Mary pickford actress biography

mary pickford actress biography
Neither Douglas nor I will ever again take dictation from businessmen who sit in their mahogany offices back East, with their big cigars, seeking to control a business which they do not understand. Pickford's work in material written for the camera by that time had attracted a strong following.

mary pickford actress biography

A-4 Documentary short Herself uncredited. A Family Romance Documentary filming Herself.

mary pickford actress biography

The Legend of the Century The Muse of the Movies Documentary Herself. Silent Stars, Deadly Secrets Brothers in Arms The Great Swashbuckler Video Herself.

mary pickford actress biography

The Life and Times of Mary Pickford The Actor's Life for Me Between andMary Pickford jumped between a variety of studios, increasing her paychecks astronomically each time until she risked it all by joining with Douglas Fairbanks, D.

Griffith and Charlie Chaplin to form United Artists. But instead of being a pariah, her popularity, and that of her new husband, soared as their union was greeted as a storybook marriage and they were hailed as Hollywood royalty.

mary pickford actress biography

They would reign from their Beverly Hills home, dubbed Pickfair, until she filed for divorce in By then, Mary was working behind the scenes as a producer and a board member of United Artists. She was a founder of the Society of Independent Motion Picture Producers in and she was the last of the original United Artists founders to sell her interest in the mids.

Mary Pickford

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mary pickford actress biography

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mary pickford actress biography

She had two younger siblings, actors Jack and Lottie Pickford. Her alcoholic father left his family inand died mary years later of a cerebral haemorrhage. Hennessy, who had worked as a seamstress throughout the separation, began taking in boarders. The producer of the play insisted that Gladys Smith assume the stage name Mary Pickford. In an age which prided itself on its innocence, 'Little Mary,' was acclaimed as the feminine ideal. She often played a girl who was trying to find her absent father and bring her family together. Here, she wrote a actress credited as Catherine Hennessey, her grandmother's biography entitled The Dream and appeared in the film.

Pickford wrote about 30 scripts over her career. She also did five films for another company, Majestic, but returned to Biograph for a while. InPickford secretly married an alcoholic Biograph actor named Owen Moore.

mary pickford actress biography

They divorced after a shaky marriage in ByPickford severed ties completely with Biograph. He made her "America's Sweetheart. InPickford appeared in twelve films, including one, The Foundling, on which she served as producer. She invested much of the money wisely, especially in real estate. Though Zukor made a fortune off Pickford, her demands as an actress proved so exacting that he once offered her a quarter of a million dollars to retire. Still, Pickford later said these were the happiest years of her life. However, her childhood haunted her.

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She was always afraid of losing everything she had earned and did not enjoy the money. Between andPickford appeared in higher quality films and was at the peak of her career and popularity.

About Mary Pickford

She made some of her best known movies and was in control of many aspects of production. She could pick and choose her scripts and directors, for example. Pickford also helped develop lighting techniques by insisting that Charles Rosher act as her cameraman for every movie.

Pickford similarly furthered film narrative techniques. Despite this savvy, she was still cast as the little moppet girl.

mary pickford actress biography

For example, inPickford played a year-old in The Little Princess though she was 24 years of age. Pickford continually challenged herself as an actress, playing more than one role in a film or roles that were physically demanding.

Inshe and her mother formed the Mary Pickford Film Corporation, making her the mary pickford actress biography female film star to head her own film company. On March 28,Pickford and Fairbanks married, after a three-year affair. Their marriage was idealized by their adoring fans, and they were considered the first couple of Hollywood.

Publicly, the couple encouraged this.