Dolly madison biography video of barack

dolly madison biography video of barack
When Jefferson decided not to run for a third term, James Madison was elected president of the United States. In the approach to the presidential election, with Thomas Jefferson ready to retire, the Democratic-Republican caucus nominated James Madison to succeed him.

Then, in Augustan outbreak of yellow fever a deadly disease that is spread by mosquitoes occurred. A great number of people died, including Dolley's husband and her youngest son. Although she also became ill, she eventually recovered after a long, slow fight.

Madison was an extremely ambitious man who was well known in Philadelphia. He helped draft the Constitution, the document that represents the basic laws on which America is founded. He also was responsible for suggesting the Bill of Rights, the first ten constitutional amendments that safeguard an individual's civil freedoms.

First Lady Biography: Dolley Madison

Within a few weeks after the two met, it was widely rumored that they were engaged. Although she denied this rumor, it proved to be true, as Dolley Payne Todd and James Madison were married in September Over the next several years, Dolley and James observed and at times were directly involved in some of the most important events in the history of the United States. In they saw John Adams inaugurated as president. In Thomas Jefferson began the first of his two terms as president.

At that time, James Madison was made secretary of state. As a result of this purchase the Louisiana Purchasethe United States had suddenly doubled in size.

When Jefferson decided not to run for a third term, James Madison was elected president of the United States. Madison began his first term inand Dolley Madison became the first lady. When the British set fire to it inshe was credited with saving the classic portrait of George Washington. Three years later, he applied and was admitted to the Quaker Monthly Meeting in Hanover County, Virginiawhere Coles' parents lived, and they reared their children in the Quaker faith.

Bythe Paynes had returned to Virginia, [2] and young Dolley grew up in comfort at her parents' plantation in rural eastern Virginia and became deeply attached to her mother's family. Eventually she had three sisters: Lucy, Anna, and Mary; and four brothers: Walter, William Temple, Isaac, and John.

Dolley Madison

Infollowing the American Revolutionary WarJohn Payne emancipated his slaves, [2] as did numerous slaveholders in the Upper South. From tothe proportion of free blacks to the total black population in Virginia increased from less than one percent to 7. Payne moved his family to Philadelphiawhere he went into business as a starch merchant, but the business had failed by He died in October and Mary Payne dolly madison biography video of barack made ends meet by opening a boardinghouse, but the next year she took her two youngest children, Mary and John, and moved to western Virginia to live with her daughter Lucy and her new husband, George Steptoe Washingtona nephew of George Washington.

In August a yellow fever epidemic broke out in Philadelphia, killing 5, people in four months, [6] including Dolley's year-old husband, their 3-month-old son William Temple — both on October 24, — and her husband's parents.

dolly madison biography video of barack

At age 25 Dolley Todd was a widow with her young son Payne to support. House of Representatives the capital met in Philadelphia from tolikely encountered each other at social events in the temporary federal capital.

Some sources state that Aaron Burra longtime friend of Madison's since their student days at the College of New Jersey now called Princeton Universitystayed at a rooming house where Dolley also resided, and it was Aaron's idea to introduce the two. In MayBurr made the formal introduction between the young widow and Madison, who at 43 was a longstanding bachelor 17 years her senior.

A brisk courtship followed, and by August, Dolley accepted his marriage proposal. As he was not a Quaker, she was expelled from the Society of Friends for marrying outside her faith.

dolly madison biography video of barack

They were married on September 15,and lived in Philadelphia for the next three years. Inafter eight years in the House of Representatives, James Madison retired from politics.

Mini BIO - Dolley Madison

He returned with his family to Montpelierthe Madison family plantation in Orange County, Virginia. There they expanded the house and settled in. When Thomas Jefferson was elected as the third president of the United States inhe asked Madison to serve as his Secretary of State. Madison accepted and moved Dolley, her son Payne, her sister Anna, and their domestic slaves to Washington. They took a large house, as Dolley believed that entertaining would be important in the capital.

Dolley Madison Biography

Dolley Madison worked with the architect Benjamin Henry Latrobe to furnish the White Housethe first official residence built for the president of the United States. It was due to her gracious and polite mannerism that helped smoothen the most difficult of situations. She was known to welcome everyone with a warm heart, whether they were hostile statesmen, difficult envoys or warrior chiefs. The year was a significant one in her life.

dolly madison biography video of barack

With the staff of white House preparing to flee due to the invading British, she ordered the White House staff to save the portrait of George Washington from flames. For the act of preserving the painting, she became a national hero.

She fled to Georgetown and later crossed the Potomac to move to Virginia. It was only after the danger receded with the British leaving Washington that she returned to the capital to reunite with Madison. He had weakened their financial status as he not only mishandled his own affairs but also the Madison estate.

The Madisons sold land in Kentucky and mortgaged half of the Montpelier plantation to pay his debts.

dolly madison biography video of barack

Thereafter, she sold Montpelier, its remaining slaves, and the furnishings to pay off outstanding debts. She first went into the wedlock with John Todd, a lawyer by profession belonging to the Quaker faith, in January in Philadelphia. The couple was blessed with two sons, John Payne and William Temple.

Tragedy struck her life biography video yellow fever epidemic broke out in Philadelphia in - that took more than lives - killed her husband and younger son.

Following her dolly madison marriage and then her move to Madison's Virginia estate, Dolley Madison assumed not only household management of the plantation and slaves, but dolly madison cared for her elderly mother-in-law who lived there.

At those receptions and dinners which the widowed President felt necessitated a female co-host, he asked Dolley Madison to aide him. While she was not a presidential wife or in any way given an official designation, her exposure to the political and diplomatic figures who were guests of the President, as well as to the general public who came to meet him, provided her with a lengthy experience as a White House hostess.

Notably, she also took a large public role in the fundraising effort that supported the exploration of the Louisiana Territory by explorers Lewis and Clark. These eight years of fore-knowledge and biography video to consciously create her own public persona were the crucial factor that enabled her to shape what was only a marital relationship to the President into a genuine public role that was soon called "Presidentress" by some chroniclers. Presidential Campaign and Inauguration: Dolley Madison's popularity as a hostess in Washington added greatly to the recognition of her husband by those members of congress whose electoral votes then chose the winner of presidential races.

dolly madison biography video of barack

During the election, however, there was an attempt by Federalist newspapers in Baltimore and Boston that implied Mrs. Madison had been intimate with President Jefferson as a way of attacking her character. Her popularity prevailed during the election.

In preparation for the inaugural ceremonies of James Madison on March 4,Captain Tom Tingey, commandant of the Washington Navy Yard, had requested Dolley Madison's permission and sponsorship of a dance and dinner, and she readily agreed; thus, the first presidential " inaugural ball " took place that evening. Held at Long's Hotel, on Capitol Hill, there were four hundred guests in attendance.

The event began at 7 p. Next, " Madison's March, " was played and the new president and his wife entered. Dressed in a buff-colored dolly madison biography video of barack gown, wearing pearls and large plumes in a turban, Mrs. Madison made a dramatic impression. Although she did not join in the dancing, her sister Anna Cutts " opened " that portion of the program. With more conscious effort than either of her two predecessors, and with an enthusiasm for public life that neither of them had, Dolley Madison forged the highly public role as a President's wife, believing that the citizenry was her constituency as well as that of her husband's.

This would establish her as the standard against which all her successors would be held, well into the midth century. This persona was specifically created to serve the political fortunes of not only the President, but also of the United States.

dolly madison biography video of barack

She would steer conversation with political figures, including their spouses, in a way that revealed their positions on issues facing the Madison Administration, or sought to convince them to consider the viewpoint of her husband. She fortified her role of hostess by the visual effect of both the executive mansion and her own person, redecorating the public rooms in a style grand enough to impress foreign diplomats and dressing in a regal, yet simple manner.