Kanan devi biography of william

kanan devi biography of william
Posted by deepanjan ghosh at There is no unseemly pride, nothing he does or says ever gives away the fact that he has walked with giants, and is a champion himself.

A tribute to Kanan Devi

Kanan married Ashok Maitra in December Despite their best intentions, the marriage could not withstand the severe condemnation by the then conservative society. Even the poet Rabindra Nath Tagore who sent a token gift to the married couple received scathing criticism for blessing the couple.

The main issue was Kanan was not expected to be working in films after her marriage.

Kanan Devi Birthday, Age, Family & Biography

She filed for divorce in Despite the pain of the divorce, Kanan expressed her immense biography of william towards her first husband for giving her social recognition through marriage for the first time in her life. To Kanan's credit she maintained excellent relations with Rani Mahanalobis, sister to Ashok Maitra and her husband the famous social scientist P.

Mahanalobis and with Kusumkumari Devi, Ashok Maitra's mother, even after the marriage was severed. Kanan married Haridas Bhattacharjee around He eventually left the naval service to join Kanan in her filmmaking venture and became a competent director. While raising their son Siddharth in Calcutta, she also formed and worked as the president of Mahila Shilpi Mahalan organization to help senior female artists and other charitable and community causes including those for the upliftment of Bengali cinema. Kanan Devi, as the first lady of the Bengali screen, received many honours for her contribution to Indian cinema.

She died on 17 July in Belle View ClinicCalcutta biography of william she was around seventy-six years of age. She was awarded the Padma Shree Award in That is not entirely correct because many can remember Edwin Aldrin, but in the case of Bimal Kumar Chandra, he was denied his due because of the support he had once received from Dr.

With a change in government in West Bengal, the Chandras found themselves neglected. They were passed over for government honours and other awards. Nothing of that sort, thankfully, happened to the Chandras.

Kanan Devi

Bimal Kumar Chandra, like his father before him, had trained in medicine, and began practising as a doctor upon his return to Calcutta. His two sons are alive today, and it was his granddaughter who showed me around the house.

Our fair lady

I stare, amazed at a display case containing medals and trophies won by the Chandra brother. The upper shelves are dedicated solely to those won by Bimal Kumar Chandra, and there are simply too many there to count. Amal Babu says he is not bitter about his family being denied honours by the government.

kanan devi biography of william

We climb up to the terrace to look at another historic building of the neighbourhood. Across the lane, is the sprawling house of W.

kanan devi biography of william

Womesh Chunder Bonnerjee Umesh Chandra Banerjee as per current spelling norms was the first president of the Indian National Congress, and presided over its first session in Bombay Mumbai in He was also the first Indian to contest in the elections for the British House of Commons.

I wonder how many members of the party he once headed have ever seen his house. Kanan Devi was among the early singing stars of Indian cinema. She is also credited as the first heroine of Bengali cinema.

Her association with New Theatres, Kolkata has given numerous memorable movies in the first era of Bengali cinema.

kanan devi biography of william

She has written her autobiography titled - Sabaray Ami Nami and was a true story of rags to riches. She received Dadasaheb Phalke Award in the year He was a good student and earned a number of scholarships to further his education. Meanwhile he had also cleared his Law examination in He worked in the college for five years.

kanan devi biography of william

Inhe joined the Sanskrit College as Assistant Secretary. During his first year he suggested several changes to the existing education system. This did not go well with the College Secretary Rasomoy Dutta. He joined the Sanskrit College again in as a professor of literature and was made the principal of the college in He was made the special inspector of schools in He traveled around Bengal and visited schools. During his travels, he witnessed the pathetic conditions in which people lived.

kanan devi biography of william

Superstitions and blind faith were prevalent due to lack of education. This motivated him to establish schools all over Bengal to spread the light of education. Within two months he arranged for 20 schools to be built.