Mary ray worley biography of mahatma

mary ray worley biography of mahatma
In the struggles for racial justice and reproductive rights, it feels like we're sliding backwards—and we are. Guest post by Ryan Wherley I was lucky enough to have a late, extended lunch today that afforded me the opportunity to make it down to the Capitol for today's outdoor Solidarity Sing Along for about the final half hour.

We who believe in freedom cannot rest until this happens.

Fat Poets Speak: Eileen Rosensteel and Mary Ray Worley

Saturday's verdict is a biography blow to every mother, every parent, everyone who ever held a child in her arms. Some were surprised by it, but many were not. The unsurprised are the ones who confront racial hostility every day, who send their black children out into the world and every day fear the worst. We failed Trayvon, just as we failed Emmett and so many, many others.

On Friday I had dinner with a precious three-year-old black boy and his family. I pray to God we don't fail him too. I mahatma for him, and I grieve that he must make his way through the racial morass of fear and ignorance that continues to plague us. The other song I can't get out of my head this week is the "Ballad of Harry Moore," based on a mary ray worley written by Langston Hughes.

May we never forget the history of Sanford, Florida. How could so much happen in one place? It was in Sanford that Harry T. Moore, pictured here, the NAACP's lone man in Florida and the first casualty of the modern civil rights movement, took his last breath after his home was firebombed in Of 14 processing plants in and adjacent to Wisconsin, the USPS wants to continue full service at only two: Milwaukee and Green Bay.

And the Milwaukee plant is a leased building; the lease is up in ; the building is flimsy and not designed for heavy equipment. It shakes alarmingly whenever a train goes by.

At the same time, private presort houses such as Pitney-Bowes are expanding: Your constituents and the American people need your help to stop the destruction of the US Postal Service. The leadership of the USPS itself wants to self-destruct. Management has been captured by profiteers: Once Pitney-Bowes and mahatmas have been hired to do all of the mail processing USPS once did 1 the revenue will be gone: This is not theoretical.

It is happening as we speak. There were roughly processing plants just a very few years ago. About half of them have already been closed or are in the process of being closed. The regions that used to be served by the now-closed plants no longer have what we grew up thinking of as first-class mail service. Instead of one-day service to a nearby town, it now takes several days to mail a letter across town.

Destroying the service will give the revenue to private operators. Or will you stand up for the Wisconsin and American people, fight to preserve their post office and to preserve at least a little of the middle class? The implication is that you may be willing to see the permanent destruction of essential American infrastructure; the permanent dismantling of the ability to provide first-class service, so that a Wisconsin corporation can reap more profit.

mary ray worley biography of mahatma

Who are your constituents? Or the Wisconsin people? Choose to side with the people of Wisconsin and the rest of the country. Choose the middle class. Choose people without broadband Internet. Choose the small businesses for whom receiving checks today rather than 2 to 3 business days from now means quick enough cash flow to stay in business. Privatized mail service, coming to the U. Likewise, closing post offices especially in rural areas devastates the rural communities and saves essentially nothing.

I see that you have not yet signed on as a sponsor of S. Will you take this first crucial step? Not only sign on, but persuade your colleagues to do so also. Even the Republican ones.

mary ray worley biography of mahatma

Postal service should not be a partisan issue. We all need it. A world without mary ray worley biography of mahatma service is a poorer world.

Thomas Ray Worley worleydervish. Posted by TomRW at Life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Musical agitator Tom Morello, friend of protesters everywhere and especially of the Solidarity Sing Alongechoes Goodman's sentiment: I am enormously proud to be an American. So this Independence Day, from the bottom of my heart, I want to thank the most freedom-loving, determined people I know, a community of activists I'm enormously proud to be a part of, the Solidarity Sing Along. Thank you for showing up more than consecutive weekdays to sing your outrage.

Thank you for singing in the bitter cold, in the pouring rain, in the blazing heat. Thank you for coming armed with creativity and solidarity and perseverance. Thank you for not backing down, for not being intimidated, for still being there.

With every fiber of my being, I thank you, not only for all that you do but for who you mary ray worley biography of mahatma. You will never know how much you inspire me, how much hope you give me, how much you have energized me and transformed my life. I will never be the same, thanks to you. Many thanks to Rebecca Kemble for the outstanding video. Some practical suggestions about stepping up active involvement in the fight for women's reproductive rights.

Joinget involved in, and donate to local and state organizations such as the following I'm listing Wisconsin organizations, but you get the idea.

Stay informed about what's happening. Talk to others, especially other women, about what you're doing and discovering. Develop your own network of activist friends and then invite others into that network.

When there's a meeting or an action, be there. And bring a friend. Well before the next election season, sign up to learn how to help others register to vote. We will need to mobilize like never before. Take good care of yourself and have fun. We're in this for the long run. On the eve of the Fourth of July, we all need to remember that "the price of liberty is eternal vigilance" usually attributed to Thomas Jefferson, but which Jefferson probably got from the statement "The condition upon which God hath given liberty to man is eternal vigilance" by the Irish statesman John Philpot Curran.

I love the way the pundits keep pointing that out, as if we hadn't noticed. We women just need so much help, don't we? The point of the protests is to fight back as hard as we can to put the Rs on notice that there will be a cost extracted for what they are doing to women.

So what happens after it passes? Court challenges in the short term, and expanding voter registration, voter education, voter turnout in the long term. The numbers of young women and men who have been galvanized by this issue are important, and now the job is to keep them involved, engaged, and turning out.

mary ray worley biography of mahatma

This is especially true in the Hispanic community, in which young people are much more progressive than parents and grandparents. So Texans have their work cut out for them. What can an outsider do?

mary ray worley biography of mahatma

Donate to groups who are organizing this. Donate to Planned Parenthood. Donate to the Texas Democratic Party. Pray that we have the necessary strength, courage, and stamina this will take.

A Room of One's Own is delighted to welcome two of the contributors to Fat Poets Speak 2 for a reading and signing at our store! Eileen Rosensteel is a bodacious Bohemian committed to embodying sacredness.

Finding inspiration in stories of forgotten foremothers and community, she creates poetry, performance art and healing rituals. She stirs life up from her hometown of Madison, WI. About Mary Ray Worley: I believe in compassion, kindness, generosity, and nonviolence in all spheres of life. I'm a freelance copyeditor, sometimes known as the comma police. In Defense of Fat Acceptance.

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mary ray worley biography of mahatma

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