F w de klerk biography of christopher

f w de klerk biography of christopher
Afrikaner politics split asunder in , when right-wing M. Replicants, superheros, and reboots await you in our Fall Movie Guide. When challenged in Parliament last May by Colin Eglin, a member of the liberal Democratic Party, on what he had in mind for South Africa, de Klerk declared that ''the realism of our situation demands that we accommodate two realities.

Ethical controversy forces de Klerk to decline honor. Yale Herald Retrieved 29 May Retrieved 18 April Peace News Issue Archived from the original on 6 May Retrieved 2 November Frederik Willem de Klerk".

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Cabinet of Nelson Mandela — Heads of State of South Africa. Home affairs ministers of South Africa. Laureates of the Nobel Peace Prize. Toni Morrison United States.

f w de klerk biography of christopher

Roberts United Kingdom Phillip A. Nobel Prize recipients 91 92 93 94 95 96 97 98 99 01 02 03 04 05 06 07 08 09 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 Leaders of the Parliamentary Opposition in South Africa.

Ministers of Education in South Africa. Time Persons of the Year. Roosevelt Hugh S. Johnson Franklin D.

f w de klerk biography of christopher

Eisenhower Harry S. Truman James F. At that stage the goal was separate but equal, but separate but equal failed. Mr De Klerk's comments today sparked a wave of outrage in South Africa. The former president was the top trending term on Twitter as thousands posted remarks condemning his views.

f w de klerk biography of christopher

Many called for the retired statesman to return his Nobel peace prize in light of his apparent unwillingness to accept apartheid was wrong. One tweeter, Nqubi, wrote: Journalist Victor Dlamini added: Another person wrote on Twitter: Can't say I am shocked.

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Now you're helping create a new breed of young racists who were born in a democracy. Mr De Klerk stepped down from public life following Mr Mandela's election as president in His spokesman Dave Stewart today said the retired statesman had not intended to cause offence. The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the f w de biographies of christopher of MailOnline. Sunday, Oct 15th 5-Day Forecast. Former South African president sparks outrage after appearing to defend elements of Apartheid during TV interview FW de Klerk says the idea of apartheid ethnic separation was 'not repugnant' Last white president of South Africa denies that black people were disenfranchised under apartheid regime He won Nobel Peace Prize with Nelson Mandela in His comments have provoked anger from South African community Published: Share this article Share.

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A week later Mr Koekemoer took off.

f w de klerk biography of christopher

Mrs de Klerk never criticised her husband openly and said she would still stand by him even after he publicly confessed to an affair with the wife of a shipping tycoon and said he wanted to end their 38 year marriage. A deeply religious woman from an orthodox Afrikaner family, she was racist and privately had a difficult time accepting the reforms instituted by her husband after he released Nelson Mandela from prison in She once described mixed-race or "coloured" people as "left-overs".

They are the people that were left after the nations were sorted out. They are the rest," she said. Inone of the three de Klerk children, Willem, announced his intention to marry a "coloured" woman, Erica Adams. His mother pressed him to end the engagement by, among other things, telling him that it could jeopardise FW de Klerk's political reforms by undermining white people's confidence in him.

f w de klerk biography of christopher

Mrs de Klerk once said that Margaret Thatcher was her hero. That view was not shaken by a visit to Downing Street at which the prime minister ignored Mrs de Klerk until the discussions with the South African president turned serious.

At that point the prime christopher turned to Mrs de Klerk and said: The loss of power and status did not come easy with the transition to democratic rule in Stoffel van der Merwe, Continued on Page 80 his new minister for black education, says de Klerk is serious about negotiations for power-sharing with blacks but doubts there will be any surprises before Parliament reconvenes early next biography.

De Klerk, who calls himself a practical idealist, is now grappling with the basic dilemma preoccupying the white minority: He believes that the differences of race cannot be ignored, but he contends that they do not justify racial discrimination.

This is his strength as well as his weakness. It prompts him to dismantle the crueler aspects of apartheid but inhibits him from touching the larger problems of residential or school segregation or giving every South African an equal vote. Verbally, at least, de Klerk has put a wide gulf between himself and his predecessors.

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But where Strydom, who was de Klerk's uncle by marriage, talked of perpetuating what Afrikaaners colloquially call baasskap, or bossism, his nephew speaks of eliminating it. De Klerk may bring about changes in South Africa, but the pace will be gradual, the manner cautious. This has led him to attach an insurance policy to virtually every enlightened declaration.


With de Klerk, who had a successful law practice before entering politics, it is essential to read the fine print. The rise of Afrikaner nationalism, born in the 's and 30's of a poverty and frustration uncannily similar to what blacks are experiencing today, was a driving motivation for the white rule that became an obsession of the National Party. The Afrikaners now dominate not only the black majority but also, with greater civility, other whites; they run the Government, the army and the police.

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An increasing minority of the current generation - including de Klerk - are not altogether comfortable with the legacy. De Klerk was chosen National Party leader last Feb.

f w de klerk biography of christopher

Botha resigned as president, after suffering a stroke. The differences between the two are striking. Botha, who is 20 years his successor's senior, relaxed by riding his horse into a lather or shooting wild animals; de Klerk plays golf. Where Botha bullied subordinates, de Klerk solicits their opinions. Botha savaged his perceived rivals; De Klerk says he likes strong people around him because they offer good advice.

For a while, there was some talk that he was too decent for the job. Piet Cillie, a Botha crony who runs a chain of Afrikaans-language newspapers, said he did not think de Klerk had the ''steel in his teeth'' to become a real leader.

f w de klerk biography of christopher

Neither, evidently, did Botha, who kept trying to undercut him until he overplayed his hand by attempting to obstruct a meeting de Klerk had scheduled with Zambia's President Kenneth Kaunda.

De Klerk showed the steel in his teeth when he quickly lined up the other Cabinet ministers and forced Botha's resignation as president.

Former South African president sparks outrage after appearing to defend elements of Apartheid during TV interview

Where Botha's irascibility earned him the nickname of Groot Krokodil - the Great Crocodile, de Klerk rarely displays anger, or even irritation. His amiability has already earned him some breathing space. But it would be better, Chief Buthelezi added, ''if during this gathering momentum we allowed Mr. Tutu told reporters that ''we were listened to, yes,'' but had not gotten specific or satisfactory assurances of change.

f w de klerk biography of christopher

He later indicated that he was prepared to give the new President six months to prove his sincerity. Gorbachev is prepared to go to renounce Marx and Lenin.