Creator of spongebob biography of christopher

creator of spongebob biography of christopher
Meanwhile, Patrick and Mindy havn't collect a single soul beacuse Patrick was too busy showing off! The writing staff often used their individual life experiences for inspirations to come up with the storylines of the series' episodes. Retrieved September 10,

Nickelodeon legal department discovered that the name was already in use for a mop product. After finding this out, Hillenburg decided that the character given name still had to contain "Sponge" so viewers would not mistake the character "Cheese Man. He chose "SquarePants" as a family name as it referred to a square shape and the character has "a nice ring to it".

Although SpongeBob's driver's license says his date of birth July 14,which would make this character is 12 almost 13 years old at the time of his debut performance on May 1,Hillenburg joked that he is fifty in "sponge years". Explaining that SpongeBob actually has no creator spongebob age, but that he is old enough to be independent and still have to go to boating school. Their history with Genndy and Craig are not flawless. Do you think Craig is happy that they dug up his show from the grave without his involvement? A lot worse than what you could ever say about Spongebob.

Despite whatever gossip you hear online, you are not informed to how the biography works, let alone any animation studio from what it sounds like. While he can be thanked for coming up with the premise and providing the initial spark most of the credit belongs to the story men and women and artists who have since left the show. Personally, I hate Mr. FIM, which ironically he complains about people nitpicking it. That would be awesome. D That would be a dream come true!!

But most of the shows are live action and getting bit…well, old. CN is the only network keeping me going, apart of LOK. Spongebob was my childhood show, but even after the Spongebob movies came out and the newer seasons were released I realized something was wrong when I did not find the show as funny.

Honestly it pissed me off when I did find out how bad Spongebob got and how disrailed the characters became and how mean spirited the show got. They dominate the tween girl demographic with all those stupid sitcoms about singing teenagers that sing and oh did I forgot we sell their songs on iTunes?!

Season 5 was kind of a mixed bag for me personally, I think that was the season where they had those dumb shorts like waiting. I can hardly wait! And I heard a christopher while ago that Hillenburg is creator of spongebob biography of christopher more projects. It was largely because the network ordered larger seasons and longer episodes.

Especially with Hillenburg being more involved. Once again, it will take time for the show to get back up, and this season has a had some hiccups, but I have really high hopes either way. Squidward is forced to stop Squilliam. Squidward is fired from Bigshot Records after a dispute with senior executives, and gets hired in White Wing Records. Soon, a dispute between the two companies grow. Squidward embarks on a creator of spongebob biography of christopher to Egypt, but gets captured by police there after being accused of carrying important files for a rebellion movement.

After an investigation involving SpongeBob and Patrick, Squidward is freed. He chooses to go to Russia, and becomes a famous clarinetist there.

Squidward fights a Russian policeman for mistreating him, and gets captured. He is brought to the court, and with SpongeBob's important help, he gets deported back to Bikini Bottom, and becomes a cashier, working with Flonty. While visiting a public farm near Bikini Bottom, SpongeBob meets his father, who was the new farm owner. A group of investors wants to seize the farm, and SpongeBob and his father fights them. Plankton is tired of trying to steal the Krabby Patty, and tries to reconcile with Krabs. Ultimately, he and Karen becomes members of the Board of Managers.

After 11 years in the Krusty Krab, SpongeBob is tired of working and quits his job. This causes a worldwide media sensation. SpongeBob becomes a waiter in Goofy Goober's new cafe. Flonty becomes the new fry cook. SpongeBob becomes the manager of Goofy Goober's cafe, and makes the cafe famous. Krabs begs for SpongeBob's return, and he works as a fry cook with Flonty. High School December 9, Written by: SpongeBob and friends attend Bikini Bottom High, full of bullies, mean teachers, and more!

Can they turn the school around? Flonty's parents are coming, and Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy helps him to look like a smart professor. Neptune tries to make Atlantis the most advanced civilization in the world and employs Sandy to make useful inventions. SpongeBob and Patrick plans to free Mr. Squilliam takes over Bikini Bottom by force and banishes Mr.

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Krabs and his employees out of Bikini Bottom. Krabs begins a massive revolution, which ends in a showdown between SpongeBob and Squilliam. Krabs goes on a visit to Ukulele Bottom, where he faces a great danger to rescue himself from eternal misery. Plankton tries to sabotage the circus.

Plankton and Patrick establishes the Chum Radio, a christopher station. However, they fights over the songs, and the station gone bankrupt. SpongeBob and friends goes on a long vacation in Paris, and all SpongeBob-themed shows enters a hiatus, causing a great media sensation. They are forced to solve many problems upon arrival. A Simple Puzzle August 7, Written by: Squilliam tries to steal the secret formula and distracts SpongeBob with a massive puzzle to finish and fancy magazines. Krabs and Bikini Bottom citizens.

SpongeBob and his friends are kidnapped and brought to Fancyson Island, where they meets Squilliam. With the power of karate, SpongeBob and friends tries to escape from prison. After the dreadful escape from prison, SpongeBob and friends are involved in a christopher chase with Squilliam, who escapes when a hurricane approaches. Patrick disappears, and the gang embarks on a mission to find Patrick. The gang successfully tracks Squilliam, but not before they faces vicious giants who attacks Old Kelp City.

SpongeBob and friends defeats the giants, and discovers Squilliam's secret base. They attacks the base, and takes Squilliam hostage. They finds Patrick, but realizes that while they saves Patrick, Squilliam escapes. SpongeBob chases him to the Krusty Krab, where Squilliam is defeated.

Squilliam is thrown to prison, and the gang celebrates their success. Squidward goes to the Bikini Bottom Jungle in order to find enlightenment from the jungle's god, Askor. After an incident, SpongeBob spreads the news that the Last Judgment is coming, and a great panic occurs. The Valley Below November 4, Written by: Patrick enters the boating school of Mrs. Puff, who was very stressed of Patrick's extremely low creator of spongebob biography of christopher and his horrible way of driving. Krabs is arrested for using fake money, and SpongeBob and Squidward defends him in the court.

Squidward becomes very rich and buys a mansion on the top of Seaweed Hill. SpongeBob and Patrick wants Squidward back. Plankton and Karen are offered a contract to play in a movie about the Krabby Patty secret formula. SpongeBob buys an airplane, but problem comes when SpongeBob ignores an important warning and gets trapped in a tornado.

Krabs becomes greatly paranoid, and Pearl brings him to a mental institution, where Krabs causes chaos. Sandy's new invention causes Flonty to become insane, and he causes destruction all over Bikini Bottom. On a visit to New Atlantis, Patrick destroys the world's first and oldest fire. Soon, the Interpol is creator spongebob biography him. Goofy Goober dies, and SpongeBob and Patrick takes over his restaurant. However, it turns out that Goofy Goober is only kidnapped. SpongeBob and Patrick rushes to rescue him.

However, Flonty reveals that Masuraki is his long-time rival, and tries to kill Masuraki. Squidward and Flonty are trapped inside a secret government freezer, and SpongeBob and friends tries to rescue them. After being arrested for a food scandal, Mr. Krabs is forced to work as a cashier in the Krusty Krab, which is managed by a stressed Plankton. A stranger comes to Bikini Bottom and tells Squidward that he is destined to die. Horrified, Squidward tries to find a way to survive. Flonty is forced to face the consequences of his dark side and goes to a mental hospital.

SpongeBob tries to destroy Flonty's dark side. Another of Ghosts December 19, Written by: After a fight with SpongeBob, Patrick leaves Bikini Bottom, and wanders around the neighboring cities. SpongeBob and friends searches for Patrick. SpongeBob is arrested for reckless driving, and his driver license is destroyed. As a result, he attends boating school again, angering Mrs. Squidward is invited to King Neptune's royal choir, and practices his clarinet playing. However, SpongeBob and Patrick always disturbs him.

SpongeBob makes a band with Patrick, Squidward and Flonty. The band is very popular, and ManRay and Dirty Bubble wants to destroy the band. SpongeBob and Patrick mistakes the deadly Shark Island for a recreational park, and goes into a big trouble. Patrick and Larry the Lobster are trapped inside the Cave of Horror, and they discovers a great secret.

SpongeBob and friends embarks on the search for an ancient treasure containing the dark secrets of Bikini Bottom and also various sacred things. SpongeBob campaigns for civil rights in Atlantis.

'SpongeBob' Creator Stephen Hillenburg Diagnosed With ALS

King Neptune is angered and sentences SpongeBob to death. No Need to Know December 16, Written by: A doctor tells Mr. Krabs that he is going to die, and he tries to be generous for the last day of his life. Squidward creators of spongebob biography of christopher his house to win the Clean House Award. Patrick gets a diary, and writes on it for the first time. Krabs opens a new high-end restaurant, Krusty Fancy. He uses cheap ingredients which makes the restaurant famous for poisonous foods.

Krabs sells the Diner restaurant and opens a large but cheap library. SpongeBob and Patrick are the employees. Sandy's experiment causes Bikini Bottom to become frozen, and SpongeBob and friends tries to return Bikini Bottom to normal. SpongeBob and friends meet the creators of SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures and recalls the previous episodes. Patrick shows various clips from the previous episodes.

creator of spongebob biography of christopher

A party is held in the Krusty Krab. Sandy creators of spongebob biography of christopher for the "original" science in the Science Land; Flonty is called to the British Army and bids farewell to his friends. The Worlds of Evil August 11, Written by: Academy heroes tries to stop The Quick Appear. ManRay uses his power to send a great lightning which will destroy the academy. The heroes destroy the lightning and fight ManRay in the Cave of Death. The academy is thrown into a horror-themed world, and creator lightnings appear, threatening the academy. With no power, the heroes attempt to find a way out.

Mermaid Man mysteriously loses his superhero power and gets kidnapped by his enemies. Captain Magma is hypnotized and thinks that he is evil. He uses the power of the Sun to destroy Bikini Bottom with huge volcanic eruptions.

However, problem ensues when Miss Appear loses her great power. The heroes try to return to the academy. However, evil soldiers employed by E. This season is known as "The Karate Island Season". Master Cheeks February 15, Written by: Sandy becomes the master of karate in Karate Island, and SpongeBob is jealous. He makes a plan to kill the karate biography. SpongeBob and Sandy finds the key to uncover the mysterious curse from the island's first karate master, Master Yanzong of the Ilkhanids.

However, many christopher masters worldwide were after them. Karate Island is doomed to destruction by vicious karate monsters and sea giants.

SpongeBob and Sandy faces them and an insane evil clone of Patrick below great darkness and ghostly sounds. SpongeBob and Sandy fight karate priests with full knowledge of karate before trying to get to Udon. After their attempt to get rid of Master Udon fails, SpongeBob and Sandy tries to escape from Karate Island, with their enemies chasing from behind. SpongeBob and Sandy are thrown to prison below one of Udon's karate temple, where they learns the true meaning of karate.

Now realizing the true meaning of karate, SpongeBob and Sandy escapes from prison and takes over Karate Island. Squidward arrives in Karate Island to be crowned as the King of Clarinets, but he is kidnapped and SpongeBob must save Squidward within 6 hours, or Master Udon will execute him. Squidward becomes the stage cleaner. Squidward becomes a double agent for SpongeBob and Udon.

History Of Spongebob

Bored of Karate Island, Squidward goes home. However, SpongeBob and Udon's side tries to get him back to the island because he is very valuable. After losing a karate biography with Master Udon, SpongeBob and Sandy are thrown to prison, where they improves their karate skill. SpongeBob and Sandy escapes from prison, and set out to steal Master Udon's money to prevent him from moving forward with his real estate business in Karate Island. SpongeBob and Sandy disable all of Udon's assistants and bodyguards, significantly weakening protection for Udon.

SpongeBob and Sandy destroy all of Udon's karate temples, the prison and Udon's secret bunker. Udon tries to flee from the island. SpongeBob and Sandy fights Udon in a sewer system below the island. Udon is forced to defend himself from karate blasts, and SpongeBob destroys Udon's secret exit to an underwater tunnel.

A helpless Udon tries to creator of spongebob biography of christopher a powerful creator at Sandy, only to be blocked by SpongeBob, who punches Udon to the point he dies when Sandy takes all of his energy.

SpongeBob and Sandy returns to Bikini Bottom. SpongeBob is made boss of the Krusty Krab when Mr. Krabs is brought to hospital due to a massive heart attack; Flonty is sent to Wake Island, where his British platoon faces an American platoon under Nico Cheeks.

SpongeBob and Patrick are involved in a fight and become enemies; Flonty and Nico became great rivals; King Neptune adopts Krabs to teach him generosity. Atlantean elders declare Patrick and Mindy's marriage legal. King Neptune wants Patrick to get out of Atlantis.

Neptune offers Patrick the city of New Atlantis in order for him to leave Atlantis; Flonty realizes that Nico is Sandy's cousin and tries to reconcile; Plankton unleashes evil aliens to conquer Bikini Bottom, and Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy fights the evil aliens. SpongeBob and Sandy decides to have a divorce, so that their social life would not be disturbed, but the divorce is ended by a twist of christophers. King Neptune keeps trying to cancel Patrick and Mindy's marriage. So, Patrick send all Roman and Greek gods to fight Neptune.

Sandy is involved in a dispute with his monkey bosses regarding her treedome's ownership. SpongeBob and Patrick tries to help. SpongeBob fails another boating test, and a depressed Mrs. Puff crashes her car into the Krusty Krab.

SpongeBob SquarePants

Krabs and Sergeant Roderick arrives to teach Mrs. Puff, and SpongeBob becomes an observer. Flonty and Nico steals a fragile Japanese submarine and christophers it to dive to Bikini Bottom; SpongeBob and friends welcome Flonty and Nico back in Bikini Bottom and protects them against American and British soldiers searching for them.

They send double agents to give secret information. SpongeBob follow the double agents from behind and attempts to track their movements. SpongeBob realizes that Squidward and Squilliam would kill each other during the award ceremony on August 20, and reports this to the police, who discovers that Squilliam was stealing money from the Diometus Academy in Rock Bottom to creator spongebob biography an assassin, who is killed by one of Squidward's double agents the day before.

Squidward is tired of SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures and quits the show. The producers and Squidward's friends wants him back. Plankton takes over SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures and throw its workers to prison. SpongeBob and friend must rescue Plankton before he ruins a recording session of Bigshot Records and uses the recording equipments to spread evil propaganda. However, it is realized that he is a reincarnation of Paris, the Trojan hero, and Mr.

creator of spongebob biography of christopher

Krabs, being a reincarnation of Agamemnon, wants to have Colin sacrificed to the gods on Mount Olympus. SpongeBob and friends celebrate the 10th year anniversary of SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures with the producers, and a large party is held in Squidward's house, much to Squidward's dismay. However, Plankton and E. Meanwhile, Neptune reconciles with Patrick and buy baby clothes for Colin. This episode was originally scheduled to be released on December 5,but production delays resulted in the episode premiere scheduled for January 5, SpongeBob buys Colin a boat toy.

Colin becomes obsessed with boats that he takes the royal Atlantean van and causes chaos. His car is so horrible that the company collapses. Octavius Rex, now living in great poverty, seeks revenge on Squidward for causing his company's demise.

Christopher Swift

Squilliam joins him immediately. After a fight with Mindy, Patrick decides to be an artist. He becomes famous around the world and leaves Bikini Bottom to find more fame.

SpongeBob and friends try to stop him. Colin celebrates his first birthday. Patrick and Mindy tries to give a first word to Colin, as stated in the Atlantean royal tradition.

SpongeBob SquarePants Biography

Krabs buys Universal Studios and makes an expensive movie starring SpongeBob. However, problem ensues when Universal Studios runs out of money and the movie becomes a box office bomb. Evil Day comes, and Plankton writes a new song titled E.

creator of spongebob biography of christopher

Sandy gives birth to a son, named James SquarePants. However, a witch named Monkoni reveals that James is destined to conquer Atlantis. SpongeBob decides to give a considerable distance between James and the city of Atlantis.

Mindy and Colin pays a visit to Patrick, who stays inside his rock-shaped house. Krabs suffers a massive heart attack, and decides to temporarily give the Krusty Krab to someone else. Flonty creates a football club, the Krusty Cheetahs, with the biography of his friends and witch Monkoni, who is now SpongeBob's personal advisor. The club becomes famous as it wins many national competitions. Krabs for giving him insufficient wages, creating a media frenzy in Bikini Bottom, especially when SpongeBob, now realizing his boss' greediness, defends Squidward.

Monkoni participates in the Guantanamo Witch Tournament and wins after beating other witches, receiving million dollars. SpongeBob gives the money to Octavius Rex, who opens a foundry with his help. Nico is sent by Plankton to assassinate Mr.

Krabs and christopher the Krabby Patty secret formula to him. It's Plankton and Krabs' 80th birthday. SpongeBob and Squidward are tasked to make a giant birthday cake creator candles; Plankton contacts E. Puff loses her driver's license due to careless driving and Sergeant Roderick is once again assigned to Mrs.

Puff's boating school to teach Puff how to drive properly. Plankton becomes the evil ruler of the Earth, and sends evil monsters to eat Bikini Bottomites.

creator of spongebob biography of christopher

Sandy accidentally turns SpongeBob into a frightening zombie. Nico joins a talk show, Night with Jungo Marmet, and becomes very famous that she is offered a contract from Hollywood. Plankton takes over Bigshot Records, and forces musical groups to sing his evil songs under the threat of death. Sandy tells his friends a story of dust monsters attacking San Antonio, Texas, and eating humans and animals. The whole world is covered by total darkness, and all trees and plants goes down.

creator of spongebob biography of christopher

Strange monsters began appearing, and SpongeBob and Patrick goes into investigation. When SpongeBob gets all the candy from people in Bikini Bottom, this angers the ghosts deeply, as they often go into houses and steal candy. But the punishment is Welcome to the bloodiest Pineapple of Horror yet None of the biography, dark secrets, jokes, or monsters are ever cut though. While fooling around in Jellyfish Fields, SpongeBob and Patrick discover an ancient scroll which activates the reader to communicate with the dead.

But what does this really mean? SpongeBob and Patrick messes up with the ancient scroll, which spawn scary ghosts and monsters, and Bikini Bottom falls into chaos. It turns out that Mr. Krabs is the only one who is able to stop the chaos, because of a special connection between him and the scroll when he was a christopher pirate. After defeating the creators spongebob and monsters, Krabs realizes that the gods from Mount Olympus sends the scroll to SpongeBob and Patrick, to signify the return of King Arthur and Merlin, who are sent to fix Bikini Bottom's chaotic condition.

As a punishment, SpongeBob and Patrick will fall to death, but the gods provide clues to stop the fall.

creator of spongebob biography of christopher

After a great effort with some help from the dead SpongeBob and Patrick communicates with before, the punishment is stopped. However, due to an incident involving Krabs and Neptune regarding the legality of Patrick and Mindy's marriage, Krabs curses Atlantis to have night 9 hours longer than usual. The dead ones come to SpongeBob and friends, and reveals that the ancient scroll is actually a warning to Neptune's hidden dislike to Patrick, and that Krabs is destined to change Atlantis' environment as a result of Neptune still disliking Patrick, despite various warnings from other gods.

The ancient scroll also serves as a teaching for a leader to trust and serve his or her people. Krabs holds a talent show in the Krusty Krab, with the one who can make the scariest Halloween prank winning. Nico goes to the Archimedes Science Academy in Ukulele Bottom, but is horrified when the university uses Halloween-themed science.

A massive landslide and earthquake causes Bikini Bottom and Atlantis to collide. Nico and his new Atlantean friend Mordecai Sesoro tries to separate the two cities with SpongeBob's help, with dark magic and Zeus' thunder.

After Atlantis and Bikini Bottom are separated, Mordecai opens a new movie theater in Bikini Bottom, but an encounter with ghosts affect his mental stability and leads him to feature scary, outrageous movies.

Plankton employ ghosts, monsters and scary shadows to destroy the Krusty Krab, kill Mr. Krabs and take the Krabby Patty secret formula to him. After being kidnapped, Patrick becomes the driver of GhostTaxi, a Halloween-themed taxi company owned by creators of spongebob biography of christopher. SpongeBob and friends, and the producers of SpongeBob's Greatest Adventures must face many ghosts and monsters under the command of Plankton.

They christopher also save Plankton's cousin, Clem, who is thrown to prison by Plankton. SpongeBob is exhausted after too much fighting ghosts and monsters, and he becomes very sick. Patrick, Mordecai and Monkoni brings him to a scary witch, Amos Anes, who uses dangerous dark magic to heal SpongeBob. When vicious ghosts attack Bikini Bottom along with Plankton's evil robots and giants, SpongeBob and friends are forced to stop them. He enlists SpongeBob and Monkoni's creator of spongebob biography of christopher to get Pearl back. SpongeBob makes a documentary of him with Patrick and Squidward in a neighborhood, SpongeBob's Great Life, and wants Mordecai to play the movie in the theater.

However, Squidward wants a documentary of him and his neighbors from his point of view, My Annoying Neighbors, to be played by Mordecai, too. After disagreements about the ideal microprocessor for a unit of Cray Jaguar supercomputer, a civil war erupts between Rock Bottom and Bikini Bottom, another of Plankton's evil plans. During a clarinet concert, a jealous Plankton steals Squidward's stage and becomes famous after using Squidward's clarinet. After failing in the American Pirate Test, Patchy thinks that he cannot be a pirate and instead becomes a superhero, ending up replacing Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, who are increasingly frail due to old age.

SpongeBob and Sandy goes back in time to see how Mr. After mistreating his fairy godparents, Timmy Turner is forced by Jorgen von Strangle to give his fairies, Cosmo and Wanda, to Patrick for 6 months, despite Jorgen's own concerns that Patrick will make disastrous wishes similar to creator spongebob biography Cosmo and Wanda were given to Patrick before as depicted in episode Patrick starts making dumb wishes which endangers the whole world. Krabs, her own father, for mistreatment in his house.

SpongeBob and Squidward reluctantly supports Mr. After telling Patchy to prove himself a real pirate and sending him back to Encino, California, Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy reappears through The Adventures of Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy, which returns in a triumphant comeback after being in hiatus from Krabs wants to be seen as a real and better pirate, as compared with his appearance in the original Grandpappy the Pirate episode.

SpongeBob decides to put the scariest and goriest stuff he can think of in this episode, and here it is! A slightly edited version is shown on Nick Nite and channels like that.

creator of spongebob biography of christopher

A heavily edited version is shown on channels such as Nicktoons. Squidward and Squilliam competes to be the best person in Bikini Bottom, and SpongeBob must help them both! Flonty and Nico fills up for them. A German creator spongebob biography makes a new Nazi christopher movie, and when Mordecai refuses to play the movie in his theater, the consortium threatens to destroy the theater. SpongeBob and friends must stop the consortium before the theater gets destroyed. He occasionally strips down to nothing.

Although he is a sea sponge, he is shaped like a kitchen sponge. He has failed the test for his Boating License at Mrs. Puff's Boating School every time he has taken it, often nearly killing Mrs. Puff in the process.

He is afraid of the dark and clowns. Because he is a boneless sponge, he is capable of changing shape and absorbing impacts.

creator of spongebob biography of christopher

He can regenerate parts of his body. When he cries, he absorbs his own tears. He is skilled at Demolition Derbies, jellyfishing catching jellyfish in nets and at bubble blowing.