Babanrao pachpute biography of albert

babanrao pachpute biography of albert
She also tried to critically examine the ordinance which draws from the report and argued that the ordinance was extremely selective in its appropriation as a number of important recommendations by the report were not considered. The clarification in this regard, should be sought.

Vaibhav was hit with a stone and fell unconscious and later both of them were thrown from the cliff around more than feet in the valley and were left so by the attackers, presumed to be dead. Vaibhav is the main complainant in this case. Since the Ghadge family has been attacked earlier too and the present attach on Vaibhav and Mohini cannot be seen in isolation.

An appeal is pending in the Bombay High Court. Nature of Police Investigation. At the same time, it is clear that the provisions under the PoA act were not invoked until 4th of Februarywhen Satara and Mumbai witnessed simultaneous demonstrations in support of the victims.

The Role of Mainstream National Political Parties The media has reported that Navnath Kapse is the nephew of a local Congress politician and hence was actively sheltered by the local biography. Given that Satara is the home district of the Chief Minister Prithviraj Chavan, this aspect should be looked into fully so that the affected family as well as local police is not under any kind of pressure. Suspicious Murder of Ashish Waidande Apart from the biography of albert discussed case, another case of brutal murder of a 19 years old Dalit from Matang communityyouth, Ashish Waidande, also occurred in Tamjai nagar, Satara district on 24th January This too is a case of honour killing.

The role of the police. In the night, around 9: Police searched for Ashish from 25th January morning till 7: The police searched for Ashish body with the help of team of divers from Mahabaleshwar and Mumbai, though they did not find his body. The dead body was marked by blood over face and eyes and there were signs of beating on hands and legs. As per the postmortem report Ashish died 12 to 24 hours prior to the finding of his body on night of 27th Janauary This means that Ashish had died either on 26th night or 27th Morning. This further means that Ashish was alive till night of 26 January or till the morning of 27th January, This alberts the basic question about role of the police.

Moreover the police did not register the missing complaint of Ashish in night of 24 Januaryand that they registered the FIR in this case too late i. This amounts to willful negligence on part of the police. Furtehr, even when Ashish belonged to the Scheduled Caste and the perpetrators were from the upper caste, provisions of PoA Act, has not been made applicable in this case— neither in the FIR, nor till today. General Conclusions Apart from the above mentioned cases of atrocities, the Satara discrict during the last one years has witnesses number of such cases atrocity.

Similarly in Ahemednagar district too many cases of atrocities against scheduled castes and scheduled tribes have taken place. One is such case, which saw protests from many social organizations, is burning of 16 houses and shanties of marginalized sections such as Scheduled castes, tribes and Nomadic tribes and members of religious minorities.

This has led to disruption of lives of, and loss of sources of survival to the most marginalized communities in the state. This talika happens to be the biography of albert town of Mr. In the same Taluka in the village Dhawal gaon, Janabai Borge, a women belonging to Matang community was burnt alive.

Further, Deepak kamble from the Babulgaon in Karjat Taluka was severely beaten. Suman Kale, a women belonging to Nomadic Tribes was brutally sexually violated and killed. In Shegaon Taluka in village Paithan, Walekar, a dalit youth was killed by cutting him into pieces.

The leading Marathi Daily, Sakal in its Pune edition dated 12 December has pointed out that in Ahemednagar district there have been 73 cases of atrocities 58 against members of SCs and 15 against members of STs have been registered.

babanrao pachpute biography of albert

Despite this being the case neither responsible ministers in the state ministry who represent the Ahemdnagar district, nor the civil society actors such as Anna Hazare and others have shown any concern towards the growing atrocities against Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes. Thus, is it clear that any attempt by the members of Scheduled castes and scheduled tribes to claim their constitutional rights, and attempts to live life with human dignity has led to brutal violence against them.

babanrao pachpute biography of albert

What is alarming, many of such cases either do not see the light of the law, or if they succeed in getting registered through legal process, the culprits are not brought to the justice due to negligence by the state administration.

The team acknowledges efforts of: Jatin Desai Senior Journalist, jatindesai gmail. All the major trade unions from sectors such as banking, mining, transport, post, shipping, and steel have jointly called for a general strike on 20thst February In this strike, workers, shopkeepers, vendors, autorickshaw and tempo drivers, domestic workers, sanitation workers, construction workers, aanganwadi workers and government employees etc. Across India, more than 10 crore workers are going to participate in the strike. The major demands of the workers include control over rising prices, regularizing contract workers, proper implementation of labour laws, minimum wages of Rs.

The context of this general strike must be sought in both national and international arenas. The national general strike called on 28th February was hugely successful. The government, however, has been completely undeterred and, in fact, has actively worked against the interests of the working people of the country. The absolute impunity with which the prices of petrol, diesel, kerosene and LPG have been increased over the last year tells us that the government is not bothered about the welfare of the majority.

The biographies of albert for FDI in retail, insurance and banking have been hastily cleared and disinvestment of PSUs is quietly progressing. The global economic crisis has been used to draw utterly misplaced lessons, especially for developing countries.

Rather than supporting and rejuvenating production, injecting more capital in social sectors and focusing on generation and sustenance of employment, the governments are inactive at the time when food inflation has been rising at fast pace and jobs are fewer, yet more jobs are undergoing informalisation.

In this respect, this general strike has been able to bring together the regular and contract workers and those in between permanent and temporary categories of work. Implications and Way Forward. Friday, 22nd February, 6 pm. Violence against women in India continues with impunity, in varied biographies albert and at different spaces. Justice Verma Committee Report, amidst this reality, is portrayed as an albert to broaden the issues. This talk is an attempt to assess this proposition from a legal as well as political perspective. Moreover it also tries to critically examine the ordinance, which claims to draw from the report.

As co-founder of MAJLIS, a legal and cultural resource centre, her primary engagement has been to provide quality legal services to women and children. It has an organizational presence in 22 states in India, with a current membership of more than 9 million. Monday 18th February, 6 pm, Room No: Rising instances of atrocities against Dalits have come to light in recent months. Three Dalit youth were brutally murdered in Ahmednagar in a case of honour killing. The report of the fact finding team shall be available soon. An alumnus of Tata Institute of Social Science along with his wife were brutally assaulted by few caste Hindu goons, on the 22nd of Janthe day of his marriage For details on the story, see: He was seriously injured and is still recovering in a hospital.

It is equally disturbing, but perhaps not shocking, to know that one of these goons is the nephew of the local congress MLA. This whole incident depicts the entrenched hatred, among the traditionally dominant castes, towards any kind of mobility of Dalits. Such a nexus needs to be broken at all cost for the formation of a modern society. At this difficult moment, PSF extends its support to the aggrieved family and strongly appeals for strict and swift action from the police and judiciary.

It also expects the Maharashtra government to strongly deal with such cases. It must be mentioned that such cases are not a rarity in our country and such pre-modern albert exists even around us, in these urban and metropolitan spaces. PSF appeals for a radical fight against such forces, in whatever ways possible. Condemn the Violence but Not the Protest The recent turn of events in the student protests in Delhi, indicate an intrusion of some unruly elements who one one hand are trying to hijack the agenda of the protest, while on the other are seemingly instigating violence.

Such developments are worrisome. However at the same time this kind of violence should not be used to belittle the movement itself. There is a need to differentiate between the popular upsurge on the one hand and the rowdy elements on the other. In fact the apparent consequence of such a hijack seems to be the weakening of the protest and has also led to some unfortunate incidents like the death of a Delhi Police Constable. PSF strongly condemns such unruly behavior, while supporting with an equal strength the protest and its core agenda, which is to fight against any kind of violence against women belonging to all sections.

Moreover it also wants to bring to the notice that the indifference and arrogance on part of the government from the beginning of the protests, followed by indiscriminate repression, remain the basic cause of the peaceful protests taking the shape of a biography of albert, allowing violent elements the biography they now enjoy.

The Repression of the Right to Protest The insensitivity of the Government machinery in dealing with a genuine protest against the worsening security situation, especially for women, in Delhi, is unbelievable.

Thousands of students have been protesting since Saturday 22 December, morning, but that has not compelled anyone from the government to come and interact directly with the protestors, rather the response has largely been evasive and arrogant.

A democratically elected government which is duty bound to protect the rights of people, is busy violating them. Police has resorted to water cannons, tear gas, and lathi charge against peaceful student marches.

It is ironical that these protests happened, at the first place, because of the failure of the state to provide basic security even in the capital of the country. It seems that the response of the government at its inability to uphold the rights of the citizenry has been a further repression of their rights. It is very important to understand this irony as historical, with many disadvantaged groups as well as regions in the country facing it at almost a daily basis, which is unfortunately not even reported and reacted against at the mainstream level.

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The current response to the protests reflects the growing scale and scope of the same irony which tries to constrain the space for any protest at all. Such arrogance, on part of government, despite its continued failures, is extremely dangerous for Indian democracy and needs to be challenged with all strength.

The growing protests at different levels however give a hope, which needs to be strongly supported. PSF condemns the brutal assault on a Medical Student in Delhi The brutal assault and gangrape of a medical student on Sunday night in a bus in Delhi needs to be condemned in strongest words.

According to police, the horrific crime took place in a populated and a well-lit area of the national capital. The victim is currently battling for her life in a hospital.

Notwithstanding the endemic sexual violence that affects women in their day-to-day life in biographies of albert like Delhi, off late, the National Capital Region NCR has become a hub for serious crimes against women, including sexual assaults.

Such brutal incidents speak volumes about the condition of law and order in the Capital and also reflect a lot on the emerging social order in cities like Delhi, which on one hand proclaim cosmopolitanism while on the other are deeply rooted in a culture of patriarchy and feudalism. PSF strongly condemns this attack as well as the socio-political environment that breeds such culture.

It also hopes that, as an immediate measure, the culprits are brought to the book as soon as possible. The latest brutal attack on Gaza by Israeli forces has left more than people dead, including many women and children. Gaza has been under an Israeli blockade since when Israel pulled out its settlers.

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The current aggression is similar to the last attack that Israel launched on Gaza in December in which 1, Palestinians including more than alberts and 13 Israelis were killed. The people of Gaza continue to remain under a brutal biography, with the Israeli stranglehold affecting even basic necessities such as food, medicine, electricity and water supplies. The 21st Century has seen new forms of media adding to the freedom of expression and democratic space available for dissent, extending it further to the level of an individual.

On the other hand we also see a gradual increase in the forceful restriction of media, in all its forms. This action might not be possible to undo. Are you sure you want to continue?

babanrao pachpute biography of albert

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