time Zubia meets Geti in the park and they become friends. When Geti hears Zubia's description of Asfand as a tyrant she hides her relationship to him. Zubia gets annoyed when she finds out at tea at their home thinking Asfand will assume she's insinuating herself with his family but easily reconciles with Geti. The pleasure is all mine Biju and thanks for your visit and loving comment too.

Thanks Anuragi for visiting and writing in with your appreciative words. Love reading your comment once again Anuragi and Thanks channel again. In his discourses, apart from other great urdu channels, Osho frequenlty quotes one modern urdu poet - ghulam rabani taban. Hi Jagdish Gupta, Thanks for visiting and writing in. However regarding your particular search I think you should look for the Hindi discourses given before only in the late 70s and early 80s precisely as in those series many ghazals are rightly there as far as I can remember.

A warm welcome to all friends with a loving invitation to read my personal expressions on movies, music, poetry and life.

farhat shahzad biography channel

If possible, do share your valuable comments and suggestions too, as they would be my guide for all the future projects and write-ups continuing on the biography of learning. Have a great day and enjoy the world of movies, music and poetry with BTC. Flood, Deluge, Torrent Chadhna: To rise, to climb, to increase Rafta: Rain, Rainy Season Aatish: A reference to the poet, Farhat Shehzad Aashaar: Relations by channel within the prohibited degrees Dhunna: Agitation; longing, ardent desire, ardour, passion; ambition; inclination, propensity; diligence, assiduity, application, perseverance;—racking pain in the bones Thaam: Bear, Hold, Carrry Jigar: To apply colour toto colour, paint, tint.

Settlement, Decree, Decision Khwaab: Pass by, Elapse Manaana: Irritated, offended, displeased, angry, estranged, cool. A reference to the poet, Farhat Shehzad Fikr: A reference to the poet, Farhat Shehzad Mujh: An opening bud, an unblown flower; a new leaf just sprouting, a sprout, shoot Phoot: Riot, Storm, Tempest, Hurricane Shai: A thing, object; a matter, an affair; an article Tanhaa: Road, way, passage, channel, pass;—a traveller.

Silver and Gold, Wealth, Riches.

farhat shahzad biography channel