Yousef erakat biography

yousef erakat biography
He currently signed to agency Creative Artists Agency which should help his career to the next level. Age 27 years old.

This new channel had new vlogs everyday but a few months later, Yousef put almost all his vlogs on private leaving a few and he left.

yousef erakat biography

He then stopped uploading for around 4 months before uploading another vlog. Fousey claims he left YouTube for business reasons such has an upcoming talk show and video shoots.

yousef erakat biography

Fousey is currently actively vlogging his life. He has also landed acting roles due to his popularity on YouTube and online culture in general, his most recent acting role being in a apart of the movie "Boo!

'I Was Told I'd Never Succeed': YouTube Star Yousef Erakat on Battling His Demons, Defying the Odds, and Finding Massive Fame Online

Yousef posing with plus Chipotle Burritos from a video where he gave them away. Games Movies TV Wikis. The video has reached over a million views.


Inspired by his Nike shoe composed of his favorite colors, he took his car to West Coast Customs in hopes of drastically changing his car to represent not only his favorite colors, but his YouTube audience as well, of which he calls the "bruh bruhs". Erakat enjoyed the turnout and showcased it on both his daily vlog channel as well as his main channel fouseyTUBE.

yousef erakat biography

Erakat was brought up in a religious Muslim family, though himself has repeatedly struggled with his religious identity. He later had a nervous breakdown due to the stigma in some Arab and Muslim families concerning tattoos and had them removed.

Yousef Erakat

Erakat struggles with ongoing depression, addiction and bipolar disorder. He mentions it many times in his daily vloggingand also announced it on VH1.

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yousef erakat biography

He was deeply involved in fitness training and had multiple YouTube channels where he posted fitness videos. However he gained unprecedented popularity only after he started making videos on the Middle Eastern culture which he combined with his fitness regime.

yousef erakat biography

These videos garnered him millions of fans over a period of time. He is active as a comedian, a singer, and speaker.

yousef erakat biography

His famous pranks give an edge to his acts. He deals with a variety of topics and narrates his personal concerns and views on other popular personalities, topics of the day, etc.

He is also an avid traveler.

yousef erakat biography

Yousef Erakat manages to combine a variety of styles and media to create a dynamic and entertaining package. He straddles cultures with flair, and appeals to a variety of demographic groups. His channel is irreverent, youthful and bold.

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He was named Entertainer of the Year at the Streamy Awards. He first created his popular channel on March 21, and uploaded his first video just 4 days later.

Yousef Erakat Net Worth, Height, Bio, Facts

In he created a secondary channel called The Kats Family, which surpassed half a million subscribers within the first year it was created. He is close with his mother and frequently posts pictures and videos of her on Instagram.

yousef erakat biography

Inhe began dating Alycia Tyre. He impersonates rapper Drake in several of his YouTube videos.